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  1. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    Tilly was tolerable to start with but she's been getting fatter and zanier with every episode. She's basically just comic relief at this point, no attempt to make her an actual character. In Season 3 she'll probably get her own laughter track.
  2. Garwoofoo

    Cook! Serve! Delicious! 2!!

    It's nothing like Overcooked, apart from the cooking theme. This is all about selecting ingredients (effectively from a menu) as fast as you can to build up increasingly complex food orders which come in at great speed. You need to prioritise different orders together with mundane tasks like cleaning the toilets and emptying bins. On the PC it's literally clicking on things to build your orders (so a burger might be bun, burger, cheese, tomato, lettuce, bun) and then sending them out. On the Switch I guess it's done with button shortcuts. It's brilliant, demented and sometimes quite hard but it's also excellent, so absolutely get it.
  3. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    I guess it's clear now where all this nonsense is going. By the end of the season they'll have rolled back most of the excesses of the show and be more or less back in line with TOS canon: Which is fair enough I suppose, it's just a shame we've had to sit through a whole season of such drivel as part of the process. I guess it's a case of the writers having a defined end point they needed to get to and then making whatever tortuous leaps in terms of plot they needed to in order to get there. It does however beg two questions: - Given that Discovery obviously always wanted to be (and will presumably now be) Future Trek, why didn't they just do that in the first place? I wonder if the original plan was to do this and then they were leant on by studio execs to do a prequel or something. and - Oh God, they absolutely are going to do that Picard/Burnham crossover, aren't they?
  4. Garwoofoo

    Elite Dangerous - Noobs now welcome....

    I hate playing FPS games with keyboard and mouse - the aiming is fine but using WASD for movement makes me feel like I'm sliding around on rollerskates.
  5. Garwoofoo

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy | 2019

    Apollo Justice has an iOS version too (not sure about Android) so I'd say the chances are pretty good. In fact as 5 and 6 use 3D models anyway hopefully it would hopefully be actually less work to remaster those than it was to redraw all the art for the original three. I think the "second trilogy" is as good as the first in many ways - Spirit of Justice in particular is excellent.
  6. Garwoofoo

    The first one is still the best one

    I really loved the original Timesplitters. The second one seems to be the one that everyone remembers, with that Goldeneye level and the stage builder, but the first game is seriously underrated. While the sequels kind of went in a more traditional single-player direction, with longer and more complex levels, the first game was essentially a series of really challenging bite-size challenges, often with very tight time limits, and pretty much everything you did unlocked stuff for multiplayer. I have very fond memories of weekends spent playing this four-player splitscreen (long live the PS2 Multitap) and spending most of the intervening week trying to unlock new characters and stages for everyone to play. Plus it had the Chinese restaurant level which is one of my favourite multiplayer levels ever. It's insane that this series just died out.
  7. Garwoofoo

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    Actually, having played this quite a lot over the last couple of weeks I'm happy to report that handheld mode is fine. Yes, the framerate is lower but it's probably about the same as the 3DS/Wii U versions and perfectly playable. I may even prefer it to docked mode as the framerate is at least consistent, whereas docked it's up and down faster than deKay's eShop balance. The map is very small though which makes some of the Legends maps a bit tricky, but it's fine for Adventure mode. The worst effect of the downsampling is the absolutely catastrophic effect on the battery life so don't forget to pack a charger if you're out and about.
  8. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Switch

    This is true but the rafting game only features about eight of the minigames so it gets quite repetitive very quickly.
  9. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    General trajectory of Discovery so far is as follows: - First half of Season 1 is a bit misguided but generally has potential - Second half of Season 1 is utterly stupid in every respect but somehow still fairly entertaining - Season 2 starts strongly, everyone is relieved - then it gets worse and worse with every successive episode and is currently borderline unwatchable and doing big smelly shits all over the franchise
  10. Still going, though much more low-key in the last few instalments compared to the Ezio trilogy. Odyssey barely touches on it at all until near the very end.
  11. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Switch

    I can absolutely see the market for a smaller, more portable Switch; I find the current model pretty bulky and it gets heavy after a while, and the thing could really do with Bluetooth headphone support. A more powerful Switch, though? I guess you could stick a 1080p screen and a bigger battery in the thing, basically make it run in "docked" mode at all times - though that wouldn't make any difference at all for folk who typically use it in docked mode most of the time anyway. Any other kind of additional feature set though immediately raises concerns about backward compatibility and whether existing games would need to be updated to take advantage. Plus what kind of form factor and battery life would it have? Would existing accessories like docks, joy-cons and Labo work? I don't know really. I could see the logic behind two models, a "home console" version and a "portable" version but then that torpedoes the entire selling point of the device. And you could keep the existing hybrid model I guess but then I don't think the market could support three separate versions of the Switch on sale at the same time. Who knows. This is Nintendo, it'll probably come with a snorkel and flippers for all we know.
  12. Garwoofoo

    Nintendo Switch

    Hardly; the saves are still stored locally, it’s just an optional backup.
  13. Garwoofoo

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition

    Finally relented and got this, the first game I've ever triple-dipped on. It's pretty much my favourite game of all time and I don't regret it at all. It's a bit shonky though, the framerate even in docked mode is all over the place and I can't believe they never bothered to patch the handheld mode. Oh well, it's still Hyrule Warriors. See you in a couple of thousand hours.
  14. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    The scenes between Paul and Hugh are actually quite touching, there's an interesting story in there struggling to make itself heard. Any other Star Trek show would have slowed it down a bit and given them a whole episode (or at least a b-story) to explain the impact of what had happened to Hugh, how he was struggling to deal with it and how they could both move on from that. Like DS9 did with Nog. You would have ended up understanding and caring about the characters more as a result. Of course this is Discovery so they get two scenes and then it shits itself because Burnham hasn't been on screen for thirty seconds.

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