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  1. Garwoofoo

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    I’ve been playing Anno 2205 lately. At launch it rightly got a lot of flak for being over-simplified, it removed a lot of what made the previous games great and had very little content compared to previous titles. Since launch though it’s had four major pieces of DLC that add a lot of stuff back in and the “complete edition” (which you can get for about eight quid in the sales) is actually really good. It’s now just a streamlined, accessible entry in the series and actually a pretty good jumping on point. If it had launched with all the stuff in it that it has now, it probably still wouldn’t have been to everyone’s taste but it wouldn’t have attracted the vitriol (and negative Steam reviews) it gets to this day.
  2. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    Weird episode, the pacing was ridiculous, it felt like a trailer. It zapped between stuff so quickly that it was hard to care about any of it. They could have got a whole episode out of either the bridge or engineering and cramming them both into a single episode was way too rushed. Seems like even drilling a hole in the side of Tilly's head isn't enough to shut her up. What will it take?!
  3. Basically the normal versions of the levels are for Hitman 1, and the Legacy versions are the export for Hitman 2. I wonder if the Legacy export is subject to the usual PS+ restrictions? I can see this possibly being permanent on your account once you've done the export.
  4. Hitman 2 has trophy sets for all the Hitman 1 levels, so you can earn everything within the one game.
  5. Hitman can be quite challenging initially and some of these suggestions make it much harder. I’d definitely leave Instinct on and probably set Mission Stories and Challenges to Minimal rather than Off, at least to start with. That way you get an idea of what you need to do without it spelling out every step. As you become more comfortable with the possibilities you can turn things off as you prefer. Also, for PS4 Pro players there is a High Frame Rate option which is lovely.
  6. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    I do really like Star Trek in all its various guises but part of its charm is that it's always around 50% drivel. DS9 managed to be only about 30% drivel and is therefore Best Trek. TNG is nearly as good but you still have to deal with Space Africans, Space Irish, everything with Wesley Crusher in it and a major character being killed by a sentient binbag, so it comes out at about 40%. Voyager is 70% drivel; Enterprise is about the same but gets another 20% for the theme tune alone. On that basis Discovery seems to be hitting the 50% drivel benchmark about head-on so it's entirely watchable fluff. A spin-off series based entirely around Michelle Yeoh's wooden acting promises to be truly terrible though so that should be a real treat for us all.
  7. Garwoofoo

    PS+ February: For Honor, Hitman

    Hitman 2 has the achievements built in for all the Legacy (Hitman 1) levels. So you can earn the whole lot in the one game.
  8. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    That just felt like one big setup for the spin-off series. Also, I like Discovery more than most here, but the Klingons are shit.
  9. Garwoofoo

    PS+ February: For Honor, Hitman

    Yep, that's the one. You install and load up Hitman 1, then there's an option in the menu to export the Legacy Pack. Then you install that Hitman 2 prologue and it will have all the Hitman 1 levels in it. Play that. You can even uninstall Hitman 1 completely as you won't need it once you've done that export.
  10. Garwoofoo

    PS+ February: For Honor, Hitman

    Hitman is simply amazing. Make sure you export the Legacy Pack into the Hitman 2 prologue as per the first post in this thread. It means if you then buy Hitman 2 at a later date (and you will) then you have everything in one game and all your unlocks and progress carry over.
  11. Garwoofoo

    The bad gaming parent thread

    Splatoon 2 is fantastic for kids with an FPS urge. It's bright, colourful, and all you're doing is spraying paint around. There's no communication whatsoever with randoms beyond shouting "This way" and "Booyah" using the d-pad. Despite that it's competitive and has a surprising amount of depth, with loads of maps and regular special events. I'd recommend it over Fortnite (or Halo) for kids and indeed adults any day.
  12. Garwoofoo

    The Good Place

    It was an odd series. Maybe it's just because of the scheduling - I steamed through the first two series in about a week, and having to wait each week for 25 minutes of The Good Place was painful, especially with the stupid stupid gaps (I mean 3 weeks, one episode then another 5 week gap? That's just ridiculous). But it really struggled in the first half, the scenes set on Earth just didn't work and they lost their way with Janet's character in particular. It rallied significantly in the second half but again because of the gaps between episodes I never really got the "this is brilliant!" feeling I got from the first two series. Maybe watching it through again in one go would make it seem stronger. But the Janets episode with the Accounting Department was up there with the best episodes this show has done. Still, I'm glad they've found a way to get back to The Good Place (which is the only location this show really works) and the setup for the next season looks really strong. Shame we have to wait a year for it now really.
  13. Garwoofoo

    Star Trek Discovery

    Yeah that was great. Felt like proper Trek, they need to do more standalone episodes like this while continuing to progress the main arc. The time loop episode was the best episode in S1 for similar reasons. Captain Pike is great, he’s like a parody Star Trek captain but somehow he carries it off. I’m just slightly concerned they’re going to do a BSG with this and ruin the whole thing with too much religion. Bloody Americans.
  14. Having watched the whole thing a couple of years back (and written about most of it at tedious length in this thread), I'd say that skipping stuff would be missing the point a bit. Even the slowest or silliest episodes have nice little character moments and build up the atmosphere of the station. You kind of need that background to be truly invested and then when shit really kicks off it has much more impact. The first series is very patchy but no more so than TNG's first season (or Discovery's, for that matter) and it's all upwards from there. From season 4 onwards it's much more often hit than miss. Watch the lot.

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