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  1. I couldn't resist, I started Kiwami 2. Looks absolutely glorious but the 30fps frame rate is going to take some getting used to.
  2. I know the announcement of turn-based combat has caused a lot of controversy but honestly that just makes it look like they've used the new combat system as an excuse for even more insane set-pieces and over-the-top dramatic framing and I am totally on board with that decision. Looks great. If you can't trust the Yakuza team after seven games, who can you trust? In other news, I finished Yakuza Kiwami, had a great time with it despite its limitations and sunk nearly forty hours into it so that was a lot more than the "quick story runthrough" I was aiming for. I ended up getting quite engrossed in unlocking all the Dragon abilities and then of course never used them in the final two battles where I just punched people in Beast mode like I'd done for the whole of the rest of the game. So, no Zero then, but still hugely entertaining. I am telling myself it is not a good idea to jump straight into Kiwami 2 even thought that's exactly what I'd like to do right now.
  3. My GamePass version on PC never even got the last patch that came out over a month ago - it's still sitting at v1.0 from January. I'm not hopeful in terms of getting this new character any time soon after release at all.
  4. Yakuza Zero, Kiwami 1 and 2, Yakuza 6 and Judgment are all in the new "Big in Japan" PSN sale that starts today and runs for the next two weeks - in case anybody was thinking of completing (or starting) their Yakuza collection.
  5. Well I did the car chase first time when I went back to it, isn’t that the way it always works out? Also beat that fucker Majima at bowling, a feat which has evaded me for days, so it’s been a good evening overall. I celebrated by stepping outside and smashing his face in with a plastic bucket.
  6. My son wanted to play Rocket League. Totally unreasonable I know.
  7. Oh god, the car chase sequence in Kiwami. It's so hard.
  8. Also, some Zero advice: the fight at the end of the first chapter is probably the hardest part of the whole game. Make sure you've powered up a bit before then and go in with plenty of healing items. I've seen a few folk bounce off the game at that point, but after that it's just pure awesome all the way to the end. If you're really struggling with the fight, stick with it and it'll give you the opportunity to drop the difficulty level after a few failures. You can drop it down, power through the fight and then put it back to normal for the rest of the game without any penalties.
  9. Also worth pointing out that Yakuza Kiwami gets a bad rap: it's still a great game and I'm having a blast with it. It just suffers in comparison to Zero, which is a once-in-a-generation all-time classic. Lots of people would advise to leave time between instalments, i.e. don't play the whole series back-to-back. They're long games and quite samey, so you'll appreciate them more if you spread them out. As I understand it: Zero was a cross-gen PS3/PS4 game (60fps on PS4) Kiwami uses the Zero engine Kiwami 2 uses the new Yakuza 6 engine (30fps) 3/4/5 are remastered/upscaled PS3 games (60fps) 6 is the new engine (30fps) So technologically the series is a bit all over the place too, maybe another reason not to jump straight from one game to the next.
  10. It's great. I'd tune in for an hour of Gypsies vs Scotland every week if I could.
  11. I paid actual money to see Highlander II: The Quickening at the cinema. Nearly thirty years later, I still want my money back.
  12. I haven't seen the Dark Crystal movie since I was a kid, I remember it terrified the living shit out of me but I can't remember anything about it now. Worth rewatching before the series? Or just jump straight in with the prequel?
  13. I laughed out loud when I saw my hostess for the evening in Yakuza Kiwami.
  14. Not necessarily. Star Trek Discovery is HDR but also only 1080p.
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