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  1. Cassidy started out in business as a vagrant farmer He was infamous for 15 minutes and he appeared on Panorama
  2. Anecdotally I've had more problems with Xbox One controllers than with anything since the N64 - generally with buttons sticking or not responding - although to be fair they were the early revisions of the controller. I've been using an Elite 2 for the past year and the damn thing feels indestructible.
  3. It's a bit of a series trademark. It's also very easy to get stuck in a long series of cutscenes with no way to save till you've watched them all (I wouldn't say Yakuza games have a lot of cutscenes, but they come in massive lumps, so when they get started you just need to accept you're going to be there for a while). At least in this one you can pause the cutscenes. In Yakuza 3 and 4 you can't even do that.
  4. 400 hours doesn't seem like much at all for a controller costing over £50. There will be people in this thread who have put that amount of time into a single game.
  5. Yep. It autosaves when you enter the tower, then there are no save points or autosaves all the way through the final dungeon (multiple fights and bosses) or the onslaught of cutscenes that follow. You literally can't save again until the game is completely finished. Even worse, it disables the "retry" function for that dungeon - normally when you lose a fight you can restart from that point, but in the final dungeon you get thrown back to the entrance. It's a black mark against a game that otherwise rarely does anything wrong.
  6. Ah man, that is rough. I've never seen the game do that before. It's generally behaved itself very well, even in terms of being the only Series X title I've played where Quick Resume has worked every single time without fail.
  7. I've been playing Pillars of Eternity 1 lately, by default it's not too far off turn-based anyway - it pauses as soon as you enter combat so you can assign actions to everyone, then you can unpause it and pause it at will every time you want to do anything different. I'm playing on Easy (don't judge me) so that kind of micro-management is only really necessary for tougher enemies anyway (so far). It's slightly clunky with a controller but it's all very enjoyable.
  8. I feel very aggrieved by the existence of Vicious Attack Llama Apocalypse, like Jeff Minter should have an undisputed patent on all things llama-related in videogames. At the very least it feels massively disrespectful.
  9. Is X-Files worth watching in this day and age for someone who's never seen it before? I remember it being huge in the early 90s but there's absolutely loads of it on there - 9 seasons and 2 movies - did it really go on that long?
  10. Yep. I mean it's not without its flaws, and comedy is always subjective, but for me it was the most straightforwardly enjoyable Star Trek series for 20 years, with genuinely likeable characters too. I'd take more Lower Decks over Discovery or Picard any day.
  11. Happy patch day everyone! https://www.ioi.dk/hitman-3-february-patch-3-11/ Fixes a whole bunch of issues I've personally encountered, and a load I haven't, so it's a good start. No HDR fixes yet though (it's listed under Known Issues) and no mention at all of the missing performance modes on Xbox One.
  12. I was fairly well levelled for the final dungeon (Ichiban high 60s, the rest of the party a couple of levels below that, all with jobs around 30) and didn't have any real problems with it to be honest. It wasn't anywhere near as tough as the big setpiece boss fights in the preceding chapters. You can level up extremely quickly at this point in the story if you need to by
  13. Yeah, at least two hours I'd say, and there are no save points so make sure you've put aside plenty of time and be careful. Ichiban's got a skill that lets him absorb one fatal blow so make sure you keep that up at all times to avoid being accidentally one-shotted. Some of the regular enemies are tougher than the bosses. And of course there's a shit ton of cutscenes once you're done. I've got every achievement now apart from maxing out my Part-Time Hero level, and completing the final final secret dungeon. Both of those are massive grinds so I'm happy to leave it there for now.
  14. Yeah, I wouldn't have known half of those movie questions and certainly not under pressure. I'd have bombed out on the Meryl Streep question for sure as I've only even heard of one of those four. Everyone's got huge gaps in their knowledge (and areas of expertise). Any kind of sports question and I'd be utterly stuffed. But give me history questions and I'd have a fighting chance. The next guy in the seat might be completely the other way around. That's what makes it watchable.
  15. We watched Incredible Hulk at the weekend, it's not "bad" as such (it's probably better than Thor 2) but it is utterly pointless when you know that nothing that happens in this movie is ever referenced again and the next time you see Bruce Banner he's played by someone different. There are even a couple of points where it seems to be setting itself up for a sequel but of course that never happened. What is striking is how out of kilter it is with the general tone of the MCU. There's no levity in there at all, no funny scenes, no wit, just constant chases and punches and explosions,
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