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  1. Nutcasey


    Hello! Is anyone that’s good at this available to help a level 50 noob start doing the Limit Break quests? I’m trying to do the first one (In Defiant Challenge) and keep getting battered.
  2. What a night!! I remember 14 years ago coming on here after feeling similar. Can't believe it's that long. NICE ONE REDS!!
  3. I like it so far. I've jumped on the £12 offer (nice an cheap).
  4. I'd do anything for a true remaster of this. Even just a PS2/PS4 port would be enough.
  5. I'd do anything for analogue to do a nice FPGA Neo Geo with HDMI out. Their SNES really is the ultimate version of the console and I think having a Neo Geo equivalent would be amazing. This seems like fun though but it's more gimmick than practical.
  6. The NeoGeo X was kind of this wasn't it? Out of interest, is a jailbroken NeoGeo X pretty much the perfect 'modern' NeoGeo system? Basically the ability to put all of the games with a NeoGeo controller via HDMI to a TV.
  7. Damn that's sad. Hope he's alright. I'm a T1 and it's a nightmare.
  8. I've been waiting ages to try an get the Super Nt - SF1 version but it never seems to be up for pre-order.
  9. Has the look and vibe that really suits the series. I'm all over this given I kicked started it for a small fortune. Can't wait!
  10. Is the special edition needed for this game or is the £12 enough?
  11. Managed to get a copy of the normal version on Limited Run yesterday! Pleased with that.
  12. That was fantastic. Nice one for sharing it! I'm really looking forward to this coming out even though it's clearly aged.
  13. Nutcasey


    Are the games done quick videos gonna be on you tube? That's where I watched em in the start of the year and it was much easier than twitch.
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