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  1. Ran

    Beat Saber

    I hope they made an absolute fortune out of this. It's absolutely sublime!
  2. Don't know how much time you've invested already but I think a lot of people will bounce off it because it does require perseverance to become comfortable with the control scheme. I mainly used the wands but towards the end of the beta I did some world building / sculpting with the Dualshock with results I was happy enough with. I think doing the main tutorials are absolutely essential (and even redoing them in my case). I think worst control scheme ever is perhaps a little unfair if it's from a short experience, not that I'd describe it as the best control scheme ever (I'm not a UI/UX guy really). I did get to a point after about 10-15 hours of use where I didn't feel like I was fighting against the controls and I began to work with them and my speed and comfort started to increase.
  3. Absolutely agree and I hope that's the reason there was already a nauseating amount of fan service in there for a short clip.. "Look! It's a Salacious Crumb on a spit!", "Clap you seals, it's the one eyed Tatooine door bell robot!" Overall though it looked promising I'd have to agree.
  4. I found them much better for general sculpting with a Dualshock being best for building levels (especially if you want to work with grids etc). It does require some persistence I'd say before you really become comfortable with the tools and workflow. I did the tutorial for the wands twice. I was unconvinced and a bit dismissive of them initially, but after I redid the tutorial the navigation aspect totally clicked and I found them very intuitive to use (I do have a background in using physical media like clay and other sculptural materials and working digitally in 3D so assume that experience has helped me too).
  5. You're in for a treat, the tools are fantastic. I am not even remotely a musical person and I had an absolute ball with them!
  6. Go people, it's up! I had to add funds rather than pay directly by card,I thought the worst when it kept saying my CVV was wrong but it looks like I got a copy. I've had a pretty miserable time of it of late so this has really made my day!
  7. Ran

    PlayStation VR

    What are peoples experiences with children using this? I'd like to take the PSVR along to a family thing this weekend and I've already advised my future brother-in-law that there is an age based warning for it's use (no one under 12), his son is 9. I've got the impression in the past that plenty of people have let their young children use PSVR and I'd like to stress to him that it's probably ok, but naturally it's not my call and I'd rather not take some amazing toy with me that the poor lad won't be allowed to try.
  8. Force powers being shuffled into light/dark categories is fine where it makes sense in a videogame. Personally I've always hated it bleeding into the films and lore like being a Jedi is going to space Hogwarts where you learn force push in the mornings followed by double force running in the afternoons and those dirty rotters in Sitherin learn how to throw lightning and choke out people. I prefer the feeling that the force has some mystery and is utilised and manipulated by either side in unique ways that reflects their personality and morals. It was one of the things I loved about TLJ in Luke projecting himself across the galaxy. It was new and exciting and most of all a clever use of the force showing wisdom. Not landing on the battlefield in a busted up X-Wing and using his level 20 force crush to violently smash an army to pieces because he's Luke-fucking-Skywalker, mega Jedi.
  9. Aye, sounds good. Light metroidvania, semi open world it sounds like. Along the lines of the tomb raider reboots in a star wars skin.
  10. Wait and see I suppose. There seems little point to me in a CGI game trailer that reveals very little we don't already know. If there's not a convincing gameplay dump around E3 then I'll start to suspect EA are taking another shit with the franchise.
  11. Ran

    The first one is still the best one

    Sands of time I think is a reboot and distinct new chapter in the series before all this rebooting shit became a way to excite fans and build interest. Mechners amazing Prince of Persia series ended with this flawed 3D game. The Ubisoft titles begin anew with Sands of Time honouring it's spirit. (Before being fucked into the ground and spawning Assassin's Creed)
  12. Ran

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    I'm so glad they are just investing extra funds into higher quality animation. Obviously won't be hitting golden era Disney levels but it should mean they can really intensify any action sequences.
  13. Ran

    No Man's Sky - VR Mode Announced

    A more featured online component, VR support.. what could the third element of the Beyond update possibly be? I'll be buying the new retail release regardless (Already have it on PC), really feel they deserve the support for the effort they've put in constantly updating and refining this amazing game.
  14. Ran

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Even Clay? Molly seemed like another know it all, desperately "mysterious" bore but I've found myself finally warming to him through the cleric.
  15. Ran

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    I've started watching the whole first campaign again. Marisha/Beau is really excellent in campaign two... I'm only 8 episodes into Vox Machina and already right back into "Shut up Keyleth, Shut up Keyleth, SHUT UUUP!" mode.

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