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  1. It's the rule I've always used personally (specifically when it involves anyone between 16-21). It's hard not to picture a 28 year old dating a 16 year old as a bit predatory but these things should be considered on a case by case basis.
  2. I went through it again recently and its testament to how good it is that I stuck it out and did ALL the Riddler stuff again, however the whole game does go a bit too Ubisoft with layering on the drones/towers/bombs 3 or 4 times throughout and The reveal of the Arkham Knight makes the worlds greatest detective look stupid because even as a non comic reader I guessed it a billion miles off a couple of beats into the narrative. The batmobile is brilliantly implemented though and I loved charging around in it and flipping between being a supercar and a tank at whim.
  3. Just to clarify, you need to be blocking and press 'A' to perform the shield counter thing at the right time. Once you've done it once it's suprisingly straightforward to repeat, It's just after the eye starts firing at you (when there's wavy, glowy power lines all around the eye). It feels totally boss!
  4. ...but if it hooks you, you could easily be looking at 30-40 hours and barely a quarter through (I've done a single "dungeon" and still got 2 thirds of the map to unlock!)
  5. A minor one but Prince of Persia weaving the whole framework of the game as a story being told. Death / restart being framed as "no, that's not how the story went" etc.
  6. Plenty of time for a Sonic Mania sequel or get them to do an actual Sonic 4!
  7. Ran

    Nintendo Switch

    Exact thing I was just wondering @bradigor thanks for asking on my behalf! In other news I am too afraid to use mine in public because I'm a clumsy twat but I am loving just the general portability when I get somewhere safe!
  8. The weapon degradation is great. Makes the combat feel fresh and forces you to adapt to little changes. The "weapon is dangerously critical" message is a fantastic invitation to lob your current weapon into some stupid moblins face for a sweet little pay off before sweeping up / switching to something new and fighting with that. As you get precious about reserving some of your arsenal you consider the other possibilities to thin out numbers, "is there a rock to push? a fire I can start?". If they do something different in the sequel that's cool but I won't be upset if they retain it either.
  9. Ran

    Nintendo Switch

    Cool, I'll take a look at that thanks
  10. Ran

    Nintendo Switch

    As per the E3 thread Nintendo have exposed my weakness and inflicted massive damage once again! I am one of you now, is it worth me picking up the pro controller? Main focus will be Zelda and Mario Odyssey for the time being.
  11. Not finished BOTW on wiiU so I want to remedy that on Switch. Then there's the small matter of Links Awakening, Mario Odyssey, Luigi's Mansion 3 and so on, plenty to play until BOTW2. I was going to grab a Switch months ago but waited in case of a new hardware announcement at E3 and that's as much patience as I have!
  12. Second time a Zelda announcement has cracked my resolve. It is my birthday tomorrow... I MAY be receiving a Nintendo themed parcel from amazon (and losing a few hundred pounds from my bank account)
  13. The nanosecond I pick up a Switch to hoover up some of this awesome content I just know the bastards WILL announce a new model, such a quandary!They would have announced it today if it was happening anytime soon right?... Right?? Luigis Mansion 3 looked absolutely amazing.. Links Awakening is one of my absolute favourite game experiences of all time and a sequel to BOTW is very welcome surprise!
  14. The engine was existing for sure but they would have been reworking it to be structured for this release (combat system / materia / ATB etc) and they've effectively restarted development after taking it in house too. 12 months is probably a stupidly optimistic assessment I agree but there should be a great deal more generating content and slotting it together from this point on. If they're organised and have a solid plan for the whole saga I don't think a second part releasing in another 2 years is insane. (Not that I am supremely confident of it either) If it meets their expectations I think they'll throw the kitchen sink at it to turnaround the rest of the content and release in a timely fashion, the issue being their sales targets are probably eye-wateringly impossible.
  15. They did state on announcement that this would be very much a modern reworking so I suppose there was plenty of warning! It's looking pretty astonishing in the production value stakes so I'm up for a full price FFVII chapter every 12-36 months if they're hitting that level of quality and covering all the major story beats (Assuming it's as good to play as it looks too). How the hell Cait Sith fits into all this I'd love to see!
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