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  1. I had a great time personally. Enjoyed the first one too. Some important caveats: Watched with a group of friends I used to watch silly horror movies with so that may have enhanced the experience. Watched it in a novelty 4DX screening so that's always a bit of extra theatre to it. It absolutely brought to mind some of my teenage years watching daft Freddy movies in someone's bedroom of an evening so I would say if you're looking for a serious out and out horror you will be disappointed.
  2. I was surprised on a recent revisit how simplistic the world map really is. I remembered it as an exciting expanse to explore but it's little more than a space to grind out random battles while going from hub to hub. I hope they retain the ability to revisit locations mostly at will but I'm not as bothered about a 3d map representation as I was.
  3. I am quite taken with this. It is gothic and gory to the point of almost parody. The music and general atmosphere reminds me of the first Diablo too. The parry is very generous but I've already died plenty. I look forward to the next session and seeing more of it's silly grotesques!
  4. It would have been my preference too. Perhaps if this was being developed by Wayforward it would be a different story but I think the art they have produced for Wonderboy and this is still pretty damn gorgeous, they're just not a pixel art based studio sadly. In a parallel universe Sonic Mania sparked a string of beautifully modern pixel art updates to Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Golden Axe and any other classic Sega release you can think of. We just need to work out how to move there.
  5. With their claim of over 3 billion guns or whatever enormous number it was I would imagine you're in for something akin to B2 with plenty of chaff among the wheat.
  6. I'd just go in at Campaign 1 - episode 1. It showcases just as well as any episode what a good D&D session is like with people who get on (the series works so well because the cast are obviously good friends). If you enjoy it then you can marvel at how it progresses over the first 50-60 episodes as the sets get grander and the quality improves exponentially. What feels like a sweet little radio play at times becomes incredibly gripping and touching.
  7. It depends where you want to focus your efforts. I've not got anything helpful if you're looking to start knocking things up in Unity or Unreal but if you're planning on simpler 2D stuff I'd heartily recommend Gamemaker Studio along with this series of Tom Francis tutorials: Perfect for a total beginner or someone (me) who can't quite wrap their head around how to structure and think about code. Hope your work situation improves dude. It's tough out there at the best of times, especially for graduates.
  8. That looks great! Will definitely check it out at some point. Brilliant arkanoid like concept, I can't think of anything since Odama that's tried to evolve that sort of game (I just remember the ball with Odama, did it have any shared heritage?)
  9. Liam played a half elf, bodyguard (Fighter) to Keyleth.
  10. Loss of life is undeniably tragic, don't revel in the idea particularly of someone taking their own life. Anyone sneering or pointing fingers at potential victims of abuse though can fuck right off.
  11. It's the only way to get an accurate midichlorian count.
  12. It looks like one but I didn't encounter any gear gating on the demo myself. Felt way more like a 2D Dark Souls.
  13. Aye, don't often get on with these Dark Souls inspired titles but this is an instant purchase. The grisly aesthetic and satisfying combat are more than enough for me after trying the demo!
  14. Finally carved out some time to play and I have a horrid black texture decal glitch when I'm mining or shooting at ships. I've tried restarting and restarting the whole PS4 but it's still evident. Anyone encountered this?
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