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  1. I'm not disputing any of the points made that it's possible for someone to not have knowledge of every Pixar film, 80s horror film or whatever, but that was amazing. Genuine lol.
  2. Though I remain unconvinced about Nero's disposable weapon arm things (possibly because I have no idea how to use them properly) and I'm rubbish with V, this is an incredible experience all round. I don't think I'll ever manage the ridiculously stylish beatdowns that litter YouTube, but I'll be happy if I can somehow cheese my way through getting all S ranks and clear the Bloody Palace with all three main characters. One day...
  3. Bought this based on a recommendation in a different thread (SoR4 possibly?) and it's excellent. That said, I kind of abandoned it after banging my head against the first boss of the final area a few times so decided to go and bang my head against Dead Cells instead which isn't working out too well. One thing I had tried was to attempt to clear all three challenges for previous stages (complete stage without dying, kill X enemies, collect all three stashes) and that was helping me to improve my skills, but those ninja sisters were wiping the floor with me regardless. Ne
  4. I have a feeling that the basement enemies are deliberately hard to put you off going in there before you acquire a late-game power that is pretty much required to get around. When I went in the first time, enemies were all level 6 and were hitting from across the map when I could barely see them, even when using the sniper type weapon. After going in post-game, those enemies were all gone lol. I think it's a slightly broken bit of design. Technically the way in to the basement is more difficult without said power, but you can manage without it. If they had just made the lift shaft
  5. How long did it take you to S rank all the stages on Hard in the end? I started working on it, but couldn't quite figure out how to link some of the combos so decided to play Dead Cells instead, another notoriously easy game.
  6. Will check them out, cheers! Another band that just popped in my head is Intestine Baalism. They've only released three albums in 30 years, but quality over quantity wins every time. The band plays melodic death metal, but rather than sounding like Insomnium (a band that I love for the record), Intestine Baalism plays a very melodic style of old-school Swedish death metal, sounding like old Dismember with the melody cranked up to 11. So much so in fact that I found the albums a mixed bag when I heard the band's first two albums about 15 years ago (great riffs, then one
  7. I'd like to think that I've moved on from being an elitist gatekeeping dickhead who has very strict views on what is and is not metal (the fact that the Metal Archives website still insists that Between the Buried and Me are not now and were never in the slightest bit metal continues to annoy me, but that's a whole other story) so if you'd said yes, then I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. I too like Band-Maid and hope to see them live when going to a gig in Tokyo is safe. I have mixed feelings about Baby Metal but their shows look amazing. They've been doing a series of Tokyo-only g
  8. At the risk of accusing you of being a weeb, are you just a fan of kawaii metal or other subgenres too?
  9. What Cyhwuhx said. That said, you only get a Boss Cell once upon completion of each difficulty level, so it's not possible to increase the difficulty without having completed the difficulty that you're playing on. Once you have one or more Boss Cells collected, when you pass that cylinder thing you'll get a prompt to interact with it which allows you to add or remove Boss Cells as needed. As for the level you're on, I tend to use skills/traps to deal with those spinning guys. The worst ones are the guys that do the ground pound and lunging attacks. The ground pound can be avoided e
  10. 3 Boss Cells, referrring to the difficulty level. You receive a boss cell for beating the HotK, then adding these boots cells to that horizontal glass cylinder you see right at the very start of a run (or removing them) changes the difficulty. 0BC = Normal 1BC = Hard 2BC = Very Hard 3BC = Expert 4BC = Nightmare 5BC = Hell
  11. That it does. By the way, in that video I noticed that when you were using Balrog you seemed to be only using your feet. Have you tried switching to fists from time to time? You will only have a few attacks/combos unlocked at this stage, but it's a good time to get used to switching things up when the difficulty isn't so punishing. There's a Balrog charge move you can unlock where Dante basically does a flaming dragon punch to knock enemies up into the air and it's glorious. I might have blatantly spammed the move because it's effective and just so cool to watch.
  12. If it's your first time through, I assume that you playing it on Devil Hunter. If so, don't worry as the game gets a lot harder with the later difficulties Son of Sparda and Dante Must Die. In fact, those difficulties feel a lot harder to me than DMC4 and DmC, although that could just be because I'm older and less good at this kind of thing. I got stuck on Mission 16 on DMC difficulty and haven't played the game for almost two years now. I'm going to be so bad at it that I might just have to replay the game on Devil Hunter just to relearn basic combos etc.
  13. I'm looking forward to getting this on Day 1 and not getting absolutely crucified by more experienced players. Oh wait, that's going to still happen anyway isn't it?
  14. After watching a YouTube video, I decided to try out a Tactics build with the Quick Bow and Wings of the Crow. I was doing well enough, reaching the Clock Tower with all my health flasks and about 50% health, before throwing it all away because of those invisible bastards. I have to stop panicking when I trigger one of them, and just attack them (which usually stuns them out of their rush move), or just parry the fuckers. Every time I play the game with a non-melee weapon as my main, I seem to completely forget that I have a shield and try to dodge everything but sadly I'm not quite at the rig
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