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  1. Only another 3 time to go until the Foundation DLC becomes available on the Bone. Hurry up dammit! I haven't played the game since completing it around March time, so I might have to give some of those expeditions a go to get myself back into the swing of things. I've picked up a time of jukebox tokens so I'll have plenty of chances to try it out.
  2. Talvalin

    Dishonored 2

    Dead Space 3 changed it such that you can save as many times as you like (over a single slot), but if you die at any point then your save game gets wiped. Basically, Ironman mode which has even spread to the Gears games with GoW4 and possibly Gears 5 too.
  3. Disappointed that it's not getting released on the Bone, but I'll buy it on the Switch to support Platinum in the hopes of seeing Vanquish 2 (I'm very optimistic and have a lot of other games to play in the meantime so I can wait)
  4. Slightly off topic but is any chance that both games will be backwards compatible on the PS5? All this talk is making me want to play the games (also Bloodborne although that's a different story) but I don't want to buy a soon to be superceded console.
  5. Shit. Back up to £4.99. Dammit.
  6. @Wahwah* I've been attempting to go through GoW games games again to do Insane playthroughs for GoW (stuck on RAAM, the bastard) and GoW 3 (haven't started but my Hardcore attempt went much faster than last time around so Insane is doable), so I'd be up for some Horde sometime. Weekends would be better time wise, since I'm no longer capable of playing until 2-3am and then working.
  7. In today's daily deal is the charming YA fantasy The Girl who Drank the Moon. Recommended, r especially at this price. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/ref=pe_a4x1_1_reftag/?ASIN=B06XKS7ZKH
  8. Talvalin

    Xbox Game Pass

    Since it's on Game Pass, go for it but be warned that it's not a patch on those games.
  9. Finally getting around to doing solo Insane runs on Gears of War 1 and 3. I never uploaded my original 360 save game once cloud saves became available so just had to finish it on Hardcore again before I could unlock it and I'm remembering all the bits I got stuck on and how much of an arse they'll be on Insane. I've been going through old games and finishing them, including things like Dishonored and Alan Wake. Alarm Wake is great but the oppressiveness really gets to me for some reason. I dislike being harried and that game is full of those situations.
  10. Random note for any 40K fans out there, Games Workshop have started periodically discounting their Black Library series, and specifically quite a few of the omnibus editions have been going cheap. Right now you can get a few Dan Abnett series for cheap, including some of the Gaunt's Ghosts books and Eisenhorn which I've been meaning to read ever since reading the Ravenor omnibus about ten years ago.
  11. Uh, is there a guide for noobs? I bought this last week to play with colleagues and was absolutely crucified, getting the lowest score every single game. It didn't help that we played private matches, so I couldn't rank up at all. I'm a paltry 4 at the moment lol.
  12. YMMV, but having played through both (Control was my most recent completion and I'm at the final fight of QB), Control is much much better. You can get a decent sense of what is going on without having to read through all the multimedia, but it does flesh out the story nicely with the added bonus of each document being a fraction of the length of the ones in Quantum Break.
  13. All this talk of RE4 made me want to go back and play it, until I discovered that my 360 version of RE4: HD is not backwards compatible.
  14. Were the abilities updated in a patch or something? I blasted through the game in about 4 days and noted that both Shield and Levitate had some more "boxes" (?) added. For example, you could upgrade the strength of the Ground Pound ability more and there was also a Shield Rush ability, which seems to feature in the Foundation DLC. I need to check these out on my computer rather than my phone, but I just had a peek and the concept art for the Mail Room looks epic. Almost like being under a rainforest canopy. The loading between areas is not fast, and sometimes I find it quicker to simply run there instead. By the time I had finished the game and was mopping up the side quests, I was finally developing a better sense of where things were, but it was mildly annoying when I first started back tracking to try and access new areas. Apologies to Moz, but I absolutely loved this game and it would have been my GOTY if I'd played it sooner. I'll try and post some better thoughts on it in due course. To echo Jesse, "That was awesome!"
  15. I'm oddly glad that you liked the book, as I'm a big fan and so am always happy to hear when others read and enjoy the series as well. I note in passing that the prequel type book Last First Snow is a bit throwaway (most prequels are, especially when you know how it has to end based on the second book in the series Two Serpents Rise).
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