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  1. Fixing covenants would have been good, if only to avoid grinding harpies for Souvenirs of Reprisal.
  2. Talvalin

    So, what is the best Video Game movie

    Toss up between DoA and the Phoenix Wright film. The former for being so gloriously over the top and not giving a damn (also Lord Cookie agrees with me so ner) and the latter for nailing the game's story and characters so well. That said it's a bit too long for my liking so DoA it is.
  3. Talvalin

    Burnout Paradise

    Despite preferring Revenge, I more or less rinsed the 360 version (apart from the cops and robbers mode and two of the party achievements), so I don't think I'd ever go back and do this again because man that was a lot of hours to sink into a game. Doing it twice? No thanks.
  4. Talvalin


    I started from scratch on Bone BC because I never got around to uploading all my 360 saves, and man it's so much fun. I've been playing on Ruthless which is about right at the start (since I seem to be dying all the damn time), but I might up things to Psychotic as I level up. Currently have 3* for Agility, Driving and Strength and *coughs* 1* for Firearms and Explosives, and I've taken out three of the Los Muertos bosses. It seems more of a balanced challenge this time around. On my first playthrough I think I picked up a Firefly from a Shai-Gen gang right near the start of my playthrough and that alone made a mockery of the first few boss fights. The Street Racing challenges though can bugger right off. I've managed to get gold with all vehicles for the first race, but the second race has rocks on the sides of the tracks that will flip your vehicle if you clip them, and if you clip them *really* badly then your car ends up in the water. I can't even finish that race with any car, so I moved on to the third race where I've managed two golds and a variety of hilarious (and usually race ending) barrel rolls. I'm trying to do as many of them as possible the legit way, but I may resort to building a road block and/or using the Agency car when I get my driving skill up to 4*.
  5. Talvalin

    Bayonetta 1 & 2 - Nintendo's Witch

    From the perspective of a dirty casual who loves action brawlers but is lazy and so tends to learn a few effective combos and then spam the shit out of them (see also Ninja Gaiden 2 on Master Ninja because that was not really fun, and DMC3 [fun, but having to play the main game 6 fucking times was taking the piss, and then Bloody Palace?), Hard is the best mode. Dodging enemies, going into Witch Time and then whaling on them is great, and it is that kind of game when things pick up as it gets harder. Much as I enjoyed it, especially once I actually worked out the boss fights instead of spamming my way through them on Normal, NSIC mode can do one. Removing Witch Time? Get out. I used lollipops and continues without shame to grind my way through, getting mostly stone and the occasional bronze statues. It was not fun, and a disappointing finale after the joy of playing on and getting to grips with Hard.
  6. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    First episode of Slayer's retrospective web series.
  7. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Horizon Ablaze have released their new album (don't worry, I had no idea who the fuck these guys were either) and it's a solid slab of black/death metal. https://horizon-ablaze.bandcamp.com/album/the-weight-of-a-thousand-suns Reviews over at AMG and NCS
  8. I actually liked the ending of 10 Cloverfield Lane.
  9. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    They put AIC on the tour instead of Sepultura? I mean, I love AIC but putting them with Slayer, Megadeth, Testament and Anthrax is just plain fucking stupid. Also, reading that, I think they should have interviewed Gloria Cavalera as well. The number of times Max says "Oh Gloria would know better" or variations thereof is faintly maddening. Meanwhile, music! Quality doom from the Faroe Islands https://hamferd.bandcamp.com/
  10. Talvalin

    Games with Gold for February

    Being in a different country to all my 360 discs, if the game was good, then I've just been buying the digital versions which seems like madness but I bought most of them cheap so don't really care. Except Driv3r isn't available on the Live Store. Bugger.
  11. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    I remember reading that the band wanted to replace their manager Gloria, but Max was against the idea because he was married to her plus he was immensely grateful for all that she did for them (apparently she let the entire band live in her house in Arizona when they all moved to the US from Brazil) and so ended up quitting in solidarity. After all that, was it just a dumb feud between Max and Igor?
  12. Talvalin

    Ryan Reynolds wants to remake Clue

    There's a faint argument for remaking good films that were commercial failures, but even then you're still probably going to fuck it up, so better to remake a film that didn't quite work as you say.
  13. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    So that BtBaM track was great and better than anything off Coma Ecliptic or The Parallax II so that's a good start, but I'm still not preordering it after having been burned by The Parallax II which I ordered blind like a fool. I loved the EP, but the full length was over-indulgent and tedious. That said, it did take me a good few goes to get into The Great Misdirect, so let's give it another go.
  14. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Welcome back. I assume you're aware of Perturbator right (not metal, but that dark synthwave is metal as fuck nonetheless)? https://perturbator.bandcamp.com/ NB: The Uncanny Valley's cover is NSFW, so be warned. However, the link goes to the current album which is fine.
  15. Talvalin

    The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    Well, I'm kind of encouraged by the fact that VN1X and I both liked Dyscarnate but otherwise have completely different top ten lists lol. Which I will post in due course, yes.

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