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  1. Since it's been licensed, I couldn't find any scanlations so I've been reduced to trying to read raw scans in Japanese and after reading the few pages I'm bemused by the restaurant scene; I've been living here too long to be able to process what would happen if a waitress in Europe or the US were to punch a customer who groped them. Presumably the waitress could be sued for assault and battery, but then the customer could be sued for assaulting the waitress in the first place. Also, would the restaurant be able to fire the waitress without being sued for wrongful dismissal? Too many questions
  2. It's terrible. I strongly recommend stopping now.
  3. Well, there goes the rest of my week. I recently re-read Guards! Guards! and Men-at-Arms so I'm now reading their annotations instead of actually working. *coughs*.
  4. I completely forgot that EA Play was included in Gamepass when the Series S|X launched, so I've downloaded ME2 and ME3 with the aim of doing ME2 on Insane and maybe actually finishing ME3 this time around. I got all the way to the point of no return, played the Citadel DLC up to the party then never went back. Reading so many bad things about the ending put me off but it's been 8 years so maybe I should finish and be done with it (at least until the remaster comes out).
  5. I don't know man. Instead of flouncing you could just read the rest of the thread and then post a mature response like everyone else seems to be doing?
  6. Despite the initial post being low-level trollbait, the subsequent discussion was interesting and worth moving to its own thread. Given that other people seem to be happily posting in the thread and continuing the discussion, what's the harm?
  7. Happy PS5 day everyone! Despite being theoretically able to get one last week, I completely failed on the pre-order front and now I think I've just given up for now. I'll see if I can get one fractionally cheaper in the New Year sales over here. Meanwhile, enjoy your consoles you lucky gits.
  8. Just a note that the controller discussion has been moved into a new thread as it was starting to move towards comparisons with other console controllers. Title is tongue-in-cheek, so the "OP" is more than welcome to change it to something more appropriate if need be.
  9. It was bollocks on par with Prometheus, except without the stunning visuals of that film which was frankly its only saving grace. The crew all do the dumbest things in almost any given situation, the main character getting blamed for doing the only thing she could do on the original Mars mission and the writing. Oh god, the writing. If you liked it, great, but I cannot recommend it and why it ended up on the shortlist of the Clarke Award is a mystery to everyone bar the judges, because it got absolutely slated everywhere else.
  10. Watching those videos made my fingers twitch, and in the sense of impending RSI versus nervous anticipation. Yes, I'm old and my first fingers on both hands are a bit knackered. Because that exact management team and set of developers are currently working on the Xbox, yes. I'm sure people more knowledgeable than me can dig up a colossal Sony fuck-up from the last 20+ years that would counter your argument. Or perhaps you could try sticking to facts that are relevant to the discussion at hand?
  11. And maybe Microsoft will implement that in the future, but in the meantime can we get back to talking about the Series S|X please and not spiral off into conversations about PCs and PS5s please?
  12. Be that as it may, one of the conveniences of owning a console is not having to spend hundreds of (extra) pounds on graphics cards and then hours twiddling with graphics settings to be able to play games. There is no way in which I would want to have 6+ graphics options to choose from where I would have to test them all out in order to determine the "best" option, and I imagine that other console owners feel the same way, Also, wouldn't making so many modes a requirement of all games be an additional development and testing burden, which would then add on time to the development cycle?
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