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  1. Thank you. After missing out on a number of the Terry Pratchett books going cheap, I signed up for email notifications of updates to this thread and it seems to be working so far. At some point I'll have to buy the ones I missed out on at full (ish) price, but I'm hoping that Amazon will just perpetually loop through all of his books. Fingers crossed anyway! Meanwhile, I seem to have some kind of Special Wish List credits thing going on, so the other Pratchett books that are normally £4.99 are showing as £2.99 for me. I'm now trying to restrain the urge to buy the lot (or at least buy the remaining Watch novels, so I can re-read them all in one go). Someone stop me! (by the same bent, I managed to snag Guards! Guards! for 49p instead of the official sale price of 99p - woot!)
  2. If you're playing the Definitive Edition then I believe it's possible to go back to previously visited sections, but if not then entering the third dungeon (Mount Horu?) is the point of no return. Also if you're on the standard edition and have completed the Forlorn Woods, then there's a missable collectible in there which buggered up my first run through the game. I started playing this again a few months ago and was mildly paranoid about a section of the map remaining resolutely grey that could no longer be accessed, but it turns out that I did my escape from the giant owl in a slightly weird manner that skipped a bit of the map but I already had got the 100% map completion achievement so no worries. Just Mount Horu to do and then hopefully I've got all the collectibles this time around.
  3. 1. Dark Souls (XB1 via BC) I can't honestly believe that it's taken me over 8 years to finish it, but I finally managed to get a single character through the two and a bit playthroughs required to get all of the boss weapons and thus the rare weapon achievement that makes it such a pain in the fucking arse to get the Dark Soul achievement for getting all of the other achievements. I was lucky that I was able to do some jolly cooperation to get sunlight medals back in 2018 when I started yet another character, and thus only had to grind a little bit to get my ten souvenirs of reprisal (because fuck those harpies otherwise). After getting stuck in various places (O&S on NG+ was a ball ache), things started moving faster over time, despite spending an inordinate amount of time trying to do the Bed of Chaos in NG+. Don't ask. So naturally, after spending so long on DS1, I immediately start playing DS3 which I gave up on about two years ago after failing to kill the Nameless King and then getting stuck in the first DLC. I noped out of there, went straight to the Ringed City DLC (which I hadn't played before) and picked up a tonne of titanite chunks from the first few enemies before getting obliterated by a winged enemy that looked suspiciously like the Moonlight Butterfly except more humanoid. Anyway, back to the grind I guess.
  4. Some random thoughts. Also, some space, since sometimes the spoiler text is displayed first on loading the page before being hidden, which might inadvertently spoil someone.
  5. The Yoon Ha Lee series is very good (the first two books mostly), but the third book was somewhat disappointing in comparison. Can't really discuss it without going into spoiler territory, so I'll wait for someone else to read it before discussing.
  6. Just noticed a few bargains: The Craft series by Max Gladstone - £7.70 (five books in the series, which works out at around £1.50 a book and well worth it. All of the books range from good to excellent, and are set in a world that mixes science and magic in a deft way) A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth - 99p The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sachs - 99p
  7. Excellent. In about two years I'll own the lot for only 2 quid a piece. Not a complaint so much as wanting them to go on sale faster! EDIT: I also wish that Amazon would show all of the Discworld books as a series, so I could easily see which ones I own right now. I mean, the titles show them as "<Name> (Discworld Novel #)" so what's the problem Amazon?
  8. Via the Kindle thread, Garth Nix's Sabriel is going for 99pm and totally worth it. Sabriel - Garth Nix 99p!
  9. Just a note that if you enjoy fantasy, then Sabriel is well worth a punt. The trilogy did diminish over time and I wasn't entirely convinced by the final book (Abhorsen) but for 99p, you can't go wrong.
  10. I'm unemployed now, but I left my stick controller in the UK. Is there still hope for me with a mere standard controller?
  11. For any KJ Parker fans, or anyone else really
  12. The first book in KJ Parker's Engineer trilogy, Devices and Desires is on sale for 99p. It's my favourite of his trilogies to date and I highly recommend it to people who prefer their fantasy to be realistic and without magic (also if you like reading about field artillery, such as scorpio(n)s) Devices and Desires - 99p
  13. It's still useful information for anyone that didn't know already, since the new stuff being added would push it off the "Recently Added" list very very quickly. My biggest issues were the slightly interminable fights (the paired fight with Berry notwithstanding) and the obvious slowing down of the trained martial artists in order for Wick to prevail. It's better when he's just battering faceless mooks like the Chinatown fight (my favourite scene of the film). However having read a bit more of the thread, I now want to watch that analysis video of the trilogy and then watch them all again.
  14. Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets 3/5 Visually breathtaking, but mostly as a result of a kitchen-sink approach of throwing absolutely everything at the screen and hoping something sticks. Rihanna's brief (ish) cameo was great and she out-acted both of the leads so much it hurt the rest of the film. I doubt we'll be getting a sequel but I'd still watch it, and it's inspired me to pick up the recently reprinted English translations of the original comics so that there was that.
  15. That's another thing. I had the Master Key and didn't get to the Capra Demon until much later and so was massively levelled up when I eventually faced him and twatted him and the dogs first go. Having decent poise and a halberd that could one shot both dogs right at the start helped a lot there. Second playthrough with a new character (INT/DEX) was a different story however...
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