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  1. It often doesn't like PayPal for some reason. I've got an old bank account I use instead and just transfer a bit every now and then. I remember having to allow Wake up from LAN on my PC when using my Link.
  2. It's not Eurovision if it's not sprawling, overlong, and full of unnecessary but glorious sparkly glitter tbf. Wife and I enjoyed this. It certainly fell the right side of affectionate, and Ferrell was the right level of annoying.
  3. Mine never really got on with my PowerLine network (although it could be also be my older processor) but will try it again when I've upgraded. Having said that, now that the PC is in the same room as the TV I should probably just get a long HDMI cable instead.
  4. Chex Quest. It's recently been rereleased on Steam in a jazzed up form. https://store.steampowered.com/app/804270/Chex_Quest_HD/
  5. I wasn't aware of the subs rule change so was so confused when he put Origi on. I was fully expecting some kind of blooper moment and subsequent points penalty. I think being this close to winning is almost more stressful than 4th place meandering.
  6. @Jamie John The PT in Unreal has been taken down by the developer. I found this link which 'looks' legit enough - https://lutris.net/games/unreal-pt/. I grabbed it when it came out and haven't played it so will rectify that soon. As for scary, the recent Song of Horror is superb and should be played by anyone who has any kind of taste for creepy and scary games.
  7. @Horribleman ah, I do love me some Body Count Just listening to their latest album from earlier this year. Spotted this Swedish death metal take on Doom (the game) coming next year. Looks like my kind of FPS jam: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2020/06/10/metal-hellsinger-is-a-rhythm-shooter-with-some-serious-metal-vocalists/
  8. Given it's prominence on Gamepass, I'd think free DLC is unlikely. Still need to get my kids on this.
  9. Am I still the only person known to have finished Rasternauts? (on Xbox Indie Games of all places)
  10. The cold brew fridge ones look like a French Press but have a filter inside. They make a decent summer drink although my 13 year old keeps on stealing mine before I get to it
  11. Extraordinary is really good. Was much more oozey than my wife expected though but I loved it
  12. The Garth Marenghi's Darkplace DVD is brillant for these. The actors have commentaries in character commenting on every episode. It's worth watching the whole series again with these turned on (and then many more times because it's an amazing series).
  13. Good point. It's got 2 weeks left on, I think. Should be plenty of time to run through it but will bump it up the list.
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