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  1. Monster Hunter: World

    Not that it matters, but is this cumulative or a case of having it at one time?
  2. Turn your Wii into a fantastic emulation machine

    Yep. It also works well in bypassing updates if your kids have messed around with a setting that makes the console want to install one from the disk which would balls up the mod.
  3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Pure medievalism!

    This smacks of a certain kind of consumer privilege though. Do you genuinely believe that the excessive monetisation that EA are guilty of (but generally clearly upfront about) is more 'hateful' than the straight out racism that Vavra has clearly been peddling for years and only apologises for when it could potentially affect sales of his game? EA are a bad gaming publisher but their effect can only extend within the realms of the industry. The kind of ideologies that Vavra espouses are far more wide-reaching and handwaving them away is another step towards normalising such hatred.
  4. Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    No The Ritual for UK Netflix because the distribution rights are owned by a different company here. Think I'll just rent it from the Playstation Store as I loved the book.
  5. Monster Hunter: World

    That Best Friends Play is really helpful but it's super distracting that it sounds like one of the between song tracks from a Tenacious D album Getting the hang of things a bit more now and trying to farm Anjanath. Got a great flame hammer from him ; need some Dragonite Ore to get a better Aqua Hammer. I love all the small goals that you can set whilst almost ignoring the central quests. One question though: can you check what bounties you have registered whilst on a quest?
  6. Monster Hunter: World

    True. Trying to keep my equipment focused at the moment until I can craft a range of element types. Thought money would be tight too but doesn't seem to be the case. Came to this from Monster Hunter Stories where crafting was less of a priority so having to adjust my focus.
  7. Monster Hunter: World

    I was confused by this until I realised that sometimes you have to revert back to follow a different upgrade path. Although don't think that fits your specific example.
  8. Monster Hunter: World

    Should be through the housekeeper palico guy. I got the million kit when I first logged in that way.
  9. Monster Hunter: World

    The sets/loadouts seem aimed more at the postgame loop. Same with the gathering. I appreciate that as it means you can focus on equipment and learning the monster patterns as you go.
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    That's fine. Just wanted to check it wasn't my ineptitude
  11. Monster Hunter: World

    Question marks apart from the last which is to finish all the others... Must need to be further in. Cheers
  12. Monster Hunter: World

    When do the weekly bounties appear? Up to the Anjanath fight (hoping to power through for the cat armour) and there's a count down but no limited quests. Do I just need to clear more bounties in expeditions or get further in the game?
  13. Monster Hunter: World

    Put some hours into this but hit a wall with Anjanath single player. Glad to be honest as it means I need to really look at the crafting and armour options. Beat him on the beta so know it's inferior equipment holding me back. Was finding it a bit easy up to this point. Love the world and the whole living environment. Reminds me of Xenoblade Chronicles and have already had loads of awesome emergent moments when turf wars break out. Started with sword and shield but have now graduated to hammers. Clearly need to do some farming to upgrade for some status effects and elemental protection armour. Bounced off Tri on the Wii and found the 3ds one uncomfortable but this is beginning to take over. Planning quests and investigations whilst I'm supposed to be working Hoping to get a full grip on it before I venture into multiplayer.
  14. Monthly Release Dates - February 2018

    If you didn't get it back on the DS, Radiant Historia is one of the finest JRPGs ever. Imagine it'll end up in short supply/collectable too.
  15. The Wii Appreciation Thread

    Dead Space is cool. Worked with the console's limitations but fits in the game world. Disaster: Day of Crisis is always a fave too. The escalation is terrific and it just keeps throwing new things at you.

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