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  1. F355 looked amazing and it was certainly 'arcade' technically, but it played much more like a bastard sim. So I hated it.
  2. Yeah Adesanya has shown he's not afraid of doing what it takes to squeak the win (a la latter day Jones) so I can't see anything other than a UD. Costa just doesn't really have the smarts.
  3. There's a nouveau nouveau riche in town.
  4. And finished. Definitely one of the better stories, especially among the Kiryu-only titles. I tell you what, sod this new Sideshow Bob goon in Like A Dragon, I want a Shintaro Kazama prequel series. The guy steals the show in every game he's in, even in flashback form. Such a badass.
  5. Oh actually I take it back, I remember two things - Goda having a machine gun instead of a right arm. I sort of want to play it again now.
  6. All I really remember is the controls were bloody awful. Definitely by far the worst Yak game, spinoff or not.
  7. Same as last time really, but at least they haven't jizzed away too much money this time. Mitrovic is a classic 'too good for championship, not good enough for premier league' player.
  8. Finally made it in the hostess game so getting on with the game proper. I can't quite make my mind up about the police girl, one the one hand it's refreshing to have a strong female character in the series but she is quite annoying. Just finished the Osaka Castle chapter. What the fuck was that? Does Kiryu wake up in chapter 13 and it's all a dream?
  9. Rather shaky first game for Watford but a win's a win! We have so many players that need to fuck off if they aren't going to play - I have no idea why Deeney, Welbeck and Gray think they are above the championship as they scored about 5 goals between them from open play last season. The likes of Quina, Wilmot, Pedro, Dele-B will come on leaps and bounds this season. Boro looked decent.
  10. There is nothing wrong at all with mere hitting bouncing balls into the net. Witness:
  11. But yeah proper half volleys have that always-rising trajectory (at least until they hit the back of the net or some poor spectator) that those looping ones above don't.
  12. Not to mention the fact that the half volley was set up from his own shit control
  13. Fun fight on Saturday. I love Overeem so much. Some good options for him now, maybe Lewis next rung up, then Ngannou or Rozenstruik (all easier said than done!) and he's back at the top. He probably doesn't have enough to go all the way but he's hard to write off.
  14. Assombalonga will definitely score against us. Came through the youth ranks but we were so skint we had to sell him before giving him half a chance. Anyway appreciate this is a bit low-rent now we aren't a PL team but Heurelho Gomes' retirement interview is so heart-warming. He is legit one of the nicest guys in football, had a tear in my eye by the end. Such a shame the fans couldn't give him a proper send off.
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