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  1. Can we merge the two threads? I know it's a heinous misspelling but both threads have been bumped in the last few days.
  2. Finished. The story finally made a bit of sense towards the end, up until that part it was just doing random missions for no clear reason. (The Bruz substories were good fun though - I tracked him down and re-dominated him just to punish him even more!) Have to admit I lost interest towards the end of the Shadow Wars and watched the 'proper' ending on YouTube. I was killed in one of the final sieges and didn't realise you have to re-do all of the 'draw out X by doing Y' missions to disable the defences again, fuck that. The sieges were fun but grinding them one after the other quic
  3. There is absolutely no way that was the final episode.
  4. Underwhelming is the word. Couldn't believe it when the postscript started flashing up - is that it? I get it's a cash cow but that doesn't mean they can't progress the story a bit.
  5. I think 'financial doping' is a bit strong. For Watford's part, we sold players worth about £45m (as well as releasing high earners like Welbeck) and brought in cheap unknowns like Troost-Ekong, Sierralta and Zinckernagel. Had we not been promoted then Sarr would obviously have been sold this summer to balance the books. Neither us nor Norwich could be accused of financial mismanagement when in the PL, if anything we were two of the stingiest teams around. Anyway best of luck in the playoffs, would be nice to see a new face in the PL. Anyone but Bournemouth basically.
  6. Injured/unfit from about September to February. Looked ok when he played but those occasions were few and far between. We didn't help ourselves with the rigid reliance on Deeney and the unwillingness to try other tactics - the few times Welbeck did start when fit (Arsenal, Norwich, Newcastle towards the end of the season) we looked a lot less plodding and occasionally played some decent football.
  7. Romero out of his fight with Rumble due to a failed medical. Knew that one was too good to be true.
  8. Yeah the myth that was born on that night by beating the flakey and overhyped Till and then the 'three piece and soda' incident with Edwards has been shown up to be exactly that. He's entertaining but bang average, much like his 'BMF' bedfellow Nate Diaz.
  9. Yeah I do love an old fashioned slow motion sweat/saliva spray after a whiplash KO like that. Genuinely didn't know that was Masvidal's first KO loss. Presumably Covington or Edwards next for him - the build up to either will be carnage.
  10. Well, Watford promoted at the first attempt somehow. Weird considering they were pretty horrendous until February, surviving purely on our good defence and dodgy penalties. 'Coincidentally' then Deeney gets a long term injury, the formation is changed and we smash the shit out Bristol City and haven't looked back. Hope we don't revert to hoofball next year.
  11. This song man. Makes me well up every time.
  12. Finally caught up to this week's. Fucking brilliant stuff. This is by far the best series for years, no annoying contestants and the tasks on the whole seem a step up vs the last couple of series. What's the score re Wozniak? I've never heard of him before, is he essentially 'in character' on the show? Greg implied he's acting/looking different to how he normally knows him, I wasn't sure if he meant that literally.
  13. Yeah Sarah and Duck is decent. It's a good wind-down show and talks to kids like adults, without reducing to the cloying sappiness of Night Garden and Moon and Me. My daughter also loves JoJo and Gran Gran. I find it very watchable too which helps, and the talking heads section of kids chatting shit always throws up some gems. There was a really odd moment on a recent episode though, they were talking about astronauts and Gran Gran made a point about showing JoJo 'the first African American woman in outer space' before she got onto the moon landing team etc. I get what they are ai
  14. We've done this too, and only got up to date this week. I genuinely couldn't remember what happened last series so we were going to rewatch the last series, but then decided to watch the whole thing. Series 1 is so good, Tony Gates is an outstanding anti-hero and Tommy and Ryan ending every sentence with '...ya bent bastard!' is brilliant. In fact every series is hugely watchable, and it only starts to approach shark-jumping when Dot's stupid dying declaration is introduced and interpreted to the nth degree. I don't mind the throwbacks but with the best part of 2 years
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