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  1. Pleased to see this on GamePass and spent an enjoyable couple of hours with it today. Doesn't take itself too seriously and has some variety in it ... I like the switch and ricochet mechanics as a way of breaking up the general mix of wall jumping and shooting. Not sure how much I'll be up for repeating levels for better grades but popped plenty of achievements first time through. Good simple fun.
  2. Just bought Super Chariot for 89p, crazy bargain. Played an hour or so, what a charming little game.
  3. I've not played for more than a week. Largely my fault for being a cleverdick on day 2 and not stopping when it suggested I did, then really feeling it in my leg muscle for a few days. Then some other feeble excuse of generally having other things to do. Need to knuckle down and get the exercise done, I have plenty of leisure time but it's too easy to loaf it away doing idle nothing. Keep posting people. Every time I see this thread it will remind me that I haven't had value for my £50 yet!
  4. There is always something positive to be said for a shelf that sags under the weight of its content. Photo delivers twice.
  5. Yes, copies from pre-orders were delivered today. When pressed, the buttons on the front of the slipcase play the corresponding voice from the game for each weapon.
  6. Christmas present has arrived
  7. I'm not particularly good at thinking through consequences of options in games like this. If character X asks for object Y to complete a quest then I tend to oblige, I think my decision making is a bit binary. Anyway, no 'bad decision, game over' message, will see what else it costs me in the long run.
  8. About Roseway, the opposite for me
  9. Every time I level up I hear the Manics 'Rewind The Film'.
  10. I was about to post the same thing. I started the game at midnight and only played for half an hour but had to keep getting off the sofa to check some of the info the game was giving me. Desktop players will be fine but those of us used to reclining in in comfort are in for a frustrating time I think.
  11. Played a little of the second mountain today, it's very pretty and the streams and raging waterfall are really well done. For a time-attack based game my friends leaderboard is very sparse...please add me if you're on Xbox.
  12. I really enjoyed my first hour with the game, the first mountain trail has loads of shortcuts which will make time trialling fun. Of course leaderboard implementation is critical to a game like this and they seem to have every option covered including sectors as well as the full trails. I also found the controls to be really easy to get on with in rider perspective mode, after all it's just a fancy version of Super Sprint at heart, right?
  13. Just done World 2 in one session. Worked up a real sweat but glad I pushed on. As you'd expect with Nintendo a few new features were introduced including the first of the mini games. It isn't that intuitive to find World and Friends stats but once there's it tracks a lot. It seems I'm the only one on my friends list to have the game though, and perhaps surprisingly there are 11 people playing worldwide who were born in 1964, including me. Also no stairs in this one
  14. Just had my first session and completed the first world too. I was about fit to drop by then so grateful for the game suggesting it was a good place to stop. I barely made it through the cooldown! Good first impressions, sure the 'gameplay' is a bit thin but a much preferable way for this 55 year old to exercise than going outside. Only downer was that I barely burned off half the calories of the Kit Kat Chunky I had with my lunch, let alone compensating for the beer and wine I plan to enjoy later.
  15. Any excuse to repost my Game & Watch collection. I really need to swap out the Mario pin badge for my Mr G&W Amiibo. i do have quite a lot of console games but not really what you'd call a collection, more a case of some games waiting to be played, some I'm possible going to replay at some point and loads that have more or less become worthless for trade in or sale so just sit in a cupboard, largely forgotten.
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