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  1. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    There's usually one at Snobby Shores too.
  2. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Agreed, along with the people on your own team who do the time trials which need a buggy and then deliberately drive it into the sea when others are waiting their turn. There's one trial that requires a lot of low level building, did that with about 5 randoms, thankfully there was no idiot around to do theirs then smash up all the platforms, which is what I was expecting.
  3. MagicalDrop

    Football Thread 2018/19

    A curious story seems to be developing around (now former) Prem ref Bobby Madley. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45213615
  4. MagicalDrop

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    IVe still got my official slipcase with Issues 1-14 and the 10th anniversary edition with one of my favourite covers.
  5. MagicalDrop


    I played Daytona USA on Xbox One last night.
  6. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I managed it a couple of times - the plan was to do it in 50 v 50, which came off once I picked up a decent sniper rifle. But I also got 3 in the mayhem of solo in Shifty Shafts while everyone is doing that challenge. Landing and getting a shotgun got me a couple of quick kills then another over the course of the game.
  7. MagicalDrop

    Amiibo by Nintendo

    I’m similar, bought a load of them and collect them more for the look than the functionality so none have ever been out of the box. Lost count but must have 60-ish. A few favourites are on display.
  8. No sorry, long gone.
  9. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Pretty sure i got my one win because the other guy blew himself up
  10. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I disagree, but only on the basis of how the game rewards XP at the end of each match. The rewards for staying alive far outweigh those for kills, especially if you die with 2 kills in the first few minutes versus a top 5 with no kills. And it's XP you need to tier up, if you're playing for the rewards. Unless you can rack up kills into double figures, the scoring suggests to me that playing to survive is a more effective approach. Surely that's partly why the game is so successful though? Multiple strategies work.
  11. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    Only 1 win ever on XBox, but lots of second places and loads of top tens. I am an expert at stealth but my end game is utterly useless, I can go game after game without any kills. Which is ironic because I have actively avoided any other major game with large stealth elements. Had 2 or 3 wins on Switch but not been back to that since I bought the Season 5 pass on XBox
  12. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    I found a clay pigeon contraption. Tried a few times to activate and shoot but missed every time, needs 2 players for ease I'd say.
  13. MagicalDrop

    Fortnite | Battle Royale - Season 5

    This basketball challenge has warmed the heart a little. Arrived at a court at the same time as an opponent, neither of us with any weapons other than the axe. Rather than lay into each other, we both got our baskets then moved on Similar game just now except the other guy was armed. He left me alone to get my basket, then executed me immediately Had plenty of other games where the bastards just shoot you no matter what so I rather enjoyed these encounters.
  14. MagicalDrop

    Pokemon Go

    I just found a wild Aerodactyl too ... and a wild Exeggutor
  15. MagicalDrop


    Well played @Stanshall

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