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  1. Toki is reduced by 80% to £5.99, got to be worth a punt.
  2. Could someone please report back on whether this has Tate mode and online leaderboard? Can't find any info on Google or YouTube. Thanks!
  3. I like the snapshot idea to bring things to life a bit. Adding a date would also be potentially useful I think.
  4. I enjoy score attack games, mostly original arcade stuff via MAME but have also enjoyed challenges on this very forum with one or two other members on older consoles such as the NES. Some set ups I have automatically save scores, some would rely on me loading save states (at the menu, not for cheating purposes) and others offer nothing. I really should keep more of a track of my best scores, not least because I'll play the same game on different hardware solutions, whether the hacked mini consoles, one of a couple of Raspberry Pi set ups or my XBox Crystal with Coin Ops. Is there a more elegant solution to tracking scores than a dull old spreadsheet? Does anyone else even bother? Interested to know if anyone else has a similar 'problem' and interesting solution.
  5. Looks like the same set up that Future Artists did in High Wycombe in the summer last year. I enjoyed the 2 hours I spent at that event but I'd say take any advertised list of machines with a pinch of salt.
  6. @Pioscene is next on my friends leaderboard on 223M
  7. XBox One - 235,686,364
  8. Add me if you want some high score competition - MetalSlugOne
  9. My wallet is quite glad of this and I have far more in the loft than I have room to display, even without being a completionist. But the quality has been excellent and the character base they have to select from is in the main utterly charming so I'd be totally up for some more variants for the same. But I thonk you're right, when first party releases don't even see one associated Amiibo, the end of the line looks to be in sight.
  10. Not sure, it was the first deal that came up when I started browsing the sale, so possibly under 'Current Offers'?
  11. Gone for Deal of the Day on Puyo Puyo Tetris at £10.49 so I can sell on the cart version and pleased to see 30% off Chime Sharp as I was a big fan of the original, less so this sequel. But happy to have it on the handheld.
  12. Posted in the bargains forum but worth noting here - price drop on console versions at Game to £19.99.
  13. Thanks, ordered. Have any other releases been announced for 2020?
  14. Pleased to see this on GamePass and spent an enjoyable couple of hours with it today. Doesn't take itself too seriously and has some variety in it ... I like the switch and ricochet mechanics as a way of breaking up the general mix of wall jumping and shooting. Not sure how much I'll be up for repeating levels for better grades but popped plenty of achievements first time through. Good simple fun.
  15. Just bought Super Chariot for 89p, crazy bargain. Played an hour or so, what a charming little game.
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