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  1. I've got a load of soundtrack CDRs that a japanese guy sent me during a 3-4 month period where we traded games. I would find Sega Master System stuff for him and in return he did the same for japanese Saturn shooters. After a while stuff my end ran a bit dry but he would still source very cheap Dreamcast and PC Engine games for me. I'd supplement my packages with issues of Edge or the odd thing I thought he might find of interest, he bunged me the CDRs in return. I also told him I was a fan a Yellow Magnetic Orchestra and the next parcel included half a dozen CDRs of Oriental Magnetic Yellow, a tribute/parody band. Most of the soundtracks were shooter stuff as I recall, they are still in a cupboard somewhere. I also picked up a couple of nice soundtrack CDs at boot sales including a Parodius one, Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Mix and a Castlevania one, as well as some of the more common cover mounts like the Zelda ones. All sold over the years.
  2. The only 'collection' I have is Game & Watch and that's mainly because they were always cheap and not that hard to find at car boot sales way back when. I've no intention of buying them all and what I have is a mixture of boxed and unboxed, but they fill up one of those four-shelf Ikea cabinets nicely for display. I guess I have about 30-35 of them, the panorama and tabletops got sold a long while ago when the lure of a 100-fold profit on outlay was too hard to resist. I love them as a slice of gaming history, curios that predate cartridges and reminders of my school days.
  3. I played Ultrawings for the first time last night and it was pretty good but simple fun going through the tutorial missions. I couldn't find a menu option to switch from the pad to the move controllers - what button presses am I missing? Is it because I only switched the move controllers on after playing a couple of missions so it didn't recognise them? Also for those new to move controllers, Until Dawn Rush of Blood is a great (literally) on rails shooter with plenty of fairground scares to be had.
  4. Nice to see a bunch of VR titles in the latest sale. I went for Headmaster at half price because we had a lot of fun with the demo and Ultrawings. Might yet go for Superhot VR although it's not massively discounted versus a disc copy.
  5. I think we are already friends - my Journey Total scores are pretty good if you want to tackle those, although letsbook has beaten both of my scores in Normal mode.
  6. Yeah the driving range is well done. Requires a lot of concentration to hit straight - not sure what difference a proper golf swing makes versus a cheeky flick of the wrist (with the move controller)- I could certainly hit further and straighter by swinging less.
  7. I just came on here to see what I was doing wrong to not start a proper hole. Presentation and mechanics are all very clever but hard to judge the game without playing for real.
  8. This is almost impossible nowadays as the tips are much better organised than they once were. However my local one used to rescue anything that might be saleable then just display it in the sun or rain and give a random price. I remember carting home a big pile of laserdiscs and also a Philips CDi player with a load of discs and a controller. Can't remember getting anything console related back in the day. Similar to you though I rescued an XBox 360 Minecraft disc a month or so ago - haven't got round to trrying it, it's obviously scratched but not too badly to not work, unless of course that's why it was thrown in the first place. Couldn't see any other games though. Taking stuff out of skips is strictly a no no so couldn't linger for long.
  9. I bought the Konami collection yesterday. First game I played was Scramble. It seems there's no online leaderboard and no Tate mode, which is a bit disappointing. I'm not sure the whole collection is going to be great in handheld mode, in which case I probably should have just stuck to my Pi for emulation. I'm a sucker for these compilations.
  10. Thanks for sharing the info. This was always one of my favourite threads on the forum.
  11. With all the good weather at the weekend and many boot sales running on both Sunday and Monday I was hoping to read about some great finds. Are the boot sales really more or less completely dead for retro bargains now? I've not been for at least 5 years but I'm guessing there are plenty of people offloading 360 / PS3 titles for a pound a pop? What else is out there? Judging by Facebook marketplace there are a lot of people trying to shift Wii and DS bundles.
  12. Firefox? Yes Astro Wars? Oh Yes Galaxy Invader 1000, Frogger, Caveman, Scramble, Munchman, Coleco stuff, etc etc. Dixons was full of them. A boomtime for AC adaptors and C type batteries.
  13. Imagine a pair of binoculars with a Game & Watch inside. With colour 'graphics' and stereo sound. Hopefully you're familiar with a Game & Watch...
  14. It's a score attack game so add some of us from the thread for friend scores to beat. You can start with me if you like.
  15. I must’ve bought Rez in every format it was ever released on ... so at half price in the spring sale, here we go again.
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