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  1. Indeed, I got lucky and got to play them both fairly early on, which was good as my defence was appaling! Still stuck on A19 with Silent, A17 with Ironclad and 16 iirc with Defect. Need an A20 win one day.....
  2. I finally beat the heart with Silent last night (and got The End? achievement) and it was indeed with poison/nightmare/catalyst....
  3. Not sure if you know but his strength gains happen any time you play a power and therefore only play powers that are worth his buff or save them for once he is... awakened, as he then loses the buff that grants further stacks
  4. You have The Irishman twice. Yes it was good but not THAT good
  5. Thanks. We got the Essentials instead of the Starter actually, seems fine though...
  6. I'm buying the following for my daughter: Players Handbook Dungeon Masters Guide Monster Manual Is there somewhere I should know about to buy them from that a simple Google Shopping search wont throw up? Looking like I am best off buying from Amazon but thought I'd ask in case there was anywhere better/cheaper.
  7. Is that the RPPVP one? If so I am on it too. If anyone wants to add me please do, troll warrior about level 16: Evamortti
  8. I've been really enjoying Archero since it was mentioned in the thread, its a great game. Hit a wall at level 5 though and it seems I need to grind out earlier levels (did 3 for a while but outgear it now so 4 is the current one I'm working on) for better gear/stats/levels. Which surprisingly hasn't killed it yet for me, but it is definitely a barrier. Apparently 7 is a real wall and lots of grinding needed to get past that one.
  9. I'm going to at least try it and see if it sticks more than the last couple of expansions. I only played classic briefly, hitting 60 not too long before the first expansion came out. Definitely up for being in a Muk guild anyway, what are the old lot planning on doing?
  10. Does the Nintendo store update at a particular time each day? Slay the Spire comes out today so wondered when it will be available.
  11. Mine works perfectly from a similar distance away. Are you sure there's not some other light sources that the camera can see that may be causing an issue? What kind of height is the camera mounted at? (As in, knee, waist, shoulder, etc) It does seem to perform better if you can have it at around chest height where possible I've found.
  12. Apparently ginger can help too? Good excuse to crack the ginger nuts out during a session anyway :)
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