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  1. Any of you guys played (or even heard of!) Monster Train? Getting very good press and apparently much like StS (I think they even give extra discount if you own it as a nod to the devs). https://store.steampowered.com/app/1102190/Monster_Train/ Think I may be very tempted....
  2. I've watched it 3 times and I still think how can it be possible for a human to do that and not die. Yet he made it to the top. I think we must be living in the only timeline where he didn't, there are infinite universes out there where it ended differently.
  3. Finally beat A20, only 500+ hours.... (Ironclad)
  4. Shamen, Ebeneezer Good? Dont think it was in a store though.
  5. I will need to use the dock, yeah. Bloody ~£20 for a plug
  6. Very annoying, seems my switch charging cable (that came with it) is no longer working. Whats the cheapest solution to replace it? The end is just USB-C right? So is the best option just a plug thing (like an iphone charger, sorry Im not sure what the right term is!) with the correct rating which I can connect an existing spare cable to? Thanks.
  7. Slay the Spire. However my "isolation game" is Heroes of the Storm, played it loads with 2 of my kids instead of being able to see them <3
  8. What a fantastic idea! Might do the same if I can convince the kids to play it a bit more often.... Still in Feb but I think its fantastic and would definitely play a game with this seasonal stuff again its really fresh.
  9. Indeed, I got lucky and got to play them both fairly early on, which was good as my defence was appaling! Still stuck on A19 with Silent, A17 with Ironclad and 16 iirc with Defect. Need an A20 win one day.....
  10. I finally beat the heart with Silent last night (and got The End? achievement) and it was indeed with poison/nightmare/catalyst....
  11. Not sure if you know but his strength gains happen any time you play a power and therefore only play powers that are worth his buff or save them for once he is... awakened, as he then loses the buff that grants further stacks
  12. You have The Irishman twice. Yes it was good but not THAT good
  13. Thanks. We got the Essentials instead of the Starter actually, seems fine though...
  14. I'm buying the following for my daughter: Players Handbook Dungeon Masters Guide Monster Manual Is there somewhere I should know about to buy them from that a simple Google Shopping search wont throw up? Looking like I am best off buying from Amazon but thought I'd ask in case there was anywhere better/cheaper.
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