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  1. Nintendo Switch eShop

    at £20 I'd be playing FM Touch now but £30 is pretty steep. I'm sure nintendo are making enough money, but the price of Switch games is really stopping me buying much.
  2. Has anyone built a handheld based on a Pi? I'm looking at the kits for the Gameboy / gameboy advance but they seem expensive with a lot of custom made parts. I'd like to build a little thing with a nice handheld format - maybe GBA SP if it's doable.
  3. Blenders/Food processors

    I got a vitamix refurbished from John Lewis a few months ago and it's been a revelation. It munches through everything and it's opened up a whole world of stuff for me. I've been making my own vegan cheese, mayo etc and it makes recipes so much easier. I've used mine to make vegan mac & cheese and it's worth it for that alone. It looks like the price has gone up a bit since I got mine, but they still have them in stock and it's much cheaper than elsewhere. https://www.johnlewis.com/vitamix-reconditioned-blender/p2309337?colour=Black
  4. Food Prepping

    I think you could do a lot of this with Quorn or Seitan. I really want to eat through all of the stuff in my freezer so I can start doing some of this stuff. I'd like to prep some tofu/spring onions/lettuce/cauliflower rice etc on a Sunday for some fresh meals and be able to pull spag bol, curry etc out of the freezer. I'm not doing too badly at prepping 15-20 minute meals when I get home but I really want to resist the temptation to order in when I can't be arsed.
  5. The Bread Thread.

    Do you have a rosemary plant? I've got a huge one in my garden I can give you a cutting from.
  6. The Bread Thread.

    Have you tried panettone? I know it's supposedly a cake but there's quite a lot of similarities in the process I think.
  7. The Bread Thread.

    I've got nothing to add except that loaf looks fantastic.
  8. Destiny 2

    I've been enjoying crimson doubles, I think the mechanic they have used to force a certain way of playing works really well. We've only had one game where we were really trounced all the way through, mostly it's felt pretty even and felt like we were fighting up to the end. It is quite fun going fully Rambo and taking the other team out by yourself, especially at sudden death, and there are a lot of tactical considerations. It's also so fucking beautiful to be able to rely on your grenades recharging, and to be able to use them offensively. I hope they keep it in the rotation, and use the data they collect to see that we need grenades back in crucible full stop.
  9. Cocktails

    If you have Chartreuse & Aperol to hand I can recommend the Gypsy Eyes, by Jessica Gonzalez from that book. https://kindredcocktails.com/cocktail/gypsy-eyes It is a wonderfully presented tome, which I regularly flick through for inspiration.
  10. Destiny 2

    I don't want to run faster. I want to be able to rely on my grenades as a tactical option, or a last resort. I want to be able to play with something other than an auto rifle. I want Scout Rifles to be a viable primary option, I want to be able to snipe, or use a shotgun. They say explicitly that they want to see shotguns and snipers used again. There's a simple answer to that. MOVE THEM TO THE ENERGY SLOT. Just increasing energy ammo isn't going to bring snipers back in, it's going to make every game a mess of constant rockets.
  11. If any of you still want to try and finish it off tonight I should be around after all.
  12. It was a valiant effort. I think we would have finished it had we not had so much difficulty with the mines. I apologise for my confusion in our attempt at the argos which caused our 6th member to flee. @tnmanwhat was that lego game we should be playing to practice for the raid?
  13. Are we still on for one @tnman @luckypierre @sbrandon111?
  14. Destiny 2

    It sounds like every update is just adding rewards and nothing is actually fixing the bugs. I don't give a fuck if there's a greater chance of me getting an exotic if I'm just going to keep my MK.44 Stand Asides streak going. I've got every single possible set of titan legs at 335 now but it would be nice to get some of my other armour up to scratch.
  15. ayoo - so that's 6 people for next Sunday at 1pm? I'll make sure all my team can make it but I expect they can..

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