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  1. I've had Miami Burger - they had a restaurant in Reading. The normal burger patty is like a dry mcdonalds patty and I didn't really like it much. The Chicken Patty is really tasty though and has a fantastic texture. Teta Huda's mussaka'a from Palestine on a plate is delicious Basically confit aubergine in a spicy, garlicky tomato sauce. Served cold with Pita.
  2. I hadn't stepped foot in a Greggs for years until they started doing the Vegan Sausage Roll - I go in all the time now. Vegan Dougnuts as well would be brilliant.
  3. Gaz


    @redbloodcel has just bought one - it didn't seem as loud as my gaggia burr grinder.
  4. Anyone come across this issue? I tried to boot retroarch from a USB and got a red flashing light, presumably the usb drawing too much power. I've got a message on my machine now saying "Can't recognize controller" with or without the USB plugged in.
  5. Gaz


    I've been getting my coffee from these guys recently. https://coffeegems.co.uk/ I've been buying it direct from a stall on my local market. He's super enthusiastic and always offers me a taste of something, it's not the cheapest but I don't have to pay for postage and it's always fresh roasted.
  6. Fried up a couple of the fermented chips tonight to see how they are, the rest was split into four portions and part fried to put in the freezer for quick meals. The fermented flavour is really pleasant, with a spicy seasoning and a cool dip I think they will be great. I'm going to make up a proper portion for my lunch tomorrow.
  7. Gaz

    Food Prepping

    You can buy the Andouille here, they are really nice sausages. http://franconian.co.uk/product/andouille-cajun/
  8. Gaz

    Home Brewing

    This beer ended up being really nice, for me, nobody else liked it! I've got a gluten free (Sorghum & Agave) kettle sour currently resting on fresh apricots which will be bottled when my yellow bottle caps arrive.
  9. I've just chopped up a bag of potatos and put them in some brine with cabbage leaves. https://www.macheesmo.com/fermented-french-fry-experiment/
  10. All the netflix stuff is good - Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat was particularly wonderful though, going to the source for traditionally made soy sauce, or tortillas made by hand. This isn't in the spirit of the thread necessarily but I love cutthroat kitchen (and of course, Alton Brown's "Good Eats" is great if you can get hold of it)
  11. Gaz


    It's probably late now but for anyone struggling with a similar dilemma, I think the absolute best supermarket rum you can buy as a gift is Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva. For £37 it's an absolute bargain - amazing drank straight and comes in a lovely package https://www.google.co.uk/shopping/product/5510316719908739325 The standard diplomatico at £26 is great too https://www.waitrose.com/ecom/products/diplomatico-mantuano-dark-rum/830604-683840-683841
  12. Gaz


    I think Rum can actually be more interesting. For something to sip which is closer to whiskey I really like Diplomatico and Brugal 1888 is also lovely. If you like the peatier styles, then Agricole or Jamaican rums will fit the bill. Smith & Cross is fantastic and Trois Rivieres is a good value agricole. I really love Paranubes rum at the moment, it's an agricole style rum distilled in Mexico from sugar cane juice but it tastes like no other rum - the flavours for me are something like tapenade, black olives, sundried tomato, cracked black pepper. It makes an absolutely phenomenal daiquiri.
  13. I absolutely loved Rage but what I've seen so far gives little indication that this has the same feel. Can anyone who has their hands on it give some views on how it compares?
  14. Beyond burgers are great. If impossible is better, I'm looking forward to trying them.
  15. I paid £270 for mine but it looks like they are closer to £400 now. I thought I'd use mine for both, but I generally do a lot more smoking because I prefer the results.
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