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  1. Destiny 2

    I've been enjoying crimson doubles, I think the mechanic they have used to force a certain way of playing works really well. We've only had one game where we were really trounced all the way through, mostly it's felt pretty even and felt like we were fighting up to the end. It is quite fun going fully Rambo and taking the other team out by yourself, especially at sudden death, and there are a lot of tactical considerations. It's also so fucking beautiful to be able to rely on your grenades recharging, and to be able to use them offensively. I hope they keep it in the rotation, and use the data they collect to see that we need grenades back in crucible full stop.
  2. Cocktails

    If you have Chartreuse & Aperol to hand I can recommend the Gypsy Eyes, by Jessica Gonzalez from that book. https://kindredcocktails.com/cocktail/gypsy-eyes It is a wonderfully presented tome, which I regularly flick through for inspiration.
  3. Destiny 2

    I don't want to run faster. I want to be able to rely on my grenades as a tactical option, or a last resort. I want to be able to play with something other than an auto rifle. I want Scout Rifles to be a viable primary option, I want to be able to snipe, or use a shotgun. They say explicitly that they want to see shotguns and snipers used again. There's a simple answer to that. MOVE THEM TO THE ENERGY SLOT. Just increasing energy ammo isn't going to bring snipers back in, it's going to make every game a mess of constant rockets.
  4. If any of you still want to try and finish it off tonight I should be around after all.
  5. It was a valiant effort. I think we would have finished it had we not had so much difficulty with the mines. I apologise for my confusion in our attempt at the argos which caused our 6th member to flee. @tnmanwhat was that lego game we should be playing to practice for the raid?
  6. Are we still on for one @tnman @luckypierre @sbrandon111?
  7. Destiny 2

    It sounds like every update is just adding rewards and nothing is actually fixing the bugs. I don't give a fuck if there's a greater chance of me getting an exotic if I'm just going to keep my MK.44 Stand Asides streak going. I've got every single possible set of titan legs at 335 now but it would be nice to get some of my other armour up to scratch.
  8. ayoo - so that's 6 people for next Sunday at 1pm? I'll make sure all my team can make it but I expect they can..
  9. tnman was counted in my 4 - hopefully we can find a 6th person though. There must be 1 more person who plays this on Xbox.
  10. Next weekend should work for us. We'll need a 6th though.
  11. Destiny 2

    I don't play the lottery so any combination you choose will have as much chance as any other I think I would feel a little bit lost without Bungie. I know that sounds melodramatic and it's only a game, but I've been playing these games for so long that they have become a constant in my life. I played Halo 2 every single day for 18 months solid and every single game Bungie has put out since then has been something I've played regularly for months at a time. Nothing else really scratches that itch.
  12. Destiny 2

    Neither the sticks, nor the triggers feel right for FPS. The sticks have too much play in them and the triggers are really spongy. The DS3 was pretty much the same and I never felt comfortable playing shooters on it - despite playing through all of the resistance and killzone games. The Xbox One pad feels like a compromise too - the sticks are weirdly small and the triggers don't feel as springy as the 360 pad. I'd have stuck with the 360 pad on xbox one if I could, tbh.
  13. Destiny 2

    Yeah - I disagree completely. I was never going to buy a PS4 as my main machine because the controller is absolutely shit for FPS games and that's what I play most, but I didn't kick up a massive fuss and demand Sony change it. I've got a PS4 now and it sits there unused apart from The Last Guardian, making it pretty much the most expensive game I've ever bought. I wanted the kinect, and I wanted to be able to get rid of game discs entirely and have digital only titles that I could share with my friends. Stopping that, I think, held gaming back immensely.
  14. Destiny 2

    The initial plans for the xbox one - when it was intended to be always online and allow game sharing and stuff were shat on by short sighted idiots who went on to buy the PS4 anyway. It was a fantastic move, marketing wise by Sony, but fuck all of those idiots who ruined it for the people who bought the xbox one with their whining over a product they were never going to buy anyway.
  15. Destiny 2

    I completely understand that, although tbh I stopped playing D1 somewhere around the time of the last expansion. It's not like I don't share the frustrations - what I don't understand is why people have to ruin it for those of us who are still playing when they clearly won't be happy with any realistic outcome. Why would people spend all of their time on reddit posting about a game they don't play, asking for improvements to it, to then meet an announcement about those improvements with "I'm not coming back". For the average punter its an £80 investment, I get that, but the same people have piles of games they have never played, or are happy to spend £80 on the next thing to play while moaning about this one. For Bungie, for the people working on this it's not only their work, their art, it's their future livelyhood and I just think people should have some more respect for that and be a bit more mindful about how they spend their time.

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