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  1. The original origin was that she had a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner (Her cousin) who was the only blood match. Maybe this is just him showing her how to control her powers (something it took him years to learn)?
  2. From reading the reviews, this seems like the first time Marvel have made a deadline rather than a movie. They should have pushed it back when Derrickson left as it probably needed more time in the oven.
  3. I think Eggers is great at period detail and atmosphere, but he can’t write characters or dialogue for toffee. This was more plotty than most of his other films, but still very simplistic and a bit of a trudge for me. The village invasion scene with Skarsgard going full beast mode was fucking great, and I think I assumed there’d be a lot more of that in the film than there was (I.e almost none).
  4. The shrine totem episode after is my favourite so far, it has everything - laughs, tears, suspense, and a twist ending that M Night Shyalaman would be proud of.
  5. This might be a good companion piece to the Welcome to the Dark Ages doc the KLF released last year. I watched a few docs today. The Eyes of Tammy Faye (partly the source material for the recent Jessica Chastain movie) was absolutely batshit, which is probably what you’d expect, given the subject. Has a really weird recurring gag which shows Tammy Faye elegantly typing up interview requests for people on her headed notepaper, only for them to immediately decline. Also every segment of the doc is introduced by sock puppets. RuPaul narrates. Mr. Bachmann and His Class - 3 1/2 hour documentary about an inspirational yet unconventional music teacher who works in a school in the middle of Germany where most of the children are refugees. Avoids Dead Poets Society style cliches, although it is weirdly similar to a real life School of Rock. I think the obscene length means that you really get to know the kids well, so you actually care about their outcomes, although I also suspect you could have got the same point across in two hours. WeWork - Unicorn startup goes titsup. Pretty entertaining thanks to the loony running the company. Definitely has a weird almost cult vibe to it.
  6. We saw that he had a military background and he was clearly investigating Lumon for some reason, maybe the paintings were him trying to recall things from his innie’s experience? The article clippings, documents and map definitely seemed to suggest he was investigating the company in some capacity. The show’s writer Dan Erickson said this about it in this post-finale interview: Full interview here: https://variety.com/2022/tv/features/severance-season-2-plans-explained-finale-twist-1235226904/
  7. As the finale episode finished I suddenly realised I’d been holding my breath for the last two minutes. Holy. Fucking. Shit. I think I’m gonna get myself severed for 8 months so I can watch S2 tomorrow.
  8. I watched a few of these tonight and they’re just so darn stressful/cute. They’re the closest thing reality tv has to a Pixar short, and great for a little pick me up. Literally punched the air in victory when the kid in the first episode
  9. I interviewed to be the Senior Producer on this!
  10. 24 HR BAN REQUEST MODS. Then when he comes back, ban him again, just to make sure. Totoro is my spirit animal.
  11. Thought Turning Red was the best Pixar in ages. Genuinely funny in places, and some good emosh bits at the end.
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