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  1. I’ve checked the poll. It’s wrong.
  2. Hey, it's 5 o'colock someware *buuuuurp*
  3. The correct order is: My Neighbour Totoro Kiki's Delivery Service Ponyo Everything else
  4. Tangentially related, I’ve not read the Outsider, but I am up to date with the show. Thought I’d read the Bill Hodges books to find out a bit more on Holly, and was surprised reading the first two to discover that they were pretty straight detective novels. Now I’m reading the third one, and it’s suddenly gone all X-files, which is a bit disconcerting. Does anyone know if readers at the time were a bit thrown by this sudden change in direction?
  5. The One (2001) Featuring Jet Li? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0267804/
  6. UHF is one of the few films I've owned on VHS, DVD and BluRay. I would also buy a 4K version if it were available. But it isn't.
  7. Yeah I played all the games as they came out, with the exception of 5 as it came out after I’d sold my PS3 to fund my PS4. Looking forward to finally filling in my Yakuza hole.
  8. So excited to finally get to play this, as it's the only numbered Yakuza game I've not had the chance to play yet.
  9. Watched the whole first series over the weekend (haven't read the source). Was very slow to get going, and the ratio of boring high school stuff vs all the interesting stuff was weighted way too heavily in the former's favour for the first half of the series. Although all of that sub-Riverdale nonsense largely drops away by the back half, which makes is even more mystifying. Did ultimately end up enjoying it, and it was the imaginative uses of the keys that pulled us through, but it was definitely a 6/10 overall. Definitely guessed most of the twists before the end. Could have done with ratcheting up the horror a bit, but I think they decided pretty early on that they wanted that YA Stranger Things audience (alongside all the merch opportunities) and its probably the only way this series would have got the budget needed to do the keys justice. Would watch a second series, if only to see what new keys they came up with. Comic readers - is it very faithful to the source plot-wise?
  10. They did Dirty Dancing before, a few years back. I think it’s the only one I’ve been to that I wasn’t that impressed with. I really want them to do Raiders of the Lost Ark!
  11. Definitely not the Cronenberg I was expecting when I excitedly clicked that link.
  12. Watched Internal Affairs last night, and was pretty amazed that the only character in the film who didn't hit his wife was Richard Gere's villain! Andy Garcia even smacked his wife around in a crowded restaurant and faced pretty much zero consequences for it. Felt very strange to see that through a modern lens.
  13. I hope that when you finish all the titles on Game Pass it unlocks New Game Pass+, and you can play them all again, but with all your abilities from the first run unlocked. I’d just like to play all the games from the start again, but with my enhanced stats and endgame inventory (Flaming Sword of Hot Takes, Chest Piece of Resistance, Gauntlets of Whatthefuckisthisshit, Codpiece of Meh, Helm of Hidden Gems, Mace of Windu).
  14. It’s by Álex de la Iglesia, who’s sort of like the Spanish Peter Jackson (circa Bad Taste/Meet the Feebles era.) His 1995 film Day of the Beast is still quite fun (a priest foretells the coming of the antichrist, and dedicates himself to evil, so that he’ll be in a position to meet and stop the beast and save the world). It’s basically just an excuse to have a priest do lots of naughty things like push nuns down stairs and listen to death metal. If they remade it now, it’d probably just be called Bad Priest.
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