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  1. Rllnxt? It seems only fair we saddle them with an equally inexplicable name.
  2. Is it time to reboot the forum as Rllmuk: The Next Generation?
  3. New title announced. Still think they should have gone with ‘Home Schooled” after the amount of trouble he repeatedly got his classmates into. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLpwqkqFaiS/?igshid=1h6wjjaj1bl4a
  4. I have recently watched the latest series of Married at First Sight Australia. It was over 60 hours long. I am not proud of myself.
  5. Managed to get Master level on all Hitman 3 levels today. It's much easier once I realised that I didn't have to finish a run for the challenge to count, and I could just make a save and then keep re-loading to try out different assassinations/feats.
  6. Is there a 4K UHD set, or is it just a 4k restoration on a blu ray?
  7. I was thinking Lawrence was the favourite to win overall early doors, but I'm now thinking it's nailed on for Bimini. From a slow start she's gone from strength to strength, whilst Lawrence seems to have wilted under his own internal pressure, and is just coming across a bit try hard now - especially in the Snatch game.
  8. I had the worst of both worlds - I accidentally read the trick of how to defeat him when I was looking something else up - and then by the time I got there, I forgot to do it!
  9. As someone who likes horror and musical theatre, I think this had one great song and a few mediocre ones. The songs are also quite frontloaded - they seemingly forgot it was a musical 2/3 of the way through the film (bit like Frozen). It was worth a watch for me, but as a movie, it needed to be much funnier with better songs to truly sing.
  10. I thought I was the only Tia stan! Her runways are rubbish, but she’s brilliant.
  11. The Wild Bunch Django The Dollars Trilogy True Grit 3:10 to Yuma Calamity Jane
  12. Does it feature anything even remotely like the fantasy setting of the game?
  13. Everyone knows this is the most shameless product placement scene in movie history:
  14. I’ve done Dubai on SASO, and it’s actually pretty easy. My route was (spoilers obviously!):
  15. I watched conspiracy thriller The Parallax View for the first time, and was struck how much the brainwashing sequence was exactly like one of the psychological tests they were doing in the Bureau. Takes place in a brutalist building too! I’m certain it must have been one of San Lake’s influences on this game.
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