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  1. I sort of hope Greg wins the whole thing (without losing his soul in the process).
  2. So gutted about this. Love Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, and an MCU without him and most of the original Avengers is much less appealing.
  3. Sion Sono is sort of like Miike Takeshi in terms of how prolific he is, but his films are actually great. Selected highlights include Tokyo Tribe (Hip Hopera Musical Epic), Cold Fish (Incredibly dark serial killer film), Why Don't You Play In Hell (Students making a trashy gangster film inadvertently get involved with real gangsters) and Love Exposure (4 hour long epic about Catholicism, Kung Fu and upskirt photography). He has a very punk aesthetic, and perhaps unsurprisingly, he's also good friends with Suda 51.
  4. Were you definitely streaming the 4K versions? You need to search for them separately as it the geniuses at Amazon have them listed separately from the HD versions.
  5. I wish they’d put all that energy into releasing the Lord and Miller cut of Solo instead. Would have loved to see their version of that film.
  6. They should get Lord and Miller to direct it - they’re the kings of getting ‘That sounds like a fucking awful idea’ projects to work.
  7. Counterpoint: I have found Portia to be awesomely charming and addictive to the point where I pulled an all-nighter. Can’t even remember the last time I did that.
  8. Leave it out @ZOK, I’ve no interest in getting into a straw man argument with you.
  9. How does it compare to Hereditary? Didn’t get on with that one at all. Feels like Avi Aster is trying to crack-handedly remake all the best 70’s horrors on the sly, and this seems like his Wickerman riff. I’m half expecting his next film to be called ‘Do Look Now’.
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