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  1. jon_cybernet

    Perfect Films

    For me it’s: Bringing Up Baby (Most jokes per minute/Best leopard) Ponyo/Totoro (Tied for best making you feel like a kid again) Monsters Inc (Best Ending) Spinal Tap (Most watched - well over 100 times) Back to the Future (Best Hollywood movie - every frame is perfect, the script is a structural marvel, brilliantly directed, everything is just *chef kissy fingers*)
  2. jon_cybernet

    The Haunting of Hill House

    Finished it last night. Really enjoyed it, although felt it peaked with episode 5, which I thought was genuinely brilliant. Structurally it felt more like an adaptation of IT, with the house replacing the creature, with little spills of the original Shirley Jackson text dabbed around the edges. The ending was also a bit too similar to [ENDING SPOILER] Overall really enjoyed it though. After a bumpy start it really grew on me, and although I guessed most of the twists, felt it was really solid by the end. Wonder if there'll be a second season going into the house's past?
  3. jon_cybernet

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    No, I have finished Odyssey, and I do think she’s correct, the levelling curve for this game is not quite where it should be. I’ve played hundreds of RPG’s in my time, and when I was playing this I was doing all the side quests I found, but they really do get stretched thin towards the end, and you do start having to grind in a way that suddenly feels intrusive, despite it being quite effortless in the first half of the game. I think it doesnt help that you’re largely left to your own devices later on, and so while the game mainly guided you towards juicy quest clusters for the first half, there’s much less handholding later on, leading you to spend hours trudging round looking for new things to do. It’s definitely a legitimate criticism, although obviously your mileage may vary.
  4. jon_cybernet

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey

    Just finished this today with 60 hours on the clock, ended at level 49. Didn’t seem to be any end credits, but I’d finished , so I think that’s it. Mostly really enjoyed it, but it did feel like it would have been better paced with the optional XP boost you can buy. As I didn’t have it, levels 40-49 were suddenly a bit of a grind, and I more or less ran out of side quests that would give me meaningful XP, and all the remaining content needed me to be at least level 47 to even have a chance. Not sure I liked the whole world levelling with you thing either, as early on, I could sneak up to people and quickly shiv them, but it got to the point where even taking out useless grunts the same level as me required a strong assassination, and that still wasn’t enough in some cases. It made me feel like less of a badass by the end weirdly.
  5. jon_cybernet

    Better Call Saul!

    Yeah, he really managed to Tap into something there.
  6. jon_cybernet


    Watched ‘Three Identical Strangers’ the other night, which was fantastic. It was definitely best watching it cold without knowing the story, and I’d advise you do that, but if you do need a bit more than that, it starts with a guy who moves 100 miles away to a new college, only to discover he has an exact doppelgänger. Then things spiral from there, with some truly bizarre twists. Doesn’t quite stick the landing. But definitely worth a watch.
  7. jon_cybernet

    The Great British Bake Off

    I said exactly the same thing last week to my missus. She just rolled her eyes at me. But how does it work??! They didn’t do that on earlier series.
  8. jon_cybernet

    Better Call Saul!

    I love that if you click donate, it takes you to a genuine food bank you can donate to in Louisiana. Classy move.
  9. jon_cybernet

    Good new horror films

    Yeah, the one with Sam Neil in.
  10. jon_cybernet

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    Not to mention the various other Yoda, Obi Wan and Boba Fett spin off movies they’ve had in pre-production at various points, although they might have all been killed now, after Solo’s under-performance.
  11. jon_cybernet

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Is anyone offering pre-orders yet?
  12. jon_cybernet

    Good new horror films

    I do love films like that now and again. Felt the same when I watched Ex Drummer. Maybe we should start a ‘What the Fuck Did I Just Watch?’ thread for brain-melting flicks.
  13. Papers, Please (2013) Set in a post Brexit-apocalypse, a lonely Border Force employee spends weeks trying to prevent people from smuggling valuable potatoes across the newly built Irish wall, trying to earn enough Boris Bucks to keep his family alive. He doesn’t want to accept bribes, but food is scarce and the death rate keeps Dublin. Eventually, they all die from chlorine-washed ham poisoning.
  14. Oh yeah! I forgot. I hope they make him super disco. They could just pretend he got bit in the 70’s.

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