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  1. Sorry everyone, I went from sober to borderline non-functional in a moment.
  2. johnj

    Into the Breach

    An the sweet taste of FTL addiction is back, looking forward to a good 200 hour stint. Nearly completed on normal last night but made a familiar error of not spotting a hazard tile:(
  3. johnj

    Name this game

    Comix zone? Jazz Jack rabbit? Abe;s Odyssey?
  4. johnj

    Consolevania's back...

    Absolutely not! I had missed the act there was a whole new season so will patreonage now
  5. Satisfying grenade time: Was there any chance you could have got behind the tree to your left? That seems like where the ideal position to be in was if you knew they were both in front of you
  6. Have any PC Players noticed things have been a bit better recently? Shooting now feels much more solid and I'm hitting things again, which returns the enjoyment some what. Had my first chicken dinner on the new map, it was very satisfying. The guy below me forgot / didn't know you could get in the bell tower. Nicest way to win ever, just spent a good 10 seconds lining up death from above headshot with a vector while he sat there waiting for me to come out the church door. I was going to roll a grenade down at him but I had a feeling I knew how that would end
  7. I could be wrong but I think as players get better you'll see less of that. It felt like cars were becoming less and less viable in the PC version as you'd just end up annihilated in quite short order and would never have the chance to get into a final circle with a car. If you ever stop in your car you're now a massive target for everyone to throw their grenades at as well.
  8. johnj

    Blade Runner 2049

    Yes, okay, there was literally a dick or ball in sight.
  9. johnj

    Blade Runner 2049

    It's a shame Denis Villeneuve didn't read the should we keep the female form? thread. Tits....everywhere. Big tits, smalll tits, tits on the side of mountains, tits being projected on the side of sky scrapers. Any dick or balls? Not a dick or ball in sight! Would have been perfectly fine to shoot the thing as is, and keep the 'sexism' in the world without smashing a bunch of nips into my retina at every opportunity. I definitely thought the representation of women and the homogeneity of the cast a problem. The dominant prejudice in the world did seem to be about skinjobs so I don't think it would have hurt to have been swapping some of those genders around either. Loved K's take on the first one.
  10. I tried some of the discords from earlier in the thread but don't seem to be working.....anyone about tonight? Truly a marmite game basically depending on how many people you're playing with and how lucky you've been with loot / how good your aim is. Last night was just insufferable, tonight I go on (Admittedly with new mouse but don't think that's a huge factor) and though I finished 8th, did get 6 kills and it was much more satisfying. I think the only way to play is to drive around looking for action.
  11. Just got into this. First game I've got into in years I would say. Helped I've had two weeks off work to pay the hobby a bit more attention. I was really sceptical at first like a few people in this thread - hated the instadeath, hated the amount of time it took for anything to happen, couldn't get my head around the aiming, hated the amount of sitting about (though in hindsight just wasn't playing it 'properly') I really benefited from reading this guide: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1103925533 and I think you do benefit from reading around and watching other players. You do have to have a zen calm for the random number generation and part of it is basically a 'test your patience' game which isn't going to suit everyone - plus at 30 minutes a round its definitely not quick and it can limit your ability to practice your shooting etc. It also really helps if you know the people you're playing with - I play duo / squad with a couple of guys and because I know them, it's not painful to shoot the breeze for 30 minutes if its a slower game than usual. Had a great game last night where all I had for the whole game was a revolver and my partner only had an MP5 but still managed to come 2nd with my partner in a great show down on a hill
  12. Video chase! Can someone please explain to me how that worked, I did not understand how I seemed to be playing something on a VHS but controlling it as a youngster and I still have no idea. It was at my cousins so I'd only see it fleetingly. Just watched the video. You mean i wasn't controlling it? The little red car wasn't there at my cousins! I have some vague memory of questioning my cousin on this and essentially being shouted down.
  13. johnj

    Your Club's old stuff

  14. johnj

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Yeah, I was quite looking forward to this, given the epicness of some of their earlier songs but crikey, I wouldn't have known it was Linkin Park had I not seen the title, so boring.

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