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  1. 3>1>2 for me. Three really benefits from the splashy HD update and the world felt much more realise and all the systems are neater and tidier - mission dialogue and characters are funnier too. One I played near its launch and felt fresh at the time. Two I played recently - I felt like they made it much harder and there was a lot of quite boring dungeon crawling - I'm not playing pikimin to spend a lot of time underground, I want to be in a jungle moving giant packets of frosties around. I wouldn't pay £50 for any game so its a bit moot but at £30 that seems like f
  2. I really liked APM's story, and then it got even better when I googled the accompanying sound track.
  3. Ahah thanks @Danster - I hope you don't mind a few well intended jibes - I bought your book on Amazon to say sorry. I've read and re-read your entry and I like it, but is it supposed to be obvious what is actually happening, or is that more up in the air? It feels a bit like an AI or someone dealing with intense anxiety, but I hoped I hadn't missed something obvious with the 'click'. It was satisfying that my writing and grammar has improved to the extent that when I said 'you haven't used a full stop for 6 lines' I actually had used two and had to go back to edit them out, which w
  4. It's an abomination, particularly in worms of all things
  5. Doom - but you can talk to the monsters.
  6. It used to be a two litre bottle of cola and a frenzy, I'm about to find out what it is now!
  7. I'm going to @ all the old gang in a moment! Sorry if I've missed anyone - it's funny in my head there were only ever about 3 people doing it but there were loads - Dansters thread compilation thread from 2012 made this easier, sorry if I've missed anyone. @dainty @vamecum @Sarah Sundae @Swallow @the anti-lfj @toythatkills @Rev @RL666 @InsideOutBoy @Jab @Lorfarius@Untogether @chris on the moon @holly @Rowan Morrison @Delargey @GODSTEETH @Monkeyboy @Sonic.Mirrorz @GViper @Fry Crayola @Faerie @Danster @Rob Rule @metallicfrodo @hombre_hompson @c-cat114 @Wolfshoes @Argh @ann coulte
  8. After 600 or so hours, I'm pretty confident Steam will be giving me my money back on this one. I need something fucking back from those 600 hours other than despair and a vague sense of unease.
  9. I've just started playing this at the moment and have a question - how does the PVP work? We did our very first mission last night and got killed immediately on our return to drop off - fair enough its a pirate game. I want to know - How does the levelling / item strength work? It seems like we could get into a loop of going out for first mission, coming back and being picked off by level 100 pirates. How do I know what level they are? I do want some of that interaction so don't want to turn it off completely, but at the expense of any progress.
  10. I am well into this, if you are looking for a distraction this is it and co-op is great, up to 4 players too, but you'll need to be with someone you can spend a lot of time with probably.
  11. Interestingly the film will appear to have the lasted the half life of uranium during watching.
  12. A second for this being terrible and anything that is nicely shot is definitely ripped from every other much better sci-fi film. There was one good eye popping scene but not worth sitting through hours of dreary nothing.
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