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  1. Incredibly, this season will be the final season I'll buy, I didn't think I'd get there, but at last, I am out. Have close to 0 investment in any characters and each new series enemy gets progressively more rubbish
  2. johnj


    This is a bit wise from the dead, but I had tried this in 2012 and got awful lag on a plasma and hdmi connection. Trying today on a LED + Display port cable and no problems at all - and its amazing! The auto adjusting difficulty is lovely, the songs are great and as soon as I reached the for the 'flip notation' option it was there - great design. Anyone else still playing?
  3. Awwww yes, but im sure if will rise from the grave again
  4. Maybe she said something that crust the line
  5. Lot of people raving about how cultures chiellini, but it looked like he was trying to flat out bully the Spanish guy before the pens the other day, gross.
  6. Has Sweet Caroline always been our anthem? Did I miss a memo? Edit: A DJ decided to play it basically?! https://inews.co.uk/sport/football/sweet-caroline-why-england-fans-sing-football-song-neil-diamond-euros-explained-1086780
  7. Gareth's search history today, ultimate redemption ;
  8. The commentary saying John Stone should have scored that header... I mean he's jumping about four foot up and backwards to try and meet it. He did a great job.
  9. Amazing series, if you've not seen it is still great. Rewatched a few years back and still amazing
  10. No one was going to beat it! New thread please, winner of this quarters writers corner! @Monkeyboy
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