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  1. I tried the Ori demo the other day and I’m sure the game is fine but I was *infuriated* by the opening. Presumably they wanted to give you control as soon as possible rather than starting the game with a long cutscene - good! - but breaking up a cutscene with lots of little bits of gameplay where all you do is walk towards a thing to trigger the next part is very much the worst of both worlds. Cry? I did - with frustration! Etc etc.
  2. I was put off playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day when I heard about a scene where you kill a friendly newborn dinosaur. I can’t imagine how that would be at all funny.
  3. Nothing says “invisible and deadly” like being dressed entirely in lime green.
  4. Best I can do is Steve McQueen (the director). Who started very well but has got worse with each film.
  5. But from a gameplay perspective the section isn't any different or better than Donkey Kong itself, so if anything it kinda demonstrates the opposite! That we *haven't* come very far. A game full of inventiveness and creativity, and everyone's favourite bit is something we basically already played 35 years earlier. Maybe f it transformed into a 3D section where you're chasing down Donkey Kong using all the new tools in the game then I'd see where you were coming from.
  6. Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story makes me SOB. Even listening to it in isolation.
  7. I don't really know what you mean by context here? Was finding the four musicians particularly exciting? Nostalgia aside I truly don't see what the appeal of that section is.
  8. No shade to anyone in the “greatest moments of the generation” thread, but I think I’d have to be pretty depressed about the state of the industry for my favourite moment of the last eight years to be a Donkey Kong throwback with fireworks.
  9. This remains the #1 greatest moment in any Twilight film though:
  10. Miranda is definitely one of the weaker singers in the cast. I'm not mad at him giving himself the lead role though. He's incredibly charismatic. And you wouldn't want him to throw away his shot after all.
  11. I get the idea of Lego sets of Mario and co, but there’s something very weird about a Lego version of an actual game console playing a game. It’s like videogame paintball. It’s a toy *of* a toy.
  12. If we're going to nitpick about what's a zombie film and what isn't, can I be That Guy and say that One Cut of the Dead technically isn't one...? Top 5 films directed by Stephen Speilberg AFTER 1993 1. Minority Report 2. AI Artificial Intelligence 3. The Post 4. War of the Worlds 5. The BFG Top 5 Pixar Films 1. Inside Out 2. Toy Story 2 3. Monsters Inc 4. Finding Nemo 5. Wall-E Top 5 Zombie Films 1. Train to Busan 2. Paranorman 3. Cabin in the Woods 4. 28 Days Later 5. Shaun of the Dead
  13. I've decided that my time with the game has come to an end. I have Raymond in my village. Is there any way I can monetise this?
  14. Breath of the Wild of course - the bit that sticks with me is touching down off the Great Plateau and being like, oh shit, you actually can go anywhere. The subsequent journey through the Duelling Peaks to Kakariko is seared into my mind. Maybe a dozen puzzles in the Witness, especially the coloured-light one in the village. Looking up a guide for Hollow Knight and realising I’d done the whole game in completely the “wrong” order. The Kraken tableau in Obra Dinn.
  15. Saw it with the London cast and loved it, loved it again here. I really hated Aaron Burr’s singing voice though. I’d always heard he was great, was he ill on the night or something? King George was much better than his U.K. counterpart though. Angelica was fantastic as well.
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