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  1. If anything I wouldn't want them wasting good people on a one-off. Bring on Joey Essex, I say.
  2. I can see the argument for dropping previews since they don't usually need any Quality Analysis, more just "look at these new screens and info" which the internet can do a much better job of. Keep the reviews, they're grand, but maybe ditch previews altogether in favour of more Extended Plays and stuff? I dunno. I'm not a scientist.
  3. Really enjoying NZ. Angela is my favourite. Surprising that they haven't really copied any of the tasks but the ones they've come up with have been great.
  4. Wait, real life volleyball or videogame volleyball? I’m not sure which is funnier.
  5. I was thinking of Jenifer Lewis too! She’s not that obscure.
  6. I'm not sure about this series as a whole yet, but DMC is an absolute hero.
  7. So smug he felt the need to specify the Tasmanian Devil was "from the Hanna-Barbera cartoons" (it's not)
  8. I will never get tired of Tim Key arguing that racing is not Penelope Pitstop's job.
  9. Daisy's terrible film and Katherine's appalling attempts to catapult the shoe had me crying. I'm surprised Katherine even got one point in the end, she clearly didn't do the thing.
  10. I remember when the first Mirror’s Edge trailer came out (with text at the beginning saying that it was in-game footage) a friend of mine was adamant that it was “obviously” pre-rendered. I have no idea why, to my eyes there was nothing unbelievable in the trailer and the final game turned out just like it.
  11. Honestly this is a strong contender for best thing ever written ever.
  12. Shout out to that absolutely brutal RPS Molyneux interview/ritual disembowelling. Stop, he’s already dead. https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/02/13/peter-molyneux-interview-godus-reputation-kickstarter/
  13. Berninger's album is pretty nice. Honestly it and the last two National albums all kind of blur into one for me. It feels like they've settled into old age. All fine but not much stands out.
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