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  1. Sea of Thieves - Get That Booty!

    Had an absolute riot on the alpha and betas pretending to be a pirate and staying in character - the interactions with other players reminded me of the innocent days of xbox live, it looks the mutts nuts on X...sure there was a lack of stuff in the alpha but a lot has been added since. Maybe its me chasing sharks in rowing boats and saying "GAR" a lot.
  2. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    Quad Dip for me. Praise on all the platforms! Jolly Co-op for all!
  3. Dragon Ball FighterZ (3v3, Guilty Gear Devs)

    It is amazing but I really need a fight stick - one that works on PS4 and Switch as well would be perfect - any advice Mukkers???
  4. Dark Souls 3

    I know mate but it's a better gift then some dung pies! Also - do more videos.
  5. Dark Souls 3

    I've been playing as Solaire and helping people beat Nameless King, leaving behind a bag of ten humanity if successful. I don't know it just kinda feels good to help them beat a boss and then leave a parting gift. My hope is that those players will use that humanity to help others....
  6. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    Only if his INT is high enough.
  7. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    Not my intention to fan any console war flames, I honestly didn't know as been out of the loop on PS4 for a while but recently picked another one up to re-play Bloodborne.
  8. Dark Souls Remastered & Trilogy Box

    I did a sex wee wee just seeing the thread title. Do Demon's and Dark Souls 1 work on PS4 now? I own them both but they do not appear in the install list hence keeping a PS3 under the TV just for Demon's. Praise the Sun indeed....
  9. Xbox One X

    Still got my fingers crossed for an update to Dark Souls 3 on the X - pretty sure it would monster 60 fps. There is an update planned in early Feb but no word on improvements yet...
  10. Xbox One X

    I stole these setting from Reddit - if you want to unlock all the bit modes it will do that.
  11. Xbox One X

    LG LED B7 John Lewis had £1000 off it - then another £200 online offer (its down to an extra 100 now) plus used some credit that was on my late mums JL card. £800 for a TV still feels insane to me but holy shit its something else. No screen ripping, it feels faster response wise than my old Samsung and the picture is just so clear - really really happy with it so thanks to Revival who said to check them out.
  12. Xbox One X

    OLED just turned up - console is on the back of a van and due for this afternoon (xbox team gift so a day early awwwww yeah) I'll be Installing Dark Souls to check out Blighttown as that is the only real test of the hardware I care about.
  13. Just finished off the Dragon on island 2. Loving it.
  14. Xbox One X

    Has anyone here got a Sony A1 or LG OLED? I'd like to pick something up for my retail kit but cannot decide between them - both of them look great for films but no where has consoles to test. Maybe I'll take an xbox into John Lewis and see if they will let me hook it up.
  15. Forza Motorsport 7

    Looks great, sounds amazing and MAPLE VALLEY. Sold.

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