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  1. @PocketsI've found (only in the last 2 weeks !) that I'm changing down too early into the corner, which means although the engine is screaming giving me the impression that i'm going fast, I'm actually leaving tenths all over the place. Brake first (varying degrees) then gears. You will find corners where you go round maybe in 1 or 2 (rare) gears higher, way quicker, even though the braking feels like you are going slower. And as soon as you see that green line and you are pointing the right way, floor it. And join us tonight, They are short races, and usually fun.
  2. Ah, not great. I did see you pop on and off last night.
  3. Caught the start of the Ferrari series race at Monza yesterday. Thought I’d post this just to prove it not only public lobbies!
  4. I think with the connection Santooos had , it may. It was pretty exceptional, and the server may be relaying the immediate change in track position out to all the other players irrespective of whether you are in sight of the actual car or not. I imagine the network code can take a small amount of lag and deal with it using averages (like COD does). The interesting thing is, normally at that extreme stage it would boot you ( I've had it before, in fact last night in practice) .
  5. Another evening of practice laps for me. Had a bit battle with @willmill early doors, but I think he caught a spin somewhere in sector one. From then on It was me and the track. I was surprised to even make the highlights. @Valver Great work on the video's . We should get our own Eurosport slot ! @SANtoOos terrified me towards the end. I was coasting around to allow him past (he was 20 secs behind me) because I feared another fuel issue. When he arrived he was skipping around all over the place. At turn 1 I was convinced I would hit one of his many track positions !
  6. I had one yesterday, at least 3 360's and bouncing off various walls, with the crew chief telling me, it'll polish out. Shame @Meers was just a little to far behind to witness all its glory.
  7. No worries on my behalf, I didn't think you were speaking to me in the first place ! I was off the track as soon as I saw you approaching at speed. I think @SharkyOBplanted the seed. Was good to see a few of us on and on discord as well. And welcome @Pockets Do we have the times for last night ?
  8. Does anyone in here actually play? I do, but I'm shit. Recently joined a club and for now enjoying it. It's been a nice replacement as football takes a back seat in my 50's ...
  9. Is it too early to start booking Wednesday's/Thursday mornings off work yet ?
  10. The start of the season nearly got me back onto F1 2019/2018/whatever, but kicked that urge after a while , only to see the cars then appear in AC further up the thread .And @SharkyOBentrigued me some weeks ago when he introduced me to some of the mods. DOWN WITH THIS STUFF OLD GAME BE GONE
  11. I really need to get in to AC, but ACC, and dropping times seems to be taking up my spare time.
  12. Would really appreciate some assistance on the above
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