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    Enjoy and love Aston Villa football club, Spanish football, salsa, zouk & bachata dancing, dancing with pretty ladies or two, photography, video games, films, home cinema, environment, travelling, historical buildings, fine food.

    My favourite game are football games, Action Adventure, shoot them ups and racing games.

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  1. Salsa Party Animal

    Dangerous Driving - new arcade racer by ex Burnout people!

    Just saw this video and it looks amazing. Can we have an option for bonus points in eliminating BMW, Audi, Mercedes Benz cars Think it will be day 1 purchase.
  2. is this like bust a grove game for modern console ?
  3. Salsa Party Animal

    Major League Baseball

    Decided against going to London for baseball games as I feel it is too expensive and a poor ball park. I have seen Boston Red Sox played 10 times this autumn as I went to Chicago, Milwaukee and Boston for my three weeks holiday and seen 19 baseball games in 21 days in 4 ball park and a college football game in Madison. I am saving up for a week in New York in June. So I can go to Mets V Giants and Rockies series.
  4. Salsa Party Animal

    Dreamcast is now 20 (in Japan)

    Shame Sega left the hardware market as it would be interesting to see what Sega do in this generation among with Switch/PS4/XBOX 1.
  5. Salsa Party Animal

    Who here doesn't care about the Switch and why?

    is there advance Wars on Switch? Hitcher.
  6. Salsa Party Animal

    Xbox One X

    I install Far Cry 3 and Half Life 2 and it want 4gb on internal hard drive not external hard drive. Am I suppose to install xbox 360 games on internal hard drive (Just checking) Is there a prompt to tell you it is not backward compatible ?
  7. Salsa Party Animal

    Xbox One X

    How do I find out which games I own on XBOX as I remember getting Alan Wake free when I got Quantum Break but can't download it on xbox one x. Is there something like PSN's library so I can look up. Think they make it too complicated now due to moving games round for game pass. Still XBOX One X look and feel nice. Shame about the slow installation and big download.
  8. Salsa Party Animal

    Xbox One X

    Got my Xbox one x and will the external hard drive download on old Xbox work on new one or I need to format it
  9. Salsa Party Animal

    PlayStation VR

    For me it is ok if it is in game room/living room but not bedroom unless you got the space.
  10. Salsa Party Animal

    PlayStation VR

    How much space do you need to play this PSVR as I don't have very much space in my bedroom.
  11. Salsa Party Animal

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Let hope so as it will be daft to have two different packing for 2 different markets when they can chuck both in.
  12. Salsa Party Animal

    Xbox One Console Thread

    IT IS XBOX ONE X WHITE https://www.alza.co.uk/xbox-one-x-fallout-76-d5450114.htm
  13. Salsa Party Animal

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Ordered my white xbox one X from www.alza.co.uk and will I need to buy any cable for plug ? Just checking.
  14. Salsa Party Animal

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Picked it up yesterday for XBOX One. Is it enhanced for XBox One X. Now I got to order XBOX One X on Black Friday week.
  15. Salsa Party Animal

    Tetris Effect - Mizuguchi does Tetris

    Do you need psvr kit to play this game ?

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