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  1. Agent L

    Formula One 2021

    Just seen this on Reddit, the AT with the colours inverted: I think it looks great.
  2. I paid the £150 asking price for this: https://www.discogs.com/release/14711503?utm_source=mobile&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=Android App It has all six albums on vinyl and CD, 7 CDs of live/B-sides/demos etc and a 7" and other stuff like posters, book and badges. It's also signed, seems like good value to me and more like what a box-set should contain, not just 4 LPs for a massively bumped up price. Talking of signed vinyl, everything I've bought new and signed from the artists websites (all two of them) have been signed on an included 'art-card'. Is it ju
  3. I borrowed my dad's vinyl collection when I started buying 4 years ago or so. It included a copy of DSOTM that discogs told me was worth £108 at the time! I remember buying it with him at a church jumble sale in the very early nineties for 50p or a pound! I promptly gave it back to him as my son was very young at the time and I didn't trust him not to ruin it. That and the fact that I don't like it
  4. Agent L

    Formula One 2021

    Nice work @Mr Tony
  5. I got 4 LP's yesterday, all things that I've listened to repeatedly on MP3 on my phone many times. I've listened to 2 of them already and they both instantly sound 'nicer'. Better is too objective and some people want that ultimate clarity of a flac file or whatever the best is now. For me I like the warmth and character of vinyl and that's why I'm willing to shell out for something I can already listen to whenever and wherever I want!
  6. Last minute entry. I've not listened to loads of 2020 releases but I wanted to add a vote for these two specifically. 01 - Waxahatchee - Saint Cloud 02- Fenne Lily - BREACH To be honest, it's Waxahatchee for me by a country mile.
  7. Talking of crazy EP prices, here's one I'd love to own but never will. £72.50 per track, bargain! They're going for over 300 recently.
  8. I have a bit of an up and down relationship with F1. It seems to be 45% business, 45% politics and 10% sport. Quite often that 10% isn't worth the bullshit of the other 90. But other times I LOVE all the other drama that comes with it.
  9. And my other voucher purchase 10th anniversary edition of Black Sands which has been in constant rotation in my house ever since it's original release, love it.
  10. I had some vouchers to use and bought this having never heard it but having listened to one of his other albums loads. Really glad I did, it's great. If you've never heard of him, he takes old traditional/folk/blues songs and adapts them to original music. He's got a great voice, he's also a badass guitar player... and looks like a hobo!
  11. That would drive me insane. I've got quite a lot of albums that are 45rpm so don't fall into the trap that it's only 7 inches that require 45.
  12. Budget for the turntable?
  13. Formula 1 medical delegate Ian Roberts might disagree on that: "We needed some way of getting to him, so we got the marshal there with the extinguisher, and the extinguisher was just enough to push the flame away as Romain got high enough, so I could reach over and pull him over the barrier." From here. Edit: but I do agree that if Grosjean hadn't been able to climb out himself it would have been impossible to get to him.
  14. I found this article pretty interesting in understanding exactly what happened. The fuel bag is pretty clearly empty and crushed in that picture.
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