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  1. Yeah, but Ricciardo is definitely in crisis
  2. Why are you trying to keep up?
  3. I am tempted. I know people that do this but it's just a mess. What would you do with a gatefold, never open it up?
  4. In the long run it probably doesn't matter at all as I'll keep it forever, but what do people do with any special stickers that are on the cellophane on their vinyl? Waxahatchee came with the BandBox ltd edition info on the wrap. I never keep the cellophane on as it makes sliding them into shelves a pain IMO. If I cut the sticker off and put it in the sleeve it'll get squashed.
  5. A bit of this which I got last week. And Ben Howard's new one arrived on Friday. It's the deluxe vinyl, signed (actually on the the gatefold which pleases me no end). The marbled blue vinyl looks pretty boring on the turntable but awesome when up to the light. It's a three sider so has some cool etchings on side D.
  6. That looks lovely. This is a massive part of why I love vinyl. When done well they are so much more than music. I haven't got anything quite as 'complete' as that but I'll have a think what is my most 'impressive'. What's everyone else got? A discogs link should be enough if you can't be bothered taking photos.
  7. Same on Android too.
  8. @Sane it is coming, and soon too. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/waxahatchee/saint-cloud/lp I checked Rough Trade a week or two ago and saw nothing. I would definitely have gone for the blue and red splatter that's now sold out had I seen that in time.
  9. @Sane, I've no reason to think it won't get a re-press but I've also got no information about when it will happen. The master release on discogs shows all variants as being US so maybe there just wasn't enough getting sent over to Europe to keep up with demand? Plus, I do love a coloured limited edition vinyl so I just went for it.
  10. Talking of expensive things; I was a bit late to the Waxahatchee party last year and missed out on getting any version of Saint Cloud, sold out everywhere. I wanted a copy as it's my album of the year so have kept an eye out for restocks. Thought I'd give eBay a try to see if anyone was shifting one and managed to get swept up in the excitement of finding the Bandbox release on there for a 'fair' price a couple of days ago. There were no other versions on there at all. Ended up negotiating with the seller for £50 delivered. Most I've ever paid for a single album.
  11. Setup looks cool, I like the speakers. Agree about James Blake too.
  12. Generally, I quite like it. I see a touch of HAAS in certain areas though!
  13. Didn't notice this thread before today. I did dig my old player out 3 years ago though. www.instagram.com/p/BfJaqxMFxxP/?igshid=1dyxayvwf4l15 (Can we not embed from Instagram anymore?) Haven't used it again since then. I had the same battery problem. Hang on, WHAT!?! I'm going straight to the 'cupboard of shame' to check mine still works! Then to eBay to check prices.
  14. Just seen this on Reddit, the AT with the colours inverted: I think it looks great.
  15. I paid the £150 asking price for this: https://www.discogs.com/release/14711503?utm_source=mobile&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=Android App It has all six albums on vinyl and CD, 7 CDs of live/B-sides/demos etc and a 7" and other stuff like posters, book and badges. It's also signed, seems like good value to me and more like what a box-set should contain, not just 4 LPs for a massively bumped up price. Talking of signed vinyl, everything I've bought new and signed from the artists websites (all two of them) have been signed on an included 'art-card'. Is it ju
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