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  1. Grey Fox

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Now I have Eminem lyrics bouncing round my head!
  2. They are a mixed bag (the model 2 ports tend to be quite good) but it is worth bearing in mind they were budget titles. Some are really poor, some are truly excellent and some are somewhere in the middle and your mileage will vary. The Collection they released in the U.K. was decent enough and a cheap way to check out a bunch of them.
  3. Grey Fox

    Pet Sematary 2019 remake

    Subtle world building from Justice League to bring this into the DCEU
  4. Grey Fox

    Aladdin - Live Action

    Megadrive Aladdin to be re-released with digitised graphics!
  5. Yup he really seems to know his stuff. I'm not that into personal computers and certainly not the Apple IIe and Commodore he is into but I find the refurb bit fascinating. you are spot on with the way stuff quickly escalates and he ends up patching in splices and repairs etc
  6. I love this kind of stuff. I do a bit myself so like others have mentioned I will maybe record a bit of it. Something really satisfying about bringing something back from the dead and restoring to as close to as new condition as possible. There are a few channels on YouTube that seem to specialise in this kind of thing. Two of the better ones I've found are: The 8 bit Guy - does lots of restorations Perifractics retro recipes - does some insane refurbs and rebuilds including complete case rebuilds etc both of these are mainly Commodore focussed which isn't of particular interest to me but the quality of their work is great There are tons of others though
  7. Grey Fox

    Your retro youtube videos

    Also one of the pricier PAL Saturn games. Tempted to trade mine in
  8. Grey Fox

    Playmaji's Polymega

    The footage they show of Saturn games is........interesting. I watched the trailer on my phone and that looks like Model 2 Sega Rally (or maybe the PS2 port?) and Panzer Dragoon was also ported to PS2 and unlockable on Xbox. Be better to show show something Saturn exclusive like PDS or Fighter Megamix.
  9. Grey Fox

    Your unearthed gems

    Top Secret - easily my favourite of these sorts of films. Kilmer is brilliant in it and the songs are super catchy.
  10. Yup Street Racer is 4 player on Snes with all windows being horizontal. Has a football mini game too. Saturn and PlayStation are up to 8 players using two multitaps. I think the Saturn version is the best version (essentially the game design favours the Saturn hardware and its strength with rotating backgrounds etc)
  11. This may or may not help. Once you have made everything Region Free with Priiloader make sure you Save. This is right down the bottom of the screen and I missed it the first few times - so in effect was making the changes and then losing them. Hope this solves it.
  12. Grey Fox

    Bill and Ted 3

    Got a horrible feeling this will end up up with a series of cameos of musicians with an almost wink at the camera "bet you didn't expect them to be in this?"
  13. Grey Fox

    History of Nintendo book series

    Yeah I have the first two books and they are lovely to dip into. The range of books is massive but I haven't seen many get translated since these two volumes sadly. I have considered buying the later volumes and firing up Google Translate but it would be lovely if they were translated. Same goes for the Sega Home and Sega Arcade books which I have in Japanese so just look at the pictures
  14. Grey Fox

    Retro mini games hidden in modern games

    Pitfall Mayan Adventure has the original Pitfall hidden in it Ninja Garden trilogy unlockabke in Xbox Ninja Gaiden Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2 unlockable in Xbox Prince of Persia Sands of Time Wiz n Liz on Megadrive had a ton of retro style games unlockable via combinations of fruits in the spell making Various Pacman games unlockable in the Pac-in-Time games on Megadrive and SNES Thinl there were unlockable games in F1 Race of Champions on SNES too Die Hard Arcade had Deep Scan where you could earn extra continues etc Dynamite Deka 2 had Tranquillizer Gun in it Mario RPG has that Koopa Shell mini game in it if you get the handheld from the kid Gamecube Sonic Adventure games and Sonic Gems had various Game Gear and Megadrive games unlockable Sonic Adventure had the sliding tile game you could play Steep Slope Sliders had Steep Slope Shooters unlockable Snes Space Invaders hidden in the GameBoy Space Invaders game. Accessed via Super GameBoy Mystical Ninja had the first level of Gradius There are loads and loads! Snail Maze on the Master System too
  15. Grey Fox

    Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Check these out for some interesting Saturn Homebrew Projects: although in fairness I always liked the Saturn Game Basic Mario game: As as you say though it would be great to see a lot of older systems really pushed by proper tools and current knowledge. I know when they were making Shadow of the Colossus they found work arounds to offer faked bloom lighting etc having learnt how to do it on 360. For example I suspect with good tools and developers Althea Saturn could be properly harnessed. I also suspect better Codecs for the Mega CD might have been possible too.

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