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  1. Mum just moved house so I have been emptying the loft. All my old CGA graphics PC games, my old Big Trak and all my transformers and comics plus loads of old gaming mags. Needless to say clearing the loft took a lot longer than it should have done due to nostalgia related fun and games. Good times
  2. Grey Fox

    Early-90s Games Night

    It does seem that there are lots of events in Blackpool and Leeds etc I can look into the venue we used to use and see if it is still available to hire. Basically a community centre but has parking, toilets, a kitchen and a decent amount of space and you can use a projector as we set up a Soul Calibur tournament back in the day. It was a pretty good venue - right near to pubs and shops for picking up some lunch etc. Depends what people want it to be though. Just a get together to chat and casually play some games, a chance to play some rare stuff (or unusual set ups like link up games etc) or could incorporate some tournaments etc Essentially fairly chilled - like being round at a mates for local multiplayer but on a bigger scale!
  3. Grey Fox

    Early-90s Games Night

    How about theming it around a specific machine and just playing the games that came on a Compilation set - e.g. One of those 5 all time classics sets on C64 or even better what about playing the Batman Pack ( Batman, New Zealand Story and Interceptor?) or the Bart Simpson pack (or the A1200 Desktop Dynamite Pack?) that was the Amiga 500 bundle (while listening to "Sunshine on a Rainy day" by Zoe) In terms of a RLLMUK retro meet. We used to run retro shows back in 98/99 and 2000 which were a lot of fun. Mix of trading, playing games, tournaments, few beers etc. Back then it involved a lot of CRT lugging about (and still would for authenticity!) Should probably organise another. Was just a case of hiring a venue. Everyone stuck in a fiver to cover the venue hire. Good times!
  4. Zero Gunner 2 is such an awesome game.
  5. Grey Fox

    Retro on a HDTV connection talk

    Samsung's tend to be ok with the OSSC from my experience (although not tried the Q7) whereas Sony's tend to be a little more pernickity
  6. Agreed! Flag to Flag is ace. I have the Japanese version (Super Speed Racing) and I really like it. It's a sort of no airs and graces game if that makes sense.
  7. Grey Fox

    Atari Jaguar

    Yeah I got a pair too and they are really really nice. Love these kind of projects to support consoles.
  8. Grey Fox

    Classic Christmas Specials

    The Office Specials Arthur Christmas
  9. Grey Fox

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    Now I have Eminem lyrics bouncing round my head!
  10. They are a mixed bag (the model 2 ports tend to be quite good) but it is worth bearing in mind they were budget titles. Some are really poor, some are truly excellent and some are somewhere in the middle and your mileage will vary. The Collection they released in the U.K. was decent enough and a cheap way to check out a bunch of them.
  11. Grey Fox

    Pet Sematary 2019 remake

    Subtle world building from Justice League to bring this into the DCEU
  12. Grey Fox

    Aladdin - Live Action

    Megadrive Aladdin to be re-released with digitised graphics!
  13. Yup he really seems to know his stuff. I'm not that into personal computers and certainly not the Apple IIe and Commodore he is into but I find the refurb bit fascinating. you are spot on with the way stuff quickly escalates and he ends up patching in splices and repairs etc
  14. I love this kind of stuff. I do a bit myself so like others have mentioned I will maybe record a bit of it. Something really satisfying about bringing something back from the dead and restoring to as close to as new condition as possible. There are a few channels on YouTube that seem to specialise in this kind of thing. Two of the better ones I've found are: The 8 bit Guy - does lots of restorations Perifractics retro recipes - does some insane refurbs and rebuilds including complete case rebuilds etc both of these are mainly Commodore focussed which isn't of particular interest to me but the quality of their work is great There are tons of others though
  15. Grey Fox

    Your retro youtube videos

    Also one of the pricier PAL Saturn games. Tempted to trade mine in

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