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  1. Umm... am I right in thinking Halo wasn't there? They did miss out quite a lot although nice editing throughout. Would have like to see FEAR and System Shock/Bioshock/Deus Ex too. I finally read Masters of Doom recently. Great read and made me aware of the Catacomb games - which really look like Wolfenstein prototypes.
  2. Don't have a PS5 but it seems someone found developer cheat codes for Returnal on reddit that you have to use a keyboard to access. They will likely be patched out though it seems. Remember cheat codes?
  3. I think I coughed up a lung with the last episode. Absolute classic!
  4. It only appears when you are running Xenia. Boot it up and the config file shows in the folder. Open it with Notepad.
  5. I have a 2700x and a 2060 super. Had some very obvious stuttering. I don't think Xenia plays well with AMD Cpus. However, in the config file I changed the setting license_mask to 1 for an XBLA title, that seemed to help a lot!
  6. That seems to be a silly developer decision - prioritizing 1440p at 30fps instead of a better performance mode at 1080p. Still yeah its bound to happen. The PS5 controller is what's winning me over.
  7. Harry Belafonte's synopsis of the Waco lynching in this film is horrific....I had to go and look it up afterward as I had no knowledge of it.
  8. 3D World with extra content, yes! Unchanged, higher rez versions of 64, Sunshine and Galaxy - meh.... Real shame we are not getting a curated Galaxy 1 and 2. Sunshine could most definitely use some work as well.
  9. Cheers! Seems like it's more fiddly to set up on a lite.
  10. Anybody know if third party joycons will work with Ring Fit Adventure? Looking to buy some for a friend with a Switch lite.
  11. It has been a while lol. I still can't imagine playing Alyx without playing Ep2 tho.
  12. Stick it out! Ep 1 was like an old fashioned expansion pack, just more of the same. It's worth it to experience Ep 2.
  13. Glad i'm not the only one thinking of Lord of the Rings with this ending. The movie could not figure out when to stop. I liked the first one without having any prior knowledge of the book or original movie. However this didn't really seem to add anything new and was mainly a re-tread, except the kids are now adults. Seems the story could have been done and dusted with the first movie.
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