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  1. He sounds exactly like Christopher Guest as Harlan Pepper in the film Best in Show.
  2. It's not the full power though as it doesn't destroy the planet.
  3. I watched it and it was great. Very tense at times, particularly the stuff in space. I look forward to the next series.
  4. Conversely I thought it was absolute shit and only lasted 15 minutes. I watched Dolemite Is My Name instead and thought it was excellent.
  5. This is, without a doubt, the best thing on TV right now. No imo bollocks.
  6. A good one that, enjoyed it a lot, especially after last week.
  7. Episode 7 was bloody amazing. That's all.
  8. That's the order I'd go with too. Although the prequels are hilarious, but for all the wrong reasons.
  9. I only applied two days ago as well and got in. I've got one of those controllers and it works well on my Mi9. Also tried a few games on my old Galaxy Tab and it again was ok, FH4 seemed a bit slow though, or maybe it was my car. Impressed, especially for free (mostly) too.
  10. It seems that they did trounce is. Ho hum. We played well for the first twenty minutes but as soon as they scored I couldn't see is getting back into it. A poor show in all.
  11. He's got to go now. I can see us getting trounced by Southampton tomorrow. Having said that we'll probably win so Jackett will be ok for a few more months.
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