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  1. Phelan

    Clash Royale

    As a Scotsman that is possibly one of the clans I could never join.
  2. Phelan

    The Division 2

    It is pretty badly bugged these days. I did a whole level 3 control point that felt like it had moved two feet. It existed but you climb invisible walls and everything was moved. Total mess. Did the mission but couldn’t enter the supply room as the moment you went near it all the graphics went weird, the game turned to night and all the walls etc disappeared. Latest patch has screwed up a lot of stuff
  3. Phelan

    The Division 2

    So this is weird. I restarted console and force quit Division and managed to do a control point at level 3. I’m wondering if the update hadn’t worked or something?
  4. Phelan

    The Division 2

    Yup, yup and yup. Staying in cover. Sniping from miles away. Only using close combat when necessary. Have a a drone that heals me and the seekers that drop to bring you back if you die. Still getting fucking slaughtered. I haven’t rage quit a game in decades!
  5. Phelan

    The Division 2

    I rage quit this today. Tried to do a hard on my own and it just wasn’t possible. Some enemies are taking three whole clips from my 120 m60 and two hits from them and your armour is gone and two more and you are dead. It’s just bonkers. I’m at 476 and I think I’m done with it. Near impossible to do any of them solo so the end game is basically team up or don’t play.
  6. Phelan

    The Division 2

    There is challenging and then there is really fucking dumb. Fine if you are in a squad but horrendous on your own or with one extra. I tried one tonight. No luck. Killed so many times. Just stopped being fun.
  7. Phelan

    The Division 2

    Hmm level 3 control points are near impossible solo. I feel like it needs a balance for those of us who play mostly solo. I can’t get any new blueprints because the level 3 enemies slaughter you so quickly. Gmass-UK and I and attempted a level 4 and it was just horrendous to be honest. No fun at all.
  8. Phelan

    The Division 2

    So I feel like a dick but I still can't figure out how to join clan members - so I'm sorry for not helping some of you over the weekend. When it says someone is matchmaking I click clan, and then I click on someone's name and there is no option to join them. All I can seem to do is click 'invite to team' but wouldn't that invite them into my game and not the other way round? Sorry I feel dumb checking this. In Destiny you can join on someone but can't see this option at all. Am I missing something?
  9. Phelan

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    All that says is that they did research realised Switch isn’t a massive IAP platform and then released a version to suit those players. Doesn’t stop the iOS version existing like a plague.
  10. That sounds like hell. Another reason to not go back. I'm away to play some Division 2 at least it's fun and a bit silly.
  11. Phelan

    New Star Soccer 5 (PC/Mac/iOS/Android/Flash)

    SO this popped up in iOS for me as a game I may like and I thought to myself 'Hey isn't that one of the guys from the forum! I must get this" and holy fuck what a disgrace to gaming this is. It's as bad as Dungeon Master. Pay $8 to get rid of ads. Fine. Happy to support a game. Pay $8 to edit your team name and team colours?!?!?! Pay $1.99 to to give yourself 100 replays Pay $2.99 to get some new players cause your players are crap and you keep losing. Pay, pay, pay, pay, pay. It's not a game. It's a cash point where your money goes in and it's gone. Oh and your injured players are out for so long but don't worry pay to heal them faster. Want to upgrade facilities? Well we don't give you a lot of money so go buy some extra cash to upgrade. This is everything wrong with modern games and I'm ashamed that the creator of this is one of us. It's everything us gamers despise. I hope he makes a fuckton of money, is miserable and never comes back to the forum. EDIT: Well it looks like he hasn't visited the forum since December 28, 2016 (unless he changed his name) and good fucking riddance I say!
  12. I haven't played the season of the drifter at all yet. The week before it launched I decided I was a bit over the game. Felt like it was the same content all the time and that they were pushing more towards PVP - which is my least enjoyable aspect of the game.
  13. Not fussed in the slightest. Didn't enjoy Dark Souls. Didn't enjoy Bloodbourne. They all feel like games that have the difficulty ramped up solely to make you die and redo sections over and over again. I play games to escape the grind of my day to day life. I don't want a game that punishes me for a split second mistake.

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