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  1. Phelan

    The Division 2 - GOTY 2019

    Really enjoying this. Got the ACOG site for my guns and was running around not really noticing a difference till I pushed down right thumbstick on PS4 by accident and a scope view popped up!! Changed the whole game for me. I like that fact it doesn't do too much handholding.
  2. Phelan

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    Ironically, he is the main person who has defended every bit of Destiny 2 over the past two years while I've been ranting my head off!
  3. Phelan


    Yeah agree with that albeit there is legislation it's just that many ignore to announce they are doing ads.
  4. Phelan


    @sir stiff_one is spot on. I work in marketing and if you think they wouldn't be throwing money at these people if they didn't believe it was worth it then you are crazy. We are old and jaded. The old guard of gaming. The youth and gamers of today fuel themselves on Fortnite while watching the streamers every day to look for hints and tips and just to see skilled players play. You should be glad that there are more gamers than every before.
  5. Phelan

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    I've not even logged on to play new Gambit after a bunch in my clan were very negative about it. One of the clan wrote this:
  6. Phelan

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Nope. I’m guessing I shouldn’t.
  7. Phelan

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    It is Woo's worst movie by far. And the dummy. Oh god the dummy...
  8. Phelan

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Never watch this film https://youtu.be/tYkEeFUEqe4
  9. Phelan

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    American Cyborg Steel Warrior The Return of the Roller Blade Seven The Cell Sucker Punch Man of Steel Would be the worst five movies I’ve ever seen.
  10. Phelan

    The iOS gaming thread

    So I finally picked up Civ 6 and lost my weekend. Fuck it's way harder and much more complex than any other Civ but what a joy to play on the big iPad Pro!
  11. Phelan

    Shazam! - Non-grimdark DC movie

    I can't wait for this! Zachary Levi is ace and I loved everything about Chuck and I really hope this is a massive success which means it's may not do so well. However, I have hope that a happy, fun DC movie can make people laugh and realise DC's comic book movies don't have to be po-faced bullshit.
  12. Not really except maybe in a metaphorical sense.
  13. This is very good. Solid Marvel movie with great humour, retrospective looks into the world we know today in the MCU and a scene that will resonate with every young girl watching it and go down in history as a pivotal moment in cinema for women. That may sounds hyperbolic but when you watch it just imagine a generation of young women seeing the scene and connecting with it like us men have done from Die Hard to Robocop to Iron Man etc. Great Marvel movie and easily sitting just below Ragnarok and Winter Soldier for what it does for the MCU.
  14. Phelan

    Destiny 2 - Sekiro's out on Friday

    Possibly. The last time I played in my clan in PvP we won four matches easily and I dropped out cause I prefer to be challenged not wipe the floor with people.

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