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  1. I thought we had moved past unskippable scenes in games?
  2. Mine installed in about two mins. How come it’s taking so long?
  3. Picked this up and maybe it’s cause I’ve been playing a lot of Destiny but this feels sluggish and about six years old - as in it doesn’t feel any different in the slightest. The weapons are slow and dull and Claptrap, where he was once kinda funny, is now like nails on a chalkboard. I think I’ll take it back tomorrow.
  4. Caught up this week on some exotic quests and picked up: Thorn, Lumina and Truth Truth is a fucking beast of a rocket launcher. No wonder i kept getting slaughtered in Gambit!
  5. Nope. I just over power them. Send five starts on missions that are three star etc. nothing injured in ages.
  6. I still haven't found a pleasant place for a base and as I'm finally doing the Atlas Path nearly all the places I am visiting are dead planets or at least planets that want to destroy you. Now have 15 frigates though so I just keep sending them on missions that last around 20 hours each day and logon for a short while to check what they have delivered. Trying to raise around 100,000,000 to buy an S class ship but can't find any of the bastards.
  7. Sadly I landed on a new planet after doing a jump and it turned red again.
  8. Logged on and got ready to fly in the Red Devil. My ship that’s been with me for years! And its now black and called something else What a shitty bug.
  9. That's amazing @Flub I am yet to find a planet to start my new base on cause my old base seems to have been deleted in the Beyond update which kills me as I'd spent ages on it and had all the vehicles etc.
  10. Ah good to know! Thanks
  11. I had two missions last night to take photos but it wouldn't let me take any Is this a known bug? Played some more yesterday and send off two expeditions. I must have spent $100 million of crafts now. Few S class frigates etc. You get some good cash when they come back. Have about $40million in the bank and upgraded a lot of my equipments but still can't find my original base which was on a perfect planet and had everything in it.
  12. That's my main issue. Without that knowledge the movie just doesn't have any foreboding or pace. Not sure you should have to do a podcast series, read some books and more just to enjoy a movie. Way too much self-indulgence from Tarantino on this one.
  13. Yeah you can. It sucks. The lesson is to not send them on missions that are too hard for them.
  14. Yeah my Hunter is Arc, Titan is Void and my Warlock is Solar also. It is a shame you can't pick and choose but such is life.
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