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  1. I've had two 360 controllers shit the bed and two Xbox One Elite controllers. The latter costing more like £100 and lasting less than a year both died in the same way. I've never had any other controllers die.
  2. It's pretty hot. If you want hot hot then Sichuan hot pot base is pretty damn firey. I made a dry pot with Sichuan hot pot base, chili oil and dobunjiang which was pretty fucking hot. Only manageable due to the huge number of Sichuan peppercorns.
  3. Eh? It's spicy but deffo middle of the road. Don't go anywhere near their chili oil.
  4. No different to when all the Xbox stuff ended up on PC. Didn't look that bad earlier perhaps it is now.
  5. I rarely if ever tweak anything to be honest. Can't be arsed. I'd say the majority of game run at 60fps without me doing owt.
  6. Sshhh. Not allowed to mention PCs. Stu doesn't like it
  7. I've been PC only since the 360 gen so this is sort of the default. People took the piss out of PC peeps for years for caring about it.
  8. I imagine you'll love it, then hate it, then love it, then hate it. To ridiculous extremes most likely.
  9. Olijas pretty good. Doesn't mess about and the graphic style is great.
  10. God I loved Ninja Gaiden Black. Played through about half of it recently and while it's aged well the camera controls are fucking awful. Really really annoying. Fix that and shiny it up a bit and it'd be amazing. Sigma was good but not AS good. 2 both annoyed me and was amazing simultaneously. Niohs as good mind (controversy).
  11. El Spatula

    NIOH 2

    Bait out the two kick combo by staying close to him. After the second kick twat him. You can bait this fairly consistently. Constantly moving to the left avoids most things. Try to avoid smashing the pillars for now. After a while he'll enter the yokai realm. Now get the pillars between you and him and he'll see smash them hurting himself and you can wail on him briefly. Repeat until he yokai realms again, then activate guardian spirit and kick his ass. He doesn't like water much, and the Kodamas sell water amulets for your weapon.... Summon blue mans to di
  12. There's always the fun thing that Hitman 2 PC has where under certain conditions if you quit to the menu it attempts to run this at MAXIMUM UNLIMITED SPEED overheating your computer and causing blue screens. That's worth avoiding.
  13. Dobunjiang is the daddy of sauces. The Laoganma ones are also amazing mind!
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