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  1. Needs more blur. Can make things out.
  2. I was walking up on Meall nan Tarmachan in the Ben Lawers range a couple of weeks ago and it was freaky how much the landscape looked like Death Stranding. Kept looking for routes for Sam to take. FFS.
  3. Nope! Tried that. Its such a ridiculous turn of speed they have it can't be tyres. They are literally almost twice as fast.
  4. Forza Horizon 4. Played a fair bit of this and just got to Winter. Seriously struggling now despite winning every race in Autumn. I tried a cross country event and the AI cars simply zoom off into the distance, even with me flat out accelerating. They then continue to pull ahead and theres nothing I can do. Even with a higher uh... Car score thingy than the opposition. Is this normal? It's really, really put me off. Even more than the immensely irritating presentation which is actually worse than DIRT 3 somehow.
  5. I know. Imagine people having different opinions to you.
  6. See I found Breath of the Wild boring and aimless with little to do other than collect things. So uh yeah. Plus the combat was... rudimentary.
  7. Northern Monk and Magic Rock are both great and available in supermarkets. North Brewing in some supermarkets. All are good for IPAs.
  8. Lots of variety, most of it not particularly good, and oddly unsatisfying? Game Pass is better than that.
  9. Game Pass for me is downloading something, playing it for 5 minutes, forgetting about it, then uninstalling it. For some reason I just don't attach value to anything on it, for reasons I cannot fathom. Its almost like the days when I had a Snes Magic Card. If I haven't bought the game it has little worth to me. Wish I could change this as I'd save a fortune.
  10. It has people in it and so do lots of other things therefore what's the point.
  11. Well we've always got the half a Halo game that's brilliant and a load and a half of average Halo games.
  12. Why is this so addictive? It shouldn't be but by god it is. For me part of it is the lovingly crafted landscape, totally reminds me of swanning around the Highlands. Its just fetch quests though.....
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