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  1. Hence the reliance on nostalgia and releasing new game version X
  2. Hah the rest I've played through multiple times so that may shift! I'm one of the oddities with DS2! I fucking loved Sekiro though! Interestingly with 20 attack power you can one shot most enemies on NG+ and the bosses up to Horse Dude have gone down in seconds...
  3. Finally finished last night after some ridiculous grinding to level up my attack. Ended up going for the last boss when I hit 20 attack power. Jesus Christ is the last boss hard. I have no idea if I could do it again, as I finished him with a sliver of health that I only had due to consuming fine snow. Don't really like how much poise he has to be honest, felt like the rules had been changed a bit. Overall I really enjoyed it but I felt that it missed a little something. Can't put my finger on what. Outside of the boss battles I thought it was amazing and fairly easy bar some sub bosses, but some of the bosses where at the limit of my tolerance for difficulty. My tier list is now Bloodborne>DS>DS3> Demon Souls> DS2 SotFS> Sekiro.
  4. Plus Dark Souls 2 actually felt finished in comparison to Dark Souls.
  5. Can I? I really fucking like Dark Souls 2. In some ways I prefer it to Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3.
  6. Nah I love a lot of modern gaming. Not so much the AAA collectexplorathons but there is a lot of good stuff. I spent a long time in retro mode playing mostly older stuff until it gradually dawned on me that a lot of older games simply aren't fun to play..
  7. Nah. Dark Souls 2 while worse than BloodBorne and DS3 is better than 99.9% of games.
  8. I tend to get it whenever I complete a From game. I get so, so engrossed that I don't play anything else at the same time. So when I finish one I get this weird malaise. Currently at the last boss of Sekiro and it'll almost certainly happen again.
  9. Nioh, PS4, PC Samurai series. PS3/4 and PC Onimusha: PlayStation and Xbox
  10. Prayer beads don't go into storage. Is that not pellets?
  11. I found Bloodborne fairly easy to be honest for a Souls like. Certainly easier than any of the Souls games and Sekiro. Just clicked with me quickly. Very few bosses took more than two attempts. Sekiro is odd. Lightning rooftop arrow bastard I found amazingly hard but nothing before him or since then has been a huge roadblock. Except Reservoir Spear Wanker and the two Stabby Shotgun bastards. I also found the blue samurai dickheads exasperatingly hard. The Kanji is weird. Most of the time I dodge the moves rather than try to figure out what's what and counter them.
  12. Successful night last night. CM second go, the two shit flingers first go, a surprise cow first go, and a bunch of shichimens and headless. Is it me or is mortal draw by far the best skill?
  13. Hopefully get some Last Blade characters purely so I can play Hibiki again.
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