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  1. The Switch storefront is shocking for this sort of thing. Footage and screenshots from PC versions when the actual game looks like bum.
  2. Absolutely no reason for me to buy an Xbox and maybe not a PS5 if the porting to the PC continues. If it doesn't may need to pick one up.
  3. Absolutely loved this on the PC. Finished in roughly 20 hours and saw almost everything I think. Gets fairly easy with certain weapons but always feels great to play. Plot is utter bobbins, and the points of no return could be better sign posted causing me to fuck up a few quests but otherwise I think I preferred this to Salt and Sanctuary and possibly even Bloodstained. For a first go it's fucking amazing.
  4. Unreal PT is the best I believe. Pretty much exact bar making some things a bit more consistent.
  5. There's a near perfect PC port you can acquire without all that messing about....
  6. This is very, very good on PC. Daggers and a bow for me. Only issue I've had is the heal button can be a bit non responsive. It's very different to Salt and Sanctuary.
  7. Er a lot less shinies, almost half the RAM,and a lower clocked CPU?
  8. But it's gonna have to run on the S and X so it's already a bit knobbled? It makes no sense to celebrate a previously multiplatform game going exclusive.
  9. They just need to get in raqafat. Don't know why everyone doesn't. His amazing project management skills and genuine concerns would fix it quick sharp.
  10. They haven't actually managed to do a decent game yet so hopefully this is the one. Usually janky and a bit poo gameplay wise. Atmosphere and spookiness in spades mind.
  11. You mean the possibility of a jpeg of some magic beans?
  12. I'm the opposite to a lot of the recent posts. Maximum aggression and close up melee combined with as much deflect and damage reflection as I can get. Preferably combined with return life upon hit. Fists and spear are deffo my choices.
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