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  1. Yes because no other companies had exclusives or paid for exclusivity. You're very odd about this. All those other companies just want to to shake your hand and be your friend.
  2. What else reads CDs? This just comes across as disingenuous now. Nintendo's approach to backwards compatibility is essentially "LOL buy it again sucker" and you don't see tonnes of moaning there.
  3. I'm not necessarily talking about the article. Just the gloating and general "my toy is better than yours" of this topic is painful. Buying exclusivity isn't new. Both MS and Sony have done it a lot. It's playground level bullshit.
  4. It's all just dickheadery. Championing the creator of your fave toy like you're twelve and in a playground.
  5. Until they improve the Game Pass app on PC that ain't gonna happen.
  6. Yeah that's my favoured outcome given haven't bothered. with a console for years now.
  7. The same MS who released Halo Master Chief collection in an utterly broken state and took years to fix it? Or who have released a 120 quid controller that falls apart if you go anywhere within 50 miles of its vicinity and refused to acknowledge it? That Microsoft They both make mistakes. Sony moreso yeah but come on.
  8. It's a Harrisown take. Usually means it can be safely ignored.
  9. Well this is a bit fucking good innit.
  10. If they could just port over all the PS exclusives since the PS3 that would be awesome as I haven't played any of them. Been looking forward to this!
  11. They one upped Nintendo by not having an utterly shite controller.
  12. And yet it's still probably more useable than the DC, Gamecube or N64 controllers...
  13. Forza 5 and Halo Infinite are both massively overrated. Especially the latter. How it got high scores I don't know. It's worse than almost every other Halo game by miles.
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