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  1. You won't. They are wankers regardless of build
  2. Keep hitting them. They eventually break. Or use a blunt weapon to speed the breakage up.
  3. This place in Glasgow does some fucking awesome tea. https://tchaiovna.com/shop/category/tea/ The actual tea shop is amazing.
  4. This series is literally the only thing that makes me want a Switch. My resolve is weakening.
  5. And at double the frame rate of your average Switch game.
  6. Nope. It just instantly worked with both a 360 and an Xbox One controller. I suspect it may be the third party driver to be honest. Have you changed the Steam properties to pick up either xinput or a PS controller? May work better than the driver.
  7. I'm currently replaying Dead Space 2 on Steam with an Xbone controller with no issues at all. Think it's something to do with setting controller properties.
  8. The Steam game packaging is my fave
  9. Can't remember the last time I bought a physical game, or even the last time I went in a game shop to be honest. About 10 or more years ago?
  10. Elden Ring, very little else has held my attention recently bar The Quarry as a complete opposite.
  11. I dropped mimic in seconds the moment I got my girl Tiche.
  12. Me three. Chorus would not work at all in first person. It'd be rubbish.
  13. Oh god I've got to get to and beat a rank 7 monster. I've only just beaten Magnumlemon or whatever...
  14. It's sort of like giving up listening to music, watching TV/films, or reading so no. I just accept most things we do for fun are a waste of time.
  15. Love people posting the same old shit in every thread in the most predictable fashion imaginable. We get it you're young and cool or something. More likely the something.
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