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  1. Yeah both are, they are ‘light’ in a Banana Yoshimoto way, like a lot of contemporary Japanese Novels are, but certainly worth the punt
  2. I don’t have Audible so I don’t know if she is on there but a good contemporary Japanese author if you do like Banana Yoshimoto is Hiromi Kawakami. Or if you enjoy Crime thrillers Seichō Matsumoto.
  3. I have around 3000 cds, at a rough guess. I ripped them all a couple of years ago and no longer even have a CD player I desperately need to get rid of them, I wish I had them on vinyl but I don’t and I can’t face binning them. It’s a pickle to be sure.
  4. I loved this, Patrick Stewart just is the best Captain and he slipped back into it effortlessly. I liked the relatively slow pace too, you can feel a good story building up behind it. Hopefully they can keep this up. Thoroughly enjoyed.
  5. It’s ok, I guess? I don’t know really, the invasions are alright a and the Horrific Visions are pretty good but no Mage Tower. It’s doesn’t feel like anywhere enough content for the rest of the expansion though. And yeah the ending is pretty bad, it’s like they have tried to cram in three expansions worth of content into one and not given anything the attention it needs. The Black Empire and Ashara should have much much better. Plus it’s still horrible for alts.
  6. 01 - Car Seat Headrest - Teens of Denial 02 - Jon Hopkins - Singularity 03 - Goat - Requiem 04 - Parquet Courts - Light Up Gold 05 - Recondite - On Acid 06 - John Grant - Pale Green Ghosts 07 - Kiasmos- Kiasmos 08 - Datachi - System 09 - Goat - Commune 10 - Unknown Mortal Orchestra - II 11 - Matthew E White - Big Inner 12 - Mr Gnome - Heart of a Dark Star 13 - King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Diamond Mine 14 - Kelly Lee Owens - Kelly Lee Owens 15 - Jane Weaver - The Silver Globe 16 - A Winged Victory For The Sullen - A Winged Victory For The Sullen 17 - Boards Of Canada - Tommorows Harvest 18 - Masayoshi Fujita - Apologues 19 - Pye Corner Audio - Stasis 20 - Jlin - Black Origami
  7. This is going to be very difficult. I haven’t done the favourite albums of the year for the past two years because I just haven’t been listening to much new music. I seem to have got stuck in a rut of listening to the same stuff all the time, however theres so much from the last ten years I don’t know how I’m going to narrow it down. I just know I’ll forget something...
  8. I had one on Friday, it’s...good, not amazing but good. I mean it’s a steak bake substitute, which it does fine but I thought it would have worked a bit better with a little spice or ‘something’ in there. Still partnered with the vegan sausage roll it did the job.
  9. scruffycat

    Best New Music 2019

    Oooh, never heard of these before. Really like this album, I checked out their Monolith Of Phobos lp as well and that’s also a cracker.
  10. Music for the motion picture Victoria is well worth checking out by him and I have a soft spot for his collaborations with Olafur Arnalds too.
  11. I loved this, I actually thought the first two were kinda meh but for some reason this one got me. Couple of slow bits but by and large I thought is was a lot of fun and yeah enjoyable. 8/10
  12. I took my one of my daughters to that, her first ever Football match, she supports City which I suppose is kind of inevitable for a kid her age. Still, fantastic atmosphere, loads of stuff was put on aside from the game and only £7 for me and free for her a good afternoon out. Game was pretty bad in the first half but the second was excellent.
  13. I think this encapsulates a lot of what I’m enjoying about it, I know the quests to an extent and I know the areas they take place in but it still feels like an adventure in many respects. I got my first talent points today and I haven’t looked at any guides at all for vanilla Warlock, everything looked inviting. I spent 1/2 an hour working out where I wanted to be. Heading out from a hub I’m checking I have water, food, soulshards etc. Working out little routes for myself, it feel much much more open than bfa and certainly much tougher. Enjoying it a lot. Pixelbark, I hated classic Palladin playstyle, genuinely did not enjoy it at all. Is it still at the seal twisting stage or is it patched past that,? cos that was awfull. I didn’t enjoy my pally until Wrath really.
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