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  1. Games change over time nowadays and can be ruined by a single decision. Kindalike how everyone is petitioning for that mech to be removed from Fortnite at the moment. Similar with Overwatch. I put 1000 hours into that but haven’t played in over two years and the game I put 1000 hours into no longer exists.
  2. They’ve always said these things even themselves out. It won’t be any different this season with every VAR decision evened out by the inevitable nonsense that is coming our way with this new handball rule. Yesterday’s example was far from as bad as it can get. This season will be the most infuriating yet with trying to get close range accidental handballs being the new diving.
  3. Fire Emblem: Three Houses theme for the next Grand Prix. This game gets me. Praying for T-spins to be accompanied by 'allow me to demonstrate'.
  4. YouTube rather than streaming but fits the theme of the thread. Brooke Houts makes a living from posting videos of her dog and accidentally uploaded an unedited file of her abusing said dog. YouTube has yet to take action. Video obviously contains upsetting scenes.
  5. After around 20 hours this was already my Switch GOTY and I couldn’t see Luigi, Link or those Pokemon taking its crown. Now I’ve reached Part 2 and it’s riding up to the greats of 2017 on horseback ready to go off. And there is no doubt that I have to play the other two houses after I’m done with the Blue Lions.
  6. I will protect Mercedes with my Ashe’s life on the battlefield but sometimes I do wonder if she’s being completely honest with me.
  7. My Final Fest t-shirt has been scrubbed. Tomorrow will be the last time we see fresh lines of dialogue from Pearl and Marina. It’s been a journey.
  8. The matchmaking is generally fairer in Pro and with better connections in my experience. Normal is a lottery.
  9. Officially the most fun Salmon Run ever but it really, really, really wants me to lose now. Game was like: But my team was like:
  10. Songs from the first game returning is the best thing about Splatocalypse. The current Salmon Run is as generous as it gets. Grizzco weapons on the easiest map make for a tasty recipe indeed. Although I could do without being given the Grizzco Slosher (which I’m horrible with) for all three rounds as just happened. That’s the game telling me it’s time to lose. Still got carried to victory anyway.
  11. The Final Fest is nigh. The Splatocalypse begins tomorrow. Edge’s obsession with Destiny has nothing on Famitsu’s 78-page cover feature.
  12. As if it was ever going to be any other date.
  13. DC Lemon

    Nintendo Switch

    They could have included those new Joy-con colours with it just for an extra incentive to replace my faithful launch model for a bit of extra battery life. With the amount of time I’ve spent on it, I keep expecting it to be my first ever console to die on me, so I am tempted.
  14. I thought the gyroscope was only introduced with MotionPlus. Even without that, the way this asked you to hold the Wiimote as if you were switching TV channels would have turned the original into an unpleasant experience too. MotionPlus But I’ve since seen that the price is £35 so you’re right, it can’t be saved.
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