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  1. @MattKB I'd use a mouldliner or back of a scalpel on the leg plate and I'd take a scalpel to the backpack and finish off with a needle file.
  2. @Boothjan agree on the soap opera-esque. I binged bother seasons a few weeks ago over a week and did enjoy it, but some stuff was a bit Meh.
  3. I'm not even going to bother with the Beta (PC). I'd rather wait for release and see how the reaction is day 1 as a finished title. If I play the Beta now I suspect it will just totally colour my judgement at time of release.
  4. Anyone played the beta on PC yet? Most of the chat seems to be next gen consoles.
  5. ...and the talentless twat is on again this week, despite Jason and Jeff being on. Fuck Ben. I detest the cunt so much. Wonder if Rorie will give me a refund on my sub if Ben is back on a perm basis. Just to make it crystal clear; I don't like Ben.
  6. https://photos.smugmug.com/Gallery/Latest/i-8qb8LCj/0/712d5bf4/X3/5G1A3603-X3.jpg
  7. As an aside I went into a GW store in Harrogate a few weeks ago, was midweek and just the manager in. Guy was very relaxed, just chewing the fat with me about stuff and just costing up paints and shit. This weekend I had a look in Traveling Man in Newcastle (Comic/ Gaming indie with 3-4 shops in the UK). I've bought comics and stuff from them before and its a nice chilled store. Spoke with the manager who was doing a stock take on the WH40k stuff at the time and she was really helpful. I bought some snippers, rattle cans and some other stuff in Traveling Man and then headed to GW Newcastle. Christ, it was pure cringe. I guess being on a weekend it would be a totally different vibe from the Harrogate store. I was jumped on as soon as I got in the door and I politely said I was just looking when asked if I needed anything. About two mins later another assistant asked me how I was, what was it I was looking for... oh christ. I just went back to Travelling Man and bought the rest of my paints and some minis there. Bugger that. I've no idea if I'll actually play 40k. I wouldn't mind for shits and giggles. 30 years ago we were mostly playing Blood Bowl, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Dark Future, Adeptus Titanicus and the odd game of 40k Rouge Trader.
  8. After a 30 year hiatus I bought some 40k minis at the weekend. Over the last few years I go down some rabbit hole on YouTube and watch stuff on painting and game reports etc and then realise that I can’t be arsed and delete all offending listings from my History. But I dunno, fuck it. I look at screens all day and I really just want something where I an unplug and squint at some plastic. I’ve bought some ultra marine packs, and a fuck ton of citadel colour, wet palette, chaos black and (skull) white rattle tins for Zenith undercoating and I’m going to dive in this weekend. My aim is to undercoat, basecoat and then do some washes and edge highlights. I’m not going to do layering yet.. or maybe my idea of several edge highlights over the top of each other with a wash over the top to smooth out is layering? The only thing I need to sort out is stuff for doing the bases as most guys I watch on YT seem to do this first. 30 years ago it was more likely to be the last thing you did. Quick question: Am I on a hiding to nothing attempting to do Zenith undercoating with rattle cans on my first mini?
  9. Jason could be on holiday and I'd not notice. Unless Ben is doing production work...
  10. How is Vinny making such a pig's ear of this? I thought he was a production master?
  11. @Naysonymous the framing and the tone of that first shot... *Chefskiss
  12. Does anyone see the Digital Edition Console coming up much or is it all disc editions?
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