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  1. Maybe the Europa thing is yet more smoke and mirrors. Maybe he's in a soundstage in Delaware.
  2. Episode 5
  3. @Strategos I'm loving Kill Confirmed too but it's a bugger when I flip to a different game mode and I'm still running towards downed enemies out of habit!
  4. @Uncle Nasty have you invested in a camode yet?
  5. Anyone getting sign in errors this morning on PS4? I need my morning hit
  6. Christ Shoot House is crap (more like Shit Haus)... Had the misfortune to have a game this morning. I got absolutely fucked over, not fun at all. /Huff
  7. I'd say I was more BF as well but BF V did nada for me. For some reason the COD4 style is attaching my tactical itch.
  8. I was just watching a clip on YouTube and the Devs have said it is registering/ logging kills etc for challenges, it's just not updating the count in game. Only way to corrected it at the moment is to reboot the game.
  9. Anyone on PS4 (or other platforms) had issues with the daily challenges? For the past 2-3 days its been the same challenge (one is X amount of kills with LMG, or headshots) and it doesn't register anything if I get kills etc.
  10. Just watched this, fuckin' insane with that shotgun
  11. Sorry to be blunt, but why the fuck are you playing this? Every post I've read since release your not happy with X, this is broken that's fucked and more campers than a summer sale at Millets. If it's not doing anything for you, if you get zero enjoyment stop playing it. Life's too short.
  12. Same. I'm getting pings about 20-25 on average. Edit - on PS4
  13. Regarding Jeremy Iron's house staff
  14. There was a load of b/s with BF V in the first few weeks of release too, it was like they had no clear strategy for issues they just randomly fucked with things.
  15. Agree with this guy totally. I'd hate to see Infinity Ward make some kneejerk fix for the jet pack fan boys. As he said above, I made a purchase based on the Beta and the style of game. If they then patch (fuck over) the game into something else its akin to a motor manufacture changing all the main characteristics of a car you've test driven on the day of delivery. Just leave it as it is... I don't have an issue with anything in the game. I play a mix of Domination, HQ and TDM and even with TDM I don't have an issue with spawns. Being that I've not touched COD for nearly 7 years if they fuck up this release with knee jerk patches I'll never buy a COD game again.
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