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  1. idiwa

    Pro Cycling - Tour de France 2018

    Gasprom Rus Velo too. Aparently Sky will be rebranded for Tour of Yorkshire at the start; which sounds like a hell of a lot of work to nail in a month.
  2. idiwa

    The Division 2

    Ta much.
  3. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Is this part 15? @Mr. Gerbik
  4. idiwa

    The Division 2

    Cheers Spork. I didn't realise you could fast travel at anytime. I thought it was only from bases/ safehouses.
  5. idiwa

    The Division 2

    I'm only about 4hrs in and so far I'm loving it. My only niggle was the amount of alerts within the UI for totally pointless crap and have to acknowledge them all. Feels so much better than Division 1 and the shooting and audio is fantastic. Bugs - I managed to vault over a car bonnet and then clipped into a SUV that was next to it... so I was now stuck inside the SUV. Had to quit the game as there was no bloody way to get out the SUV. Arse! Bugs - I get this weird thing when squinting down the iron sights of my M1A (M14) when in combat; The rifle will drift left as if my DS4 thumb stick is knackard. But it only happens in combat and with that weapon. Anyone else had this with the same weapon or something different? Cheers. @Dave White What was the clan name? I skimmed over it a few days when I was in two minds about buying the game. Cheers.
  6. idiwa

    Mums Make Porn

    I think my mum would knock something up with knitted dolls* *with massive cocks natch.
  7. idiwa

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I've heard people mention the RX100 quite a few times for cycling (as in shooting whilst on the bike as its so compact). Sony mirrorless have a good rep and I suppose they've more years experience over the competition (Nikon and Canon only entered mirrorless last year). I don't know if mirrorless is defo the way to go but it just happens that a few of the photographers that I like are all using mirrorless; be they sports, landscape or portrait style photographers. The lightweight aspect and compact body appeals to me and their video (depending on the glass) looks amazing (No doubt after colour grading/ post production). Francis Cade shoots Sony (on the bike) but its mostly video, but you can check out his instagram for stills shots - https://www.instagram.com/francisccade/?hl=en He details his camera gear set up in the YouTube description.
  8. idiwa

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    How were you taking the bike shots? Subject passing you, coming towards etc? I use my D3300 with a 70-300mm lens for kite surfing and cycling. For the most part this is more portrait stuff than in the heat of the action. Instagram link in my signature if you wanna see some. https://www.instagram.com/idiwa/ If if I was buying a fresh I think I’d now be going for a Sony mirrorless set up; it’s just the cost of glass that puts me off. I spend enough cash on cycling gear let alone more on glass to take pics of others cycling gear!
  9. idiwa

    Photography Equipment & Software Thread

    I'd not say Nikon are more expensive in regards to glass. Canon glass is cheaper than Nikon (Nikkor) especially with a 50mm lens. https://cameradecision.com/compare/Canon-EOS-300D-vs-Nikon-D3200 I use a Nikon D3300 and I'm happy with it but it is slow for sports stuff, but then its not a sports camera at that price point. The latest version is the D3500 - https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/dslr-cameras/d3500.html
  10. idiwa

    What’s the worst film you have ever seen?

    Only film I ever walked out on was Punisher War Zone and I wish I'd walked out of The Happening (christ that was bad).
  11. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Beastcast two weeks ago with Dan confessing to queue jumping at Wrestlemania and the others just jumping on him was fuckin' hilarious. My wife has no interest in this stuff but I ended up playing her the clip and she was pissing herself. Hell, she's even started using Alex's quote "...because Society!" for a myriad of situations. Bombcast can fuck right off though, that shit just puts me to sleep. I miss Jeff but the rest are fucking dire now.
  12. Yup, he was also in Big Wednesday a pretty amazing surf film set during the Vietnam war.
  13. idiwa

    Luke Perry RIP

    He was great in Oz (bricked up in a wall) and there was a short he did based on the LA riots (playing a LAPD officer) that was good... cant remember the name. RIP
  14. idiwa

    Banana Splits are coming back

    My biggest memory of the Banana Splits were the two hispanic girls singing some god awful song whilst strumming guitars. behold!
  15. idiwa

    The Meg - Jason Statham vs Giant Shark

    I rented it before Christmas on Amazon and I was so bored I went for a slash and didn’t even bother to pause it. There was nothing about this film that was good. A total floating turd.

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