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  1. Due to work I'm pretty much tied to Adobe's ecosystem and the only exception to this is Sketch App (not to be confused with Autodesk Sketchbook). A while ago I was having no end of bullshit with Lightroom Classic and I nearly threw in the towel and defected to ON1 Photo RAW and Capture One Pro. A mixture of getting a new Mac and updates to Lightroom Classic sorted it out (I was so close to building my own PC just for Lightroom). As I said I'm pretty much tied to Adobe due to work, but the upside is that I have access to Adobe CC on my own Mac as it allows two logins per account.
  2. idiwa

    Which Dark Souls?

    Cheers everyone (even JPL) I've gone for the Dark Souls Remastered. I'm sure I'll be dying a lot before this night ends.
  3. idiwa

    Which Dark Souls?

    There's something about Bloodborne that puts me off. I think its the colour palette just seems very depressing. I think I watched a Giantbomb quicklook when it was initially released.
  4. PS4 I'm going through a bit of a Meh period with gaming and I can't really be arsed with anything apart from leisurely games of Everybody's Golf. Having never touched anything like Dark Souls in the past I was wondering about giving one a go. Dark Souls 3 is dirty cheap at the moment on PSN. Is that a good one to start (die) with? Not sure if this sound stupid but is Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice similar to Souls? or just the same studio? I assume these games are not tied in anyway, ether by narrative or previous character saves? Cheers.
  5. It's not really bizarre though is it... He's a total bellend. I'd rather listen to a 24hr stream of Brad talking about Dota than Ben utter "Vlog means video blog". Fucking hilarious Ben. Well done you.
  6. It's torture to watch when you've got nowt in the house to eat Currently looking at panini presses on Amazon.
  7. I'm half tempted to mail GB and just vent about Ben. I just wonder if anyone else is getting as hacked off as we appear to be. Yes I know not everyone on RLLMUK is sick of him. Is there anyway to get listening/ download stats of podcasts?
  8. I know Alex sometimes crosses the line with his shouty shouty shit but he was totally justified in bawling at Dan. I'm still not sure if Dan is trolling the world with his thick as fuck shtick.
  9. I tried to listen to the latest Bombcast today on the way home from work. I think I lasted less than 5 mins before I had to kill it... truly fucking awful. It's like listen to Beavis and Butthead on a loop. I've not listened regularly to the Bombcast since Ben came on board, and once in a blue moon I'll give it a go. But this is me out, I'm unsubscribing from it... its a total waste of bloody time now. Beastcast uber alles!
  10. Finished the show this morning; I doubt I'll watch SE2 if it ever surfaces... the stuff back at the base/ town was just pointless.
  11. He's raking in at least $47 a month in book royalties...
  12. Currently watching this with two episodes to go. Enjoying the sub based storyline but I have zero interest in the French based story - apart from the brother/sister there's sweet FA connecting them. I've never seen the film as I'd seen the original TV series as a kid and I can't imagine how the could cut down something 7hrs long down to a 3hr film. Edit - My goof, just read the 80s TV show was after the cinematic release... Wonder if it was effectively a Director's cut of the film.
  13. He's only got five years to live due to pink eye.
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