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  1. Yeah I was listening to it a few days ago and it feels utterly shit, especially having to constantly record in case something happens, even in your personal time.
  2. Feel utterly gutted about Vinnie, Brad and Alex leaving. Especially as the Beastcast has been my primary podcast for the last 2 years or so. I get that some are saying that the Beastcast didn’t seem to be that much about gaming recently but I think a lot of that has to do with the pandemic and the effects of working from home not to mention stress. I know my gaming habits have dropped off somewhat with a general sense of ennui about pretty much everything. GameSpot/ GB has been a major part of the last 18 years or so in my life. I started watching On the Spot when I was at art scho
  3. I've had it on a wishlist since Nov and this is the first time it's been in a sale.
  4. @Gabe yeah, I thought the same last night. I do love the Scythe worldbuilding and I've got the Steam based boardgame after @Lochenvar kindly gifted me a Steam code last year. But it does just feel like Company of Heros Iman new skin.
  5. Has anyone been playing this on Steam over the weekend? It's free to play over the bank holiday and currently around 25 quid.
  6. When is the next GB sale due? I've just received ba notification that my sub is die in the next 2 weeks or so.
  7. I've watched a few of Dan's streams with Mary and Mike and really enjoyed them and I'd say I'm not Dan's biggest fan. Just feels like a comfy pair of slippers atm.
  8. Has anyone played this on PC yet? I do like the comparisons @PDogg is making to Drive Club, loved that game so much.
  9. @Capwn search "how to photograph artwork" there's plenty of articles and YouTube videos giving good direction.
  10. If you get a chance to see We Are Marshall, he's great in that. Sadly not a film that's on Netflix.
  11. idiwa

    Xbox Game Pass

    I'm currently signed up for Gamepass Ultimate (after buying some passes online its upgraded my Gamepass from PC to Ultimate). Anyhoo... I bought a Series X pad for the PC the other day and its come with a 14 days free code. There's nothing to say its a 14 day trial, just "Redeem code for 14 days free". If I try and redeem this code it states its for new members only (again nada saying this on the card itself). Any way I can use this for my existing account or is it just for new customers? I'd not be that arsed but there is sod all to say its a 14 day trail/ new customer offer.
  12. Sharing this link to ATF regarding cloud based back up for photography. Appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions/' recommendations. cheers.
  13. Luna New Moon by Ian McDonald is £0.99 on Kindle just now with the second and third book of the trilogy being reduced in price. #Sci-Fi
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