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  1. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Typo @Mike?
  2. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    @Alan StockI've only been playing since Christmas but I've not found tanks easy to take out at all. How many shots would it normally take to destroy a Tiger? Are you best hitting the tank from the rear?
  3. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Yeah Ben was ok during the GotY shows.. never thought I'd be saying that. Dan I don't mind except when he's so fucking dumb about something; I used to think he was trolling but I think he is genuenly pig ignonrant sometimes. Brad - I don't mind him for the most part but It pisses me off the amount of times he says he wont mention spoilers and then two seconds later tells you that Vader is Luke's dad! God Dammit Brad!
  4. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    I’m sure on the PS4 it’s still throwing bandages, it’s just not showing the animation. But yeah, flakey as shit @moosegrinder
  5. idiwa


    Just if anyone is fussed - Season 1 & 2 are on iTunes for 4.99 https://itunes.apple.com/gb/tv-season/spaced-complete-collection/id346191319
  6. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    Does anyone still play BF4? I'm tempted to download it and give it a crack... just a pain to download the game and all the DLC to find that everyone is playing Conquest on one map. @kerraig UK
  7. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    Its still a good game and an enjoyable experience for the most part and at 30 notes its money well spent. I never played BF1 so I've no idea how it compares but I don't think its anything like as good as BF4, BF3 and BadCompany 2.
  8. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    My biggest ballache at the moment is not respawning; "The deploy point you selected is no longer available" and you cant do anything. It doesn't matter if your squad is still alive and not in combat it just wont let you spawn. Change classes, go into options, clap your hands five times and slaughter a virgin chicken and it still wont fucking spawn. Mostly this has been happening in TDM game modes. Also when playing medic sometimes It wont give me an action button cue to heal a teammate when I run over to them (whilst it still shows that they need help) or it swaps out our weapons. I think that (swapping) is more to do with me holding down the Square / Action button too long or something. Ack
  9. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    @Barrow48 You can also go up to some AA guns and shove an antitank mine on them, move back, shoot them mine (destroy the gun) and then whip out your wee hammer and knock up another AA gun.
  10. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    Yeah I finished Grand Op last night just before the deadline expecting some sort of notification or drop and nada. Meh!
  11. idiwa

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    I’ve only seen it twice (at cinema release and on Blu-ray) but I think I’ll chill the fuck out and bung this on today. Really had nothing bad to say about it after first seeing it in the cinema. I loved that it was a bit darker, more adult and like @pastry I felt for the wee kids in the audience seeing imperial scientists getting gunned down*. *Clerks - they knew the risks!!!
  12. idiwa

    Altered Carbon - Netflix Cyberpunk

    Im just jumping through this thread and that seems to be the gist - I’m wondering if I’m better going for the book rather than the show. I’m a fan of the Expanse (both the show and the books). Was this a stand alone series? It’s not leaving you hanging for a season two that never gets the green light.
  13. idiwa

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Just listening/ watching Day 1 - I fucking hope they boost Jason's mic levels... I can hardly hear him
  14. idiwa

    Battlefield V

    I’m just a few days into this but already loving it (addicted to it). Initially I wasn’t sure about it after a few games, I was really struggling to see the enemy. But yesterday it sort of clicked and I’m starting to get far better results. I think playing regular Deathmatch (gasp horror!!) has helped me get my eye in and unlocked a lot more stuff. Just a pisser that I won’t be playing for the next two day due to Christmas
  15. Just bought it in hardback based on this thread. Think my wife will also be into it... pisser the Kindle price (today) was twice that of hardback.

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