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  1. @englishbob was that screen grab yours or just something you posted? Like @moosegrinder an update is not showing for me on PS4. Cheers.
  2. Ack, sorry @ZOK was sure it was you.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen that reduced in price. I bought it years ago as @ZOK was always banging on about it. I didn't really think it was that great. I mean it was ok but not like OMG!!! horses for courses and all that.
  4. Feel your pain on this; I tried to set something up between my Mac and my work Mac using Google Drive. It was just a total pain in the arse. I also pissed about with using a Library on a flash drive just to take stuff to work, edit on my lunch and then import back into my home Library. It's do able but it's just a daily pain in the tits. Lightroom (non classic) was easier but fuck that shit.
  5. idiwa

    The Crown

    What happened to Gillian Anderson? I really enjoyed SE 1&2 (my wife was watching it, I had zero interest and then got hooked). But SE3 for me was just a bit Meh. I was bored to be honest.
  6. I'd have said the same but I've addicted to it now. Mostly play as a duo or solo but it's really very good. If it's not your thing fair enough but worth giving it a go.
  7. @Uncle Nasty did you give Warzone a go?
  8. Same, myself and a work colleague who's leaving this Friday wanted to pop on for a quick pew pew sesh and of course there's a fucking patch.
  9. Currently reading Peter Watts' Blindsight at around 30% into it. I don't have a scooby what's going on.
  10. Now go and stand in some dog shite. You know you wanna.
  11. Cheers mun! Ordered a set and see how I get on. Much appreciated.
  12. @Phil it's sorted now. Just tried it and it signed in. Really I was expecting a prompt for a YT app update.
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