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  1. Heads up, Microsoft gift cards are back as the hot deal again - 5,050 points for a £5 voucher, down from £5,850.
  2. There was a Google spreadsheet at some point, not sure how up to date it is now though. I'm often on late evenings, Xbox and Epic both Pistol 451. I'm also terribly bad, so you'd be in good company
  3. Was that the next game after I left? (Hopefully the two are not related in any way :lol:)
  4. I got the battle pass a couple of days late and had my first proper go last night, got a bunch of Team Rumble challenges done (thanks @Baring!) I really don't like the new challenges system, it's confusing. Also after each match I was getting bombarded with battlestars and rewards; OK, that won't happen all the time but it was just too much and not really clear where it was all coming from. I also don't really see how these limited time challenges are fair. Is it the case that once they're gone, they're gone? Before, even if you came to the game late in the season, you could still complete everything if you were prepared to grind hard.
  5. I just finished it and I enjoyed it, though it's a very different beast to the book (at least in my recollection). Going to have to read it again now
  6. I doubt they can vault them as the challenges are built around them. Guess we'll have to live with them for a while at least. Hard to believe that after the infinity sword debacle they would put something like this right into the main game again.
  7. Really?! That sounds crazy. The patch notes said you can switch between driving and shooting, didn't imagine it would be a one man death machine
  8. Could've been a fortbyte challenge, some of them were xp based I think? I'll be on later, need to finish the shared damage eliminations, assault rifle damage and SMG damage. Team rumble all the way I think
  9. Seems Epic are gifting iOS users 1,000 vbucks and 15 battle stars (1.5 tiers) as compensation for login issues caused by a recent update: Unfortunately not everyone is getting it (though it appears to be a staged rollout programme, so there's hope). Some people have received it despite not having played on mobile for ages, and others who had issues haven't received anything yet. I had login issues; after the unvaulting event screwup, I'd decided I was going to make sure my account was logged in for every event in case of such issues (we all watched the unvaulting on my son's account - except it didn't work, so none of us got to see it, and only he got the glider as a result). Although we were out and about I tried to log in for the robot Vs monster event, but couldn't log in to my account. So I think I ought to qualify for this compensation. I think Epic may have made a rod for their own backs with this; unless they give every iOS user the compensation, there are going to be a lot of pissed off users who feel they deserve it, given that many are getting it despite not really qualifying. And if they do that, the Android user base are going to be a bit miffed that they don't get anything. And so on and so on. Anyway. This overtime challenge that requires you and a friend to both damage and eliminate 25 opponents seems like a right ball ache to do; I'm thinking team rumble, stick together and use stink bombs would be a good way to get through it. I might send a few invites out to do just that in the coming days/week, please don't be offended or feel obliged to participate if I send you one
  10. You don't need four people anymore, you can use vehicles (ballers, quadcrashers) to activate the other pads. Anyone struggling with those two fortbytes challenges though, if you see me online just send me an invite, happy to help get them done.
  11. I found the trick with the fortbytes was to stay on top of them, if you did the daily one it wasn't too hard. Plenty of folks didn't like them though, feels like more busywork.
  12. The Beach Assault limited time mode they've added to this is well manic. Had a game last night and I found I had not a clue what the attacker's objectives were, looked like nobody on my team did either as we were making no progress. Eventually I realised that there were some explosive barrels you had to blow up, which then let the attackers access the area where the big... thing... is that you have to destroy. I got it down to half health but by that point the defenders had noted that we had got our act together and there wasn't enough time to destroy it. On our defense go either the attacking team were just way better than us, had learned from our attempt, or just knew what they were doing and we were thoroughly rinsed. I feel it's potentially a fun mode, but relies heavily on knowing what you're doing, and doesn't do a great job of explaining that. Live event - giant robot versus monster - Saturday 7pm, could be a good one but I'll miss it unfortunately One point of note is that very shortly they are making some changes to Save the World which will affect Xbox players who game share. Basically at the moment if you buy StW, anyone playing on your Xbox can also play it and get the free vbucks from challenges. They are going to change this so that in future, only the account that purchased StW will get vbucks from the game. Eventually (timescale unknown) it will go free to play, so you won't be able to buy it and get vbucks anymore; so if you're currently gamesharing StW, and want to continue getting vbucks from it, you might want to think about whether it's worth your while buying it while it's currently on sale (£17.50 with Gold for the cheapest option). I bought it ages ago and my lad uses it to get the daily login vbucks and nowt else, so it's probably not worth his while to pay £17.50 for them, but I'll ask him. Also there's no guarantee what will happen when it does eventually go free to play; they might start to phase out vbuck rewards for paid players over time, or even suddenly.
  13. Fucking hell, I just cancelled my subscription - I'll have to get the last issue though, or it'll bug me forever!
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