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  1. Pistol

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 69: Barbarian

    I got it with my Zero sub too! I'd like to play it with twin stick controls, the attempt at replicating the twisty stick mechanism was laudable but never going to be great.
  2. No probs, let us know if it works!
  3. Don't know much about the PS4 side of things, but I have set this up for Xbox, Switch and Mobile. Is your son's Xbox Live account a child account, linked to yours in a family? Because that was borked for a long time but works now, there are a couple of extra settings to tweak on the Xbox before it'll work on there though. I'll assume not for now. You have to link your Xbox (or Playstation) account to an Epic Games account for it to work. Go to Epic's website, but don't just create an Epic account - if you've already played Fortnite, there's an option to select the platform you've played on, then it will ask for your gamertag and automatically create a linked account. Then, next time you play on console, there should be an Epic Friends option in the lobby menu. That's where you go to enable cross play. (The tricky bit on Xbox was if you had a child account, and were under 13, then no matter what permissions you tried to give the child account it just wouldn't enable cross play. Microsoft have fixed this now, you have to go into the child account's main Xbox settings and enable cross platform multiplayer and comms, then it will work.)
  4. It's getting repeated at 7am if you really want to catch it!
  5. Pistol

    AMIGArama Podcast Episode 69: Barbarian

    Aw, I like your tune! I was a big Super Cars fan myself, really enjoyed that episode and look forward to the sequel
  6. Just got my first proper solo win
  7. Pistol

    Anchor posts?

    I bought some anchor posts when I modded a Dreamcast arcade stick, they were really handy.
  8. I *think* it spends the platform-specific ones first. Logically it's the fair way to do it, pretty sure that's been my experience (Xbox and Switch, buy vbucks on Xbox only).
  9. No it's just happening every hour, because it's New Year somewhere!
  10. Add us all, it's cross play after all! I'm Pistol 451.
  11. Pistol

    Fortnite | Save The World

    Sorry to hear that Rob
  12. Can confirm: high explosives wins do get you the umbrella
  13. I know they don't in the big team modes, thought they did in squads, duos and solo modes though... Guess I might find out the hard way!!

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