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  1. I'm on track to get my £5 Xbox credit from bing rewards at about the same time the next battle pass comes out, so that'll fund most of it. I'm not going to be anywhere near finishing the current one but I have done enough to get about 550 vbucks back from it, so should be able to buy some stuff this coming season.
  2. I've seen it used a lot in the end game for demolishing bases as fast as people can build them. I've seen it used to annihilate unsuspecting victims too. I've also seen people try to use it in combat and get embarrassingly murdered as it actually does less damage than they were expecting. Get off a couple of good shots with a decent AR in retaliation and you stand a good chance of totally turning the tables on a minigunner.
  3. Red Dead Redemption 2 - Out October 26th 2018

    I bet many will bemoan the thought of a battle Royale mode, but I was actually thinking about that last night and I reckon it could be half decent. You could have a sandstorm that reduces your visibility to all but zero if you're too deep in it and whittles your health; that would fit with the setting. (Not sure how you'd get around the parachute drops though!) Outrunning a sandstorm on horseback would be pretty awesome.
  4. Ah, I'm on Xbox unfortunately! Agree with everything you said. I had a couple of loot dilemmas last night! I'm still kinda bad and trying to improve by jumping into more populated areas, which often leads me to run around panicking without a gun while all hell is breaking loose around me : lol: Or on the other side of the coin, I find something worth having and immediately become struck with indecision: now I have a good weapon I have half a chance, better not fuck this up, slow and steady! When really I should be storming forward. Last night I bust my way in through a house roof, opened a chest and got a blue rocket launcher - nice. But no gun. I could hear somebody in the house so crept onto the roof and snuck about hoping to spot them coming out the door, which I eventually did and gave them rockets in the face - a kill! (Then got shot almost immediately by someone else attracted by my highly obvious explosions, of course.) Next game I landed in Tomato Town and found very few weapons, but to my amazement they were a purple tac and a purple SCAR! Bearing in mind this is only the second time I've ever held a SCAR in this game I was rather chuffed! Legged it for the safe zone, tried not to be a pussy and took fire from a bush camper. He must've been rubbish as I took him out despite him getting the first hits in. I then got murdered from two angles as I gathered the loot by people attracted by the shots
  5. Fancy some team games anyone? Squads is a useful way to improve your game but it's better with friendly types. I've been itching for a forum game for weeks but nothing so far Don't like to bait folks, but this seems very mean spirited and dismissive. The graphical style is hardly something to kick a game to death over. Sea of Thieves is cartoony, should that be dismissed also? (Personally, I like that it's not all blood and guts and realism - I have no problem with my kids playing this.) That's just demonstrably crazy, because Xbox has both games and both have a healthy userbase. It will be the same when PS4 gets PUBG. PUBG itself is just the latest iteration in the Battle Royale ouevre. Sure, it has a "better" pedigree because of the involvement of PlayerUnknown, but so what? People have been making derivatives of other successful game formulas forever. Also, Bluehole decided to use Unreal Engine and Epic gave them a load of help with that, so it's not all been one way traffic. This is also of note, because love it or hate it, the building mechanic does make it very different to PUBG. It can totally change the way you approach combat. If you "git gud" you can be caught on the hop and still come out on top, and as has been said the end game is heavily dependent on building skill (though it doesn't have to be...) You can still play it just as a shooter with minimal building if you're rubbish, or just prefer it that way; it just changes the way you approach each situation. For example. I'm pretty bad at building and not much better at shooting. I have learned that if I take someone on at range, then unless they're a noob like me in gonna get creamed. So if I do forget my limitations and make the error of shooting at someone in the distance, and they immediately start throwing up walls and stairs, I tend to leg it in the other direction before I get a sniper round in the skull. I had a great example of exactly that last night. Spotted someone in the open ahead of me, started trying to pepper them with rounds from my slightly-better-than-average assault rifle, and they immediately started leaping around throwing up metal shields between us. I knew this was going to end badly so I lobbed a bunch of grenade round in their general direction and promptly pegged it round the other side of a hill, chuckling at my folly. Important thing is - I had FUN while doing it. Fun game is fun, but haters gonna hate.
  6. Yeah, I'm quite rubbish at this and die all the time, but I don't feel cheated by it. Every time I die I know it's because I had a worse weapon, used the wrong weapon for the situation, didn't react fast enough, have potato aim or terrible tactics. You learn a lot fast though. Spectating your killers helps. Check their health after an elimination, gives you an indication of whether you were truly outgunned or if it was close to the wire. I died in a firefight last night, my opponent had 3 health left! So didn't feel to bad about that, it could've been me the victor with a little bit more skill. Practice!
  7. I paid up for the battle pass last night, the clap emote thing was on sale and getting the battle pass meant I could get that too with the free 200 vbucks from the tier I was on. Got into a squad game with a random who was pretty decent and not a bad guy, he helped me out with loot and didn't mind me being a bit rubbish
  8. Augh, I have a night of Xbox time and it's making me wait in a queue for 17 minutes Started a looking for group post in the rllmuk club, if anyone's up for a game once I get in..
  9. Yeah I'm on quite a bit late evenings, been itching for some duo or squad action! I might not be on much until next week now, but definitely up for it!
  10. Disc Drivin' 2 is out 1st February!! http://toucharcade.com/2018/01/22/disc-drivin-2-release-date/?utm_campaign=229283&utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitter
  11. That's great. I fell victim to a trap last night. I'd had a pretty good game by my standards, got good loot and a kill under my belt and it was down to less than 10 players. There was a big tower near me, with a convenient wooden ramp next to it - decided to see if there was anyone in there, and if so, whether I could go toe to toe with shotties. Ran up, leapt into the tower, landed right in the guy's cosy trap nest
  12. Anyone on Xbox fancy some forum squad action tonight? I say action, I can't offer much more than decoy/meat shield at this point
  13. One thing I'm never sure on, is when a structure's not complete - i.e. has see-through bits to it - can you be shot through the incomplete bits? Or does that structure just have less strength than a complete one?
  14. Was this right at the start? If you use a jump pad item you can use the glider again, was this right at the start of the match or could they conceivably have raided a chest, got the rifle and a jump pad then got the drop on you that way?
  15. Traps are fun. Especially when you've just laid one then someone kills you as you leave the building, only to run right into your trap. Revenge from beyond the grave!

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