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  1. What’s the better co-op experience when playing with a casual gamer: Heave Ho or The Stretchers? (as both are on sale) My partner has banned Overcooked as that game is the only time I’ve seen her swear as some additional background.
  2. Cuphead is $9 from Target at the moment: https://www.target.com/p/cuphead/-/A-77362747 Equates to about £6.86 if you have a Monzo etc.
  3. I wish I'd seen these messages about converting Live into Game Pass... Already taken out the 1 quid 3 month trial...
  4. I use a JumpGate dock from here in the bedroom and on the move: https://skullnco.com/ Used with an official power supply I haven't had any problems. Have a Genki one ordered as well...
  5. Wrote up my thoughts on a week of playing for the site I work for if anyone's interested: https://www.getsweatgo.com/workout/reviews/ring-fit-adventure-322 Was concerned it wasn't going to be that tough for anyone but beginners but the higher levels are actually pretty taxing.
  6. Are those cheap replacement mini docks still bricking consoles? Got one lying around I've been afraid to use again...
  7. I've been playing so much Rocket League (badly) that I'm seeing it everywhere now...
  8. You might well be right. Has been ages since I last touched it on PS4. Me and the girlfriend got properly upset at one another for SOMEONE dropping the ball on one of the later levels that we'd been re-playing over and over for ages trying to 3 star it...
  9. To be fair, I find the joy-cons can be really noisy as well, although I think it depends on the game. Stardew Valley seems pretty guilty of some violent rumblings...
  10. Picked up Overcooked last night as it seemed ideal as we had guests round, having already owned it on PS4 and initially put off buying on Switch because of the framerate issues. Didn't seem to notice any framerate issues but the controls felt a little imprecise at first. Not sure if that was just because it had been forever since I last played it. We all quickly picked it up and it was a right blast, though!
  11. Think I'm going to replace the regular felt mat on my Project Debut Carbon. Anyone have any thoughts between leather vs carbon fibre? http://www.analogueseduction.net/turntable-mats/analogue-studio-leather-turntable-platter-mat-red.html http://www.analogueseduction.net/turntable-mats/analogue-studio-carbon-fibre-turntable-mat.html
  12. Managed to pick up a load of random stuff today. Quite pleased as a few of them have sentimental value, like ABC's Lexicon of Love I remember my parents having when I was young.
  13. Oo-er, I'm not sure to be honest! Not had a chance to listen to it yet, either...
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