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  1. See you in 15 hours for your impressions, of course to you it will feel like just 1 hour.
  2. I haven't been able to work it out if there is, I just went by the music change. I only put a few hours in to My Time At Portia, it was still in early access when I last played, and I thought it was great. But yes, bin it off and get this instead. Particularly if you are a fan of Dragon Quest.
  3. Digital crack. I absolutely adore this, I popped on yesterday to just sort out some of my fields. I finished at 2am. I will not rest until every inch of Furrowfields is beautiful and green and filled with joy. I need to start putting some roofs on my houses though. I feel quite bad when it rains.
  4. Pfft you’re getting off easy, goat-boy. Poor Cora had to murder two halflings. Welcome to Zoo Keeper, D&D style. Lions and Rhinos and Goats, oh my!
  5. The tiny hut is only 10ft diameter. I think we should put it in the room with the skull.
  6. Awesome. I make that a total of 26,690xp I don't think D&D Beyond specifically tells me what the snake stats are directly from the staff, but they do have a general entry for it. Let me know if the below matches and I can use this
  7. Poor Roscoe. Oh. Wait. That’s the confusion speaking. I mean the other one. Wtf were you thinking?!
  8. Final Fantasy 8 is my absolute favourite, I'm really, really happy that we are seeing a remaster. Every year I hope it will get announced and was giving up hope. Genuinely sitting here with a massive smile over it.
  9. I’m really, really looking forward to Telling Lies. Looks great.
  10. I agree, looks lovely! The first VR game that has actually peaked my interest.
  11. This is the second expansion, isn’t it? So my ultimate edition will cover it?
  12. Much better than any old tomb of death!
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