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  1. Can anyone confirm the extent of the olde language in the full game? Is H'aanit the worst of the bunch? I don't recall it being as thick in the original demo when playing Primrose, if the other 6 characters are on Primrose level then I could perhaps live with it.
  2. Thank you for taking a noob along again last night, I learned a lot. I learned that I still can't parachute. I learned that hitting F instead of M is still a bad idea. I learned that when you are last man standing and hiding in a corner, whatever direction Rob tells you to look in, you'll get attacked from the total opposite side. And had it reinforced that vehicles are death traps.
  3. Gimme a shout if you wanna noob team up (edit to say I'm on PC version!)! The sounds are awesome. I kept getting freaked out whenever I heard Nate reload or move last night. I was asking “was that you?!” every two seconds.
  4. Thank you to @Nathan Windfor showing me the ropes in a couple of duo matches, loads of fun and I obviously have a long way to go before I'm ready for serious competing! I learned some valuable lessons. Like erm, don't accidentally hit F when viewing the map whilst discussing where to go. Parachuting is actually pretty hard. Vehicles are bad, necessary, but they get you dead. When red and blue circles meet and you're caught in the purple, that's also pretty bad. Finally, probably my most valuable lesson, I learned how fantastic Nate is at driving under pressure. Probably our most epic end was crashing in to walls and over rocky roads only to be taken out by a full on explosion.
  5. Rikku

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    I couldn't find the option to pledge the £1 to back, did you pre-order @MDY? I'm fairly happy with the guest announcements, I can't help but feel a little disappointed that we aren't seeing a return of an old and familiar guest though. (Episode 25 spoilers and thoughts on campaign direction)
  6. Rikku

    What are you playing?

    I started my new job on Monday, I've been assigned a buddy and I had a catch up lunch with her in my calendar for today. We were talking about the weekend, and I mentioned that I would probably head over to my sisters to play some boardgames. She got really excited and for a moment I thought, ooooooooh this could lead to something. Sadly she went on to describe how her and her partner played connect 4. I smiled encouragingly and nodded appropriately. Maybe someday, I might take in Rhino Hero for our next buddy lunch and take it from there. Anyway, the point of my post. Pandemic, season 1! March and April under our belts. Kind of. March game and board spoilers: April game and board spoilers:
  7. Aww man, am not looking forward to Sen’s. I lost a ton of souls there last time. I sniped the snake magic casters all pro like the first time. Got way up to the top and that really narrow platform with the swinging axes psyched me out big time and I fell. On the run back up, I forgot about the sorcerer round the corner. I gathered my breath, and took my first step toward recovering my souls. BAM! Knocked off. The level of my stupidity just had me face palming for a solid ten minutes. Are the snakes really resistant to magic or something? After spending a good while helping people out on Gargoyles and joining the Sun Bros, I spent souls on the Crest and grabbed the ember from in there. But lacking in blue titanite to actually do anything with it just yet. The blue golems at hydra are actually quite difficult for me as I barely do any damage to them so they take a while to get down. I also decided to level up to around 25, and feel like I might wanna move on. Maybe down to Quelaag next.
  8. Quietly praising the sun and decorating with Twinkly lights because who says Dark Souls can't be pretty! Duty calls, BRB sun!
  9. As far as I’m aware, those black knights should be a one time spawn. Once you knock him out the first time, he should stay down. Having so so much fun right now absolutely wrecking the gargoyles with people. I got the ring that you suggested Broker, and I’m two shotting these little bastards that I couldn’t get by all those years ago. Feels good man.
  10. Definitely interested in trying that build at some point @Uncle Nasty, looks really sweet But I think I might wait until I'm a bit more experienced as I still need to work on getting good! My Broker sorcerer is underway on the PS4. I've just levelled her as far as SL15. I'm going to stick around that level for a bit and help people out with Taurus and Gargoyles. I got her Longsword to Magic +5, killed the Hyrda, freed Dusk for the crown, freed Griggs for the magic and going to farm the souls for the ring. (hopefully by helping others!) I got a funky little crab dude that wasn't in my last game, is that an online thing? I was killing the Balder Knights and was sprayed with a volley of arrows that scared me senseless. And here is little Tuts a short while after, rocking the crown and Oolacile Ivory Catalyst Aside from the Golden Golem, things definitely feel a lot easier this time round! Probably a combination of feeling more confident and knowing where I'm going, and magic just wrecking everything in my path. So good.
  11. Okie dokie! She feels so much lighter than my stocky warrior. She’s zooming around like sonic. I think I love her already.
  12. @BrokerSorry, this might be a totally idiotic question and it’s not me questioning your suggestion, more so I understand what I’m aiming for. Is the 60 int so that the damage from my weapon scales or is there a particular weapon / spell that is going to require 60 int? I’m just about to start my PS4 sorcery playthrough, think I have decided on starting out with a Longsword as I liked the move set enough.
  13. Rikku

    Critical Role - The new campaign

    Episode 25 Spoilers. Also, those minis are amazing, I really want a set to proxy in for board games.
  14. Amazing, that's incredibly helpful, thank you @Broker!
  15. Rikku

    What are you playing?

    Finally got round to starting season 1 of Pandemic Legacy with my nephew last night. We played both January and February. I can't believe the start that we got. Below spoiler contains a picture of the board at the end of the first turn in January and other January spoilers! February - Board spoilers and February game Spoilers: Bring it on, March.

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