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  1. So why don’t people like Wycombe? Just crap style of play? Having said that, Bolton and Sheffield Wednesday fans seem happy for them on twitter for some reason.
  2. Congratulations to Wycombe. Up to the second tier for the first time.
  3. @Charliemouse why the empathy? Do you not think FFP impacts competitiveness?
  4. I think one was something to do with owners guaranteeing losses, but I really don't know.
  5. I've heard on various podcasts that there are other methods to achieve the protection you refer to without having the side affect of hampering competition. It's not either/or, from what I understand there are alternatives. So I'd have the footballing bodies explore these.
  6. You're right of course, but personally I don't think it's a solid argument to denounce City. It's anti-competitive which shouldn't be a goal or product of a set of rules developed by a sporting body in my opinion.
  7. I was referring more to United and Liverpool than the other three. The replies indicate that Wolves were of the same opinion as Liverpool and United anyway.
  8. If true, this would also back that up:
  9. I might have this wrong, but doesn't FFP basically disallow owners from investing in the clubs they own? They may have broken UEFA's rules, but that doesn't really seem enforceable.
  10. FFP is bullshit so I'm ok with this. Hope we can hang on to 6th now though.
  11. Can see United breaking their penalty record when they sign Jack.
  12. Oh god I’ve just seen the DM Roy’s talking about. Bloody awful.
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