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  1. But the performances have been shocking. Sounded loud on TV too.
  2. I think you’re being a bit harsh on our fans. They’ve stuck with the players through a very bad run of results. Last night was the only one we probably didn’t deserve. Didn't go last night but I’ll be at palace on Sunday. Big game for us now. Four defeats on the bounce would be a bad look, and then we have Reading after that, so it doesn’t get any easier.
  3. Thats the joke, he wasn’t great at either. A player with his injury record working as our fitness coach was hilarious really. He was an exciting signing, just hardly ever played. Peak 90s Wolves.
  4. Best fitness coach we ever had.
  5. VAR check. Non of the Chelsea goals were checked.
  6. Yeah first time I’ve seen him in the flesh he’s been awesome. I thought he couldn't finish?!
  7. I think Rui should have done better for the first. But Chelsea have completely deserved this.
  8. We look absolutely shocking. Nine points dropped from equivalent fixtures now from last season in FIVE games.
  9. Yoshi’s Island is still amazing. Can’t put it down.
  10. You think so? Sounds like an awful idea to me that would restrict opportunities for women to play at the top level, as men on average are going to be quicker, stronger, taller etc. I'd say the sport is a lot more physical than you're suggesting. If we separate in tennis I can't see how we'd combine in football. I also think it would be tough for a male player to give their all against a female opponent. I like the idea of football clubs treating both first teams as first class citizens as has been suggested above.
  11. Complete Super Ghouls and Ghosts without losing a life.
  12. Yep It's bloody horrible.
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