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  1. This is true. VAR was a lot better in our game against Espanyol than any other game I’ve seen live this season.
  2. Can’t wait to see what the Rangers make of the Braga police. They were horrible when I was there. Off to Barcelona next week for the away leg, should just be a party now!
  3. Neves’ goal looked offside to me.
  4. Went to watch West Ham vs Albion in the cup a few weeks ago and I couldn’t believe how bad they were. Stadium is horrible too. Feel bad for the real West Ham fans that have. Erm going for years.
  5. Yeah, they’ve left a few Anne Frank stickers around Wolverhampton. Still, they lost.
  6. The worst thing about VAR is I genuinely didn’t celebrate. Even though I could see nothing wrong you just know there’s a good chance it won’t count. It’s horrible.
  7. We signed him, paid the money and couldn’t play his cus of a work permit :-D
  8. I seriously hate it. Killing it for me. Another one for us where there was no advantage at all. Decent game this though I think. Enjoying it other than this fucking shite system.
  9. Haha and that keeper, remember him? kalich or something?
  10. I might be done with this sport
  11. you're probably right! They certainly don't like competition, kinda odd for a sporting body really!
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