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  1. I'm really enjoying this game, working on the Skell misssions at the moment. The only reason it clicked so quickly was because I'd played Xenoblade Chronicles. As someone else has said that did a great job of explaining it's combat (which is very similar to this games). That said it still took me a couple of hours to get the gist of how the gameworld works. I'm not surprised so many people are baffled. The story is getting interesting too. I guess Monolith Soft have a knack of surprising you, it's not going the way I expected it at all, and slowly they're addressing all the questions and plotholes I have about the game world. Xenoblade Chronciles also had this in spades, JRPG tropes that looked so obvious yet plot twist after plot twist that managed to amaze and surprise. I'm still thinking about that ending years later, can't wait to see what they'll do for this.
  2. Leneux

    Fatal Frame (5): Maiden of Black Water

    I'm enjoying this too - up to the sixth night. It seems a lot easier than previous Project Zero games. First one that I am genuinely eager to explore too, it's a tiny bit less linear too. All the water to wade through is good fun, for some reason the oppressive movement works great (or awfully depending on how you look at it). I can't stand the checkpoints. They're just too infrequent. I know some of the reviews have been middling but they're criticisms that can be levelled at any game in the series. The Wii U controller works beautifully too.
  3. Leneux

    Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    Not got the best impression from the Giant Bomb quick look but perhaps it's the right sort of harmless fun I need right now.
  4. Leneux

    Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer

    Are there any bricks and mortar stores announced where you'll be able to buy the cards?
  5. Nice to see this thread brought back to life. Will be good to see hunters come back to the game too.
  6. Saw this thread has been bumped, so thought some of you might appreciate my photos from Monster Hunter The Real 2014 in Osaka.
  7. Leneux


    I love Ghostwatch. I wasn't allowed to watch it when it aired at the time, but I've grown to love it many years later on DVD. It's still a great bit of drama and the ideas in it are still very effective and very creepy. Is anyone else planning on taking part in this years ghostwatch national seance? Every year at 9:25pm on Halloween, fans sync their DVDs and watch it at the same time while tweeting about it. It's perhaps as close we get to watching it "live" again, as there still doesn't seem to be any plans to repeat it. There are three different releases of ghostwatch on DVD now so no excuse. Heres some info if you want to take part: http://www.ghostwatchbtc.com/2013/10/well-be-here-with-updates-right-through.html
  8. Leneux

    Nintendo 3DS

    Don't think you can tell. Except when I first connected to free wifi where I live I got one boom straight away.
  9. Reminds me, can you still only carry two max potions these days?
  10. This is my favourite aspect of the game. Being forced to return to or farm a monster that you used to really struggle with, and then slowly making it your bitch.
  11. Try farming the little baby ones rather than the big fella. That's all you need I think.
  12. Is it wrong that I'm considering getting one too?
  13. Had a glorious weekend of lancing. I'm a brand new blademaster - been heavy bowgunning monsters for years now. That's what I love about this game, the idea that even years into my MH career I'm still finding new ways to enjoy it, and my knowledge from fighting monsters before is putting me in good stead with my new weapon choice too. Did anyone else get a survey from Club Nintendo about MH3U? Very interesting - asking how it compares to past versions of MH, what versions bought, if it's comparable to Pokemon, what features I like best about the game etc.
  14. MH doesn't tell you everything, it tells you the bare bones, but leaves you to work out the nuances. Whether that means looking things up online, talking to other people or sharing tips with other players is entirely up to you. It's the community that's stood together to help each other that makes the game IMO, alongside the sense of discovery. Even now with 1000+ hours clocked on three versions of the game it still finds a way to surprise me, and give me the same satisfied smile it did back when I first started.
  15. It's gone back to the old HR system. So you progress through each tier of quests to reach an urgent quest which then progresses you up a rank. Since this game has G rank I'll assume the ranks are like MHFU so by that logic the top rank should be HR9.

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