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  1. It’s nuts that for most people it’s totally impossible to get one. If you’re good with tech and signing up to stick alerts, you’ve got a very slim chance (I have never used Telegram and don’t understand it). The system is unintentionally but massively rigged in favour of scalpers. Even if I sign up for alerts, it’s not like I could drop what I was doing and start online shopping.
  2. Missed it again! How do I sign up for these stock alerts? I thought I was signed up for one but I never actually get emails.
  3. I don’t understand why the retailers don’t implement a waiting list/queuing system for things in high demand. I know it wouldn’t make them any money but it would at least make them look a lot better.
  4. Bugger. I didn’t even realise there was a stock drop.
  5. Seeing as it’s on Amazon, wouldn’t whoever fell for it be protected?
  6. What is it with the Amazon marketplace scams that pop up from time to time claiming to be selling a PS5 for less than £100? What would happen if someone actually tried to buy one?
  7. I did my first run without using any Death Defiances. Two regenerating casts with speed boons and Phalanx Shot with Deflect. I barely bothered with my main weapon.
  8. I’ve now escaped 9 times. Not yet with the shield though.
  9. I’m on fifty+ runs and I still don’t know what the purple glow/aura around certain weapons means. I usually choose the one that’s glowing anyway - does it just do extra damage, or is it something else entirely?
  10. I’ve only really tried since launch day but found it impossible. I’ve got a PS5 into a few shopping baskets but it’s always disappeared before I checked out. If I’d pre-ordered, I may well have got one - but trying to get one since launch has been impossible no matter how much effort you put in. I’m not convinced they’ll be generally available until well after Easter. I remember hearing Sony doing something weird with Pre-orders like only offering them to limited numbers of people who were worthy enough fans - was that actually true?
  11. The stock situation is shit. I don't remember any previous consoles being so hard to get hold of for RRP.
  12. It wasn’t that hard on PC. I had to restart some sections a few times, but that’s to be expected - it’d be too easy if you could go through the whole thing without dying on your first go. But I’m finding it much harder on the Switch (handheld). The tea room mini game was difficult on PC, but on the Switch it’s just impossible. I’m also finding some of the platforming more tricky. On the PC I played with the Switch pad so it should be the same - more or less - on the joycons.
  13. Thanks - that’s useful and means I’ve got pretty much everything I need now. My developer is a few years out of date but it’s dry powder so I reckon it will be fine.
  14. It’s odd - I don’t know if something could have happened in the lab (but I don’t see how that would work) or in actually making the film itself because it’s the first time I’ve seen it. It almost doesn’t look like something made from film grain as it’s so sharp (compared to everything else in the image). I have all the chemicals (some expired!), thermometer, 2 different sized tanks, etc to process my own film. I just need some large enough glass bottles to mix the chemicals in. So I might as well give it a go when I get time. I remember processing film at school and college but having
  15. Thinking about it now - it was more my friend that had issues loading. He had a newer chunkier-looking C2N that might not have been official. It wouldn’t load reliably if we were both in the room for some reason. Mine only got shit after the cover broke and it got caked with dust and hair inside. Weirdly, the most reliable tapes I had were the dodgy hacked ones that loaded super fast. I’m still convinced that manufacturers made deliberately shitty copies so they wouldn’t work well if you made copies on a tape-to-tape machine.
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