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  1. Left on an orange filter by mistake: Shutter got stuck open - tends to happen on exposures longer than 1/4 second.
  2. Thanks. She hates it! I quite like that my reflection matches her position.
  3. Yes! Using film, I think I've learnt a lot that I didn't need to worry about when shooting digital. When I've got some cash together, I'll be looking to buy another (second hand) film camera.
  4. Mostly just bog-standard touristy stuff (on Portra 160, FP4 125 and Velvia 50):
  5. I remember playing GTA for the first time. The top-down original. It was the first time I’d heard radio stations in a game (maybe the first time I’d heard recorded music playing from CD as before that I’d had a Mega Drive). It’s a cliche now but it was impressive then and added to the atmosphere of being in a city. The most atmospheric game though, I dunno. Maybe Ico or SOTC. Also Castle of Terror on the C64 with its graphics and music for every screen. Terrible game but it terrified me when I was 10. I still don’t know what the mouldy bone was used for.
  6. I’ve scanned black and white and slide film (on a Epson V550) and it was pretty straightforward. But I haven’t got a clue how to deal with the orange mask on colour negatives. So far everything is coming out really blue and dark and I’m left trying to sort it out in Photoshop with no real idea how it should look. Is there some sort of formula (or setting) for dealing with the orange mask?
  7. I remember Last Ninja 2 coming with a cheap ninja mask and rubber throwing star. That star used to bloody well hurt - and cut you up - when your “friend” threw it into your face as hard as he could at point blank range.
  8. I enjoyed the Last Ninja games at the time, but I think most of the enjoyment came from the fancy graphics and music. The gameplay really was clunky, even for the time. Jumping was terrible. IIRC, you would jump varying distances depending on which of 8 directions you were pushing the joystick. It was unintuitive even after multiyplaythroughs and made the swamp/river screens - with stepping stones - a memory test, and even then it was a lottery as to how many lives you would lose on each screen.
  9. A few from Prague. I've also got film to develop but won't have time until sometime next week.
  10. I’ve had that as well, which is always nice. I think yesterday was just unusually bad. We were in a lot of tourist areas which didn’t help.
  11. As much as I enjoy taking photos, carrying round an old Rolleiflex turns me into a dickhead magnet. I mean, it’s pretty much true for any camera that’s not a smartphone, (“Ha ha - look at David Bailey here,” etc) but much more so with the Rollei. I’ve had people getting right in my face and taking the piss while I’m trying to take photos. How do you deal with dickheads?
  12. Top tip: on YouTube search for “Antstream” not “ant stream” unless you want to get sucked into video streams of ant colonies.
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