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  1. Monkeyspill


    I’ll show it to my wife but I think she’s got her heart set on the £200 one her friend has got - she’s been on courses with Hoffmann teaching I think. I honestly think the Wilfa would be enough as we’re unlikely to be making espresso. Just V60 and maybe Aeropress. We’ve got a few Moka pots but I haven’t used them in years.
  2. Monkeyspill


    Those flaky bits aren’t throughout the grind - they float to the top. The grinder is knackered definitely but it might also be the roast of the coffee, which is fairly light. If I ground a really dark roast I’m pretty sure it would be more even.
  3. Monkeyspill


    It’s not as bad as it looks. All the “fluffy” bits floated to the top while brewing. It also didn’t help that I ground it quickly as I was trying to get the coffee ready before my class started. You have to grind pretty slowly with the Hario or it doesn’t grind very well. But the grinder is definitely knackered. We actually have another one (same type) that I should swap round but it’s a real pain in the arse to set the right coarseness. My wife is now insisting we get a £200 electric grinder (I’m not sure what type) in any case. It makes sense as we’re using decent Square Mile beans (we get them at wholesale prices so they’re not massively expensive) and it’s a shame to waste them on a crappy grind.
  4. Monkeyspill


    I’m still using the Hario hand grinder. It’s a bit uneven. I get sort of flaky bits in the coffee: It’s still decent but think it could be better. 36g of coffee / 600ml water.
  5. The larger ones have lower quality noodles. And the non-cup plastic packets have better noodles. At least that’s how it seems to me. It could well be my imagination.
  6. The problem is it happens suddenly and takes a second to reactivate. If you’re in one of the buildings and dealing with ghosts at that specific moment it runs out, it’s easy to panic and mess up. Having a stopwatch next to me made it easier in that If I had 20 seconds or so left, I’d get somewhere relatively safe and wait.
  7. I remember setting a stopwatch to time the transient curses so I wouldn’t get caught out with the status stopping in the middle of a fight (this happened a few times first resulting in death).
  8. It really reminded me of Death Stranding’s mirror bit.
  9. Long single player slogs that outstay their welcome. I used to love long games when I was younger - I saw it as value for money. Now I don’t have so much time on my hands I give up before I even get halfway.
  10. I was 12 in 1989. I would have only had a Commodore 64 then. As well as some old arcade games at the local off-licence (maybe Double Dragon?). I would have been playing a lot of Bubble Bobble on the Commodore. I don’t think I ever finished it.
  11. I’m paranoid about having anything delivered now after I caught one of the kids in the block opposite trying to steal mail for our block. She was shouting down to the postie, “What flats are you looking for? This is ****** House - bring it in here” and whispering to her little sister “shut the fuck up!” when she tried to tell the postie the truth. ****** The name of our flats.
  12. I should have just bought the bastard digitally. I will if it hadn’t arrived by this evening. I still have weird worries about downloading large files. How large is it?
  13. It had Royal Mail tracking.
  14. I’ve got a suspicion my copy was lost in the post. It was out for delivery at 7am by Royal Mail and hasn’t arrived yet. Do Royal Mail actually deliver until 8pm as Amazon seem to state?
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