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  1. Finished RE7 the other night, what an experience . Shat myself at several points throughout .
  2. There is also a bit of luck involved I think. I'm currently on High Sea Hi-Jinx on island 3 and as much as I know the patterns on her first phase as far as I can tell they are thrown out randomly and can overlap as well, there are a couple that if they happen at the same time your fucked. Speaking of that level, on phase 2 when you get turned to stone, what's the quickest way to break out?
  3. I don't know much about the "laws of physics" but I negged your post because it makes you seem like a right fanny.
  4. I'm now about halfway through island 3, not checked recently but must be near 800 deaths, this game is killing me. It's ace though. Edit: 865 it would seem
  5. Chris has now come out and said its just them having a laugh and he gives as good as he gets.
  6. Reading the hotdeals page seems hit or miss whether they honour the voucher.
  7. Just tried this at Curry's Aberdeen and they wouldn't honour the code. Said it been generated by Vouchercloud and not them. Cunts.
  8. I take it you need Nintendo online to get other folks levels and upload your own?
  9. Understandable Good line up though. Just in the station hotel for a swifty and away to wander down.
  10. Stonehaven beer festival this weekend, anyone going? I'm going to be half cut before the doors even open
  11. Sounds like me to be honest but there is something about it that in really enjoying and I keep coming back to. I started Island three last night and spent about an hour on the Bee stage getting nowhere, fired up tonight and after 3 goes the level was done, then knocked another off in about 20 minutes. The quick start when you die really helps with the "one more go" feeling.
  12. Finally made it to island 3. Only taken 625 lives
  13. It does take a bit of adjusting to no doubt about that. I couldn't handle the flicking of the angle method. I've not played a massive amount and I'm going at quite a slow pace so will see how it goes.
  14. No warping, you can choose your control method in the settings so I spent a bit of time at the start trying different options out. I settled on left stick for movement ( forwards, back and strafe left & right) and then right stick to move my "head" left or right combined with being able to look around using the headset. Set the "head" speed way down to the lowest though, tried it at 10 and was a bit much. You can set the head movement look around to be at angles if you want, 30, 45 or 90 I think it was, but I found this too jarring.
  15. Just played about an hour of RE7 in VR. Fucking hell it's pretty intense isn't it.
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