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  1. What's worth putting on and off with the new update?
  2. No you don't if ignore it but surely they can come up with something better than falling back on the screwdriver as a get out clause for anything and everything.
  3. Enjoyable enough but I'm so sick of how the sonic screwdriver just seems to be able to anything and everything. Seemed really excessive in last night's one and take away all sense of danger.
  4. When I first tried W3 on PS4 I couldn't get into it at all, then I bailed on the whole game about 10 hours in. Tried it again on Switch and this time I'm sitting at over 45 hours and I've not left Novograd yet but I still can't get on with Gwent. Happy to have them showing as failed, just a pain having them in the active listing.
  5. I've no interest in Gwent, is there any way to get rid of the Gwent missions in my log? Switch version.
  6. His face/head looks right strange.
  7. Ahh right, yeah have seen them.
  8. What are these "white dots" folk are on about? I'm playing on switch and jumping into the map to get my bearings. I follow the yellow highlighted pointer on the little circle map on the HUD but cant think what the dots are.
  9. will give it a go next time I'm on.
  10. I might have to to be honest.
  11. Im about 30 hours in and at level 10. Im barely out the first area to be honest and just wandering about. This game might kill me though, I'm struggling to deal with having open quests on the list and i must clear them out, hence me doing level 5 rated stuff last night for minimal real reward, but I am still enjoying it so thats the important part. I also struggle with all those feking "?" on the map, have this need to clear an area before moving anywhere. This games going to take me forever.
  12. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Cool, it's the standard one I have about the house someplace, won't use that.
  13. memories

    Nintendo Switch

    Argh, looks like I have joycon drift on my left controller. Was only having a quick blast in Witcher 3 but there was the odd time when Geralt seemed to go off on his own to the left. Will take a proper look tonight and look at recalibration and see what's what. When folk talk about spraying contact cleaner in the stick area is WD40 ok? Are Nintendo charging for repairs still?
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