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  1. There's a chance I might be working tomorrow eve Not a great start to the season. That's what you get for being a freelance musician and videographer, the 2 most unstable professions in the universe when it comes to hours (and finances too). If I race, I'm mic-less atm, left mine with father and haven't had a chance to sort anything else yet, but I'll log on to Discord and I'll be able to hear you all!
  2. I've finished my quarantine but the flat I'm staying in is so amazing I've decided to stay a bit longer treating it like a retreat. I'll be there next week for sure!
  3. Yeah would have been, hopefully they fixed it. I hope they adjusted the McLaren too, my experience of it in season 2 was disappointing, specially comparing it to the Lexus. The Mc feels stable at first, but is edgy when driven at the limit and has longer braking distances. Recently saw a video of an alien saying the same things and explaining it needs to be driven differently than other cars, but even he was struggling a little, again that was before new BOP. The Lexus lets me drive the way I want, much happier. I really fancy the Ferrari though, the new 488 felt incr
  4. Yeah what happened to me was really unlucky, but at the same time it was a gear related issue, I understand if people don't want to restart as it can be a downer. Although I missed the start to our Brands Hatch GT4 race when ACC disconnected from the server even though I could still hear you on Discord, I think that was even more frustrating, not sure what happened there. If we decide to restart for technical reasons we should test it off season first, just to make sure it doesn't scrap the qualifying order, wouldn't be worth it in that case. Hey @milko I seem to remembe
  5. If only there was someone in this league who lived in Liverpool and knew how to unplug all my gear and drop it over Totally joking haha would be such a hassle all round and it's better I concentrate on working, studying and maybe a bit of meditation, wanna get into a nice routine and gaming would get in the way Looking forward to joining you again soon though, should be there for start of season 4
  6. On the way back to the UK now but will self isolate alone in a different flat, which is a shame as I was quite excited to go head first into quarantine racing and sorting my setup Empty airports and flights and everyone is tested, so feels safer than going to the shop so far... See you guys in a couple of weeks.
  7. Congratulations @SharkyOB! Thanks so much @davejm! Cheers everyone for the racing, I'll try not to miss any next season x
  8. Guys as much as I hate to say this I don't think I should be racing tonight - love Kyalami and there's a very small mathematical chance of fighting for the championship but I just did my customary pre racing warm-up exercises (guitar scales, modes and arpeggios ) and my head is throbbing and struggling to keep my eyes open. It's absolutely boiling in here as well and the last thing I want is to ruin someone's race if I make a mistake. Very sorry I was really excited about this. It's gonna be an amazing race, hope you all have a great time! Can't wait for the British D
  9. Guys I got headache, slept really badly and the room the computer is in is at around 28C. I'm gonna join but may leave if I feel unwell, sorry.
  10. Haha @Meers I commend your bravery in these almost flat sections.
  11. 1:42:3xx, that's it for me. It was tough with the track not being rubbered in like it would be in quali. Could probs have done a 1:42 flat if I nailed a perfect lap, but didn't have the confidence. See you guys on thursday!
  12. Thanks for letting us know, I won't able to use the computer Tuesday - Wednesday so I'll try and set a time tomorrow!
  13. This schedule looks mega! Are you thinking of doing any off season races before the start of season 4? As it stands I'm gonna be quarantining in the UK away from home between the 7th and 17th, so unable to do any races then, would love not to miss the start! But don't plan around me as it's all subject to change.
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