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  1. He was right….Your Eyes Only, Octopussy and A View to the Kill are poor.
  2. The reused footage from Battle Beyond The Stars Trilogy - Dead Space (early Cranston) - Space Raiders - Forbidden World There’s more but I haven’t seen them.
  3. You’ve had more collections and clear outs that I’ve had hot dinners. Those limited run games are going to be worth a bit of cash aren’t they? Ive only got a ps5 collection these days. Think it helps that there a couple of hoarders in the family and you can see what happens if you don’t maintain some control. Still miss my Dreamcast collection though.
  4. How about… The Warriors Southern Comfort Streets of Fire all Walter Hill directed and thematically similar but different in execution.
  5. The embarrassing games thread is quite interesting in this regards.
  6. Mine: The Thing The Thing The Thing or Escape from NY The Thing Big Trouble.
  7. I also had trouble understanding what was being said in the songs…too fast for my old brain. Really enjoyed it though.
  8. Been playing this as I’ve been looking for something relaxing. Been playing through the storyline and it’s pretty straightforward, the underlying farming etc seems a bit pointless and has little relationship to the story. Not sure why you’d bother with that aspect plus the collectables. For a final insult my save corrupted around 2 mins from the end of the game so I watched the ending YouTube.
  9. Watched. Sub John Wick. Looks nice but the fight scenes never felt right and the world building was strange.
  10. I feel like they should have done a flashback to when he was a proper bad ass..crossover with his appearances in the original films. Now he just seems like Favourite Uncle Boba with his white teeth and goofy grin, who stumbles into situations carry on style.
  11. Permanent buffs? it should still have registered that you beat phrike hopefullly. Find your way back to the door ..it should be open?
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