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  1. This sums up Balearic for me
  2. Just finished off Gannon. 125+ hours, 100 shrines, 171 koroks. On the map screen it shows 39.4% completion. What a tour de force of a game. I'm still going to wander about and mop stuff up. How the hell are they going to top this with the sequel?
  3. Thanks for the heads up. It's a steal at that price. Scramble, Nemesis/Gradius, Lifeforce and Vulcan Venture are all quality old school arcade shooters.
  4. Really? I haven't noticed any?
  5. All this talk of Mr Driller?? "Hail to the King" is now out, at a bargain price £3.99. Tremendous port too.
  6. Thanks for all your interests. I'll get back to you all as soon as.
  7. For those who were interested in my games. Here's an (incomplete) list of my games https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1A5h64lEFmsCHzwaeimR_Lkn_5B8kfzJzPYDPM2QOvGo/edit?usp=drivesdk
  8. Sorry for the late reply chaps. Mixture of pal, JAP and US across all. I'll do a doc over the weekend and give you a link. Got several Jap Saturn (,Radiant Silvergun, Elevator Action Returns, battle garegga)... And they're all boxed with instructions save for a few
  9. I've got a collection of games starting from the SNES till modern days that I'm wanting to move on. Got Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, GameCube, stuff. I'm not a collector, but I never get rid of anything I've bought, mainly through laziness. But the cupboard is jammed and I need the room. I can assure you it's all genuine, but I'm not going to be opening carts to prove it. Would anybody be interested? Is it best to load these up to a Google Doc to see what I've got?
  10. Just started on ITV4 now.
  11. Agreed. Paul Kaye was excellent. This series however was nowhere as good as the first.
  12. Gutted. Probably the most influential band on my musical life. Planet Rock was the catalyst. But when I discovered Bambaata had ripped it from Kraftwerk, it opened up a whole new world. RIP Florian.
  13. Late to the party. Very funny. Great characters, a modern day farce. Got to love Martin.
  14. On the weekend before lockdown I was in some pretty swanky, pretentious bar in Shoreditch. However, two young lads had some turntables in the corner playing some cracking disco tracks. This was one of them. Such a great tune. Perhaps even wandering into Yacht Rock territory. Dreamy...
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