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  1. I've heard Miranda Hart as a good Sybil, and I kinda agree. After reading more about this Sybil's character is going to be completely different, basically a batman character. There isn't a face palm emoji big enough
  2. I'm in equal parts nervous and excited for this. And the more I hear, the more nervous I get. If Vimes doesn't start as a drunk it removes his entire redemptive ark and either puts it into exposition, maintains it as a battle he is currently fighting or ignores it completely. All of which are ignorant of the effects that Sybil has on him. Carrot is the catalyst for the watch changing and growing and him coming into the series as the first new member of the Watch since Gaskin just let's the whole redemption and improvement of the watch flow so naturally. I just feel a short six ep season introducing Carrot to the existing three members of the Watch and then expanding out just makes so much more sense. I don't even need the Dragon. Richard Dormer though is a great shout. And I've always seen Nobby and Colon as these two. As an aside, and going into the territory of witches, I always saw Stephanie Cole and Miriam Margoyles as Granny and Nanny.
  3. You can basically pause, fast forward and rewind from the d-pad in game. It's not perfect but I imagine Spotify had some terms that had to be abided by.
  4. To pick up on this, I'm finding the glare annoying. Mostly because it isn't about risk/reward. There is no second, safer, slower option. There's a disconnect between crashing because you lost concentration and crashing because you physically can't see an obstacle
  5. Had a quick go this morning and found the sensitivity a little high. Reading on Reddit this seems common and you get a more Burnout style of handling from 4 or 5, and not the 7 the game defaults to. Will try that later. Also, and this is a bit of a weird criticism, but being unable to control the music in menus is a little annoying. It would be nice if it had the option of auto changing the song at the start of races/entering menus etc.
  6. I have literally no money at all, and I preordered. Its not like I need to eat more than beans for the next couple of weeks
  7. omus


    75 packs, 10 legendary cards including a golden, and WhizzBang, and a handful of epics. Pretty happy about that.
  8. No Borderlands 3 was a bit of a let down for me (unless I missed it). Especially with the weeks leading upto E3 with regular news and speculation on the subject.
  9. Carcer is Night Watch, it's Stratford in Snuff To me the worst books are the Tiffany ones, just don't get on with them at all. I read some Pratchett every night to get to sleep (comfort, i don't know) and the fact there are several that i have no interest in is a little sad. Also there's this. Which sort of reminds me of Don Quixote for some reason.
  10. omus


    It's not been too bad here, no disconnections so far. Just did my free ticket from the abandoned arena run from last season and managed 5 wins, which isn't that bad since i drafted a poor deck, and managed to get a Prince Liam too from mt pack. The incidence of Legendaries seems really good this time around.
  11. omus


    You shouldn't need to disenchant, when you login you get a popup of all the changes then awards you the dust and you get to keep the cards. You can then disenchant them again as normal.
  12. omus


    Yeah, I recon so, i crafted a singular epic in Baleful banker for the battlecry shaman deck, but i think i'll be waiting on the rest.
  13. omus


    I got: Hagatha Splintergraft Shudderwock Glinda Crowskin Blackhowl Gunspire Genn Graymane And about 5000 dust with the HOF cards. I opened 67 packs, and luckily didn't have to spend a penny. Quite pleased with that. Hagatha seems to be a bit of a snowball card. The battlecry is a little weak, but the active effect fills your hand really well.
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