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  1. I’ve stopped buying new games. The last one I bought at release was Monster Hunter World for £43 on PSN and I’ve played it for all of 20 minutes. That one made me realise the stupid practice I have of getting caught up in the hype and having very little gaming time. It’s probably £20 now I would imagine.
  2. Pavey

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    I used to get the bus every Saturday from Potters Bar to Finchley to go to Adam's World, to get a Speccy game. I believe we also got our Dragon 32 from there, though would have been driven there for that. Most of my formative years were spent on a bus or waiting for a tape to load, ran out of time for anything else. After that Tottenham Court Road was where it was at, usually chatting in Shekhana about the latest release, or Ace in Carnaby Street.
  3. Don't get this, bit slow on the uptake. Can you play AW on the Switch?
  4. I have three Wii U's, do i win a prize? (have just started 3d World, will play on the Switch in 2022 probably. Too many games - you don't hear that often).
  5. Pavey


  6. Pavey

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    The multiplayer certainly auto syncs your rank, not sure about the single player game though.
  7. I still play every night (if I can) but the mp can be a lonely place sometimes. Best game ever for distressing from the day.
  8. I have it on mine Dave, well Outrun & Coast To Coast . You need an RGH.
  9. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    What dock do you use @Soi? Do you have a link please, have you used it recently with no trouble?
  10. Pavey

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I have the Brook X1, it's very good. Think i paid £20 for mine.
  11. Pavey


    I very much doubted Iwobi up to this season but what a turnaround. Like a new signing.
  12. Pavey


    Was getting his hair done.
  13. My cat is 20 soon, and a proper miserable old bastard. I daren't try this for fear of a five claw swipe.
  14. Pavey

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It's always on ripple.is (for next time). Great for football too, just wish they showed Moto Gp.
  15. Pavey


    100%, like two new players. Bellerin even took a shot with his right foot yesterday.

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