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  1. Same, black screen with a flickering in the corner.
  2. I have one too, a slim. Try as i might, i cannot get PS2 iso's to load, can you do this? Help me AMC, you're my only hope.
  3. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Ha ha, same. I was hoping you would tell me all was ok!
  4. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Changing the subject, has anyone's Switch been bricked by using a 3rd party dock like the ones a few of us picked up on Ebay, or is it just the Nyko that supposedly did that?
  5. Pavey

    Old Gaming Telly

    I can still vividly remember a segment on 3d tv, in the future! They had a boy on a swing, coming out of the screen, and it was mind blowing. I seem to remember we were told to watch it in the Radio Times at a certain time, and to wear the 3d glasses .
  6. Pavey

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    My sons birthday on Monday and he needs a headset, is the official 2.0 one the best to get? It's £60 on Amazon, is there anything as good for cheaper, or is that about right cost wise for a decent headset?
  7. Pavey

    Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    Oh yes, grim. You can only imagine the rust has come from sweat too
  8. Pavey

    Rllmuk Arcade Stick Thread

    I've always thought the VSHG has never been bettered. Not 100% sure what it works with though (on PS4), i've only ever used mine with SFV. There is one on Ebay atm for £130.
  9. Pavey

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I would love a code if anybody has a spare? Thanks.
  10. Pavey

    Monster Hunter: World

    Probably already covered, but the cheapest i have found this digitally is £43 using a £50 PSN card with 5% off from CD keys. Downloading now.
  11. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    I would say unless you have patience, good eye sight and more patience go for the Etsy pre made ones. The ZL and ZR buttons in particular are a PITA.
  12. Pavey

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    For those of you who still use a launch PS4 i thought you might be interested in this: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01HD2KY76/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I just got one as my launch machine regularly goes into jet engine mode; this has made a world of difference. Admittedly you can hear the fans on it but they are pretty quiet and consistent, unlike the panic inducing fans in the machine itself.
  13. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    That's the one, I'll give it a try (or a Google first).
  14. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Great, thanks mate. Wonder if that virtual card would work, the one I used to use on the xbox store (can't even remember the name of it)?
  15. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Tiny Metal is £8 odd on the Mexican store. Am I right in thinking you have to have an account per region on your console? I have one already that I used to purchase from the Russian store, plus mine, my sons and my daughters so it's going to get pretty hectic up there with icons.

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