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  1. I've never seen these, any of them. Keep planning to do it next week. Do i need to watch them in book order, which i this is The Hobbit first, then the LOTR?
  2. What was the difference between the original White one and the Core, originally? I know neither were released here, but was the Core upgraded in some way?
  3. Pavey


    Putting this here as it will allow you to play all the region locked Shmups:
  4. Maybe, we shall see i guess. It might make all the difference.
  5. Anyone else think the coloured ones look a bit homemade? i think it's the flat paint used, looks naff imo.
  6. Pavey


    Did RFA ever get released digitally over here? I know it was coming soon for ages (and never did) on disc, but unsure if it ever went on Live? It (and Raiden 4) was only JPN and US on disc i believe.
  7. Is Christmas different this year though in that potentially people wont have as much cash to shell out, due to lack of work, reduced wages etc? Launching the most expensive console to date (i think) might be a bit foolish.
  8. Pavey


    New away kit. Anyone thinking of the kid at school who always got a nosebleed in PE?
  9. Pavey

    The Playstation 3

    That was it, thanks. Just had a read about it, seems it does actually do some good (my memory of it is a little hazy). Did Sony drop it eventually, from the PS3's OS?
  10. Pavey

    The Playstation 3

    I had a random thought today, about that program the PS3 initially had, where you left it on and it helped the world, or something along those lines. What was it, and what was it called? Was it a counting thing? I did try and Google it, but amazingly couldn't find it.
  11. How much? I've ended up with three of them (probably 50% of the total sales).
  12. We stopped watching it after about season 3, for no particular reason really. Really enjoyed it, and will pick it up again thanks to the recommendations above. I was downloading it back in the day, and didn't know it is now on Prime. Tonights viewing sorted (just finished Money Heist last night).
  13. I think this might be one of those films that's better the second time round, as looks bloody confusing. Maybe.
  14. I found this recently, in my loft. Bought in Florida in 1990 as I was there with my dad. It was either £90 or $90, one of the two. I still have the Gameboy too, but it’s very yellow.
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