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  1. Pavey

    The Spurs Thread

    My What's App has been on fire this evening.
  2. Pavey

    Gamer or lamer?

    I am actually dumbfounded at this. You have had a week off, and yet come back with this same high and mighty, us beneath you attitude. That achieves nothing, other than an argument. You must have worked that much out. Your posts are full of big words, yet you have the attitude and persona of someone stuck in the playground. My guess is Samthefootball. If not, you are sure to go that way soon. Cue Luck telling me I'm a fick cunt, in some deep and meaningful way.
  3. Pavey


    And apparently Xhaka off to Newcastle (on loan).
  4. He's not going to miss flying through the air, i would imagine :
  5. Check out the crashes at 0.52 and 1.38. Mario and Luigi make an appearance too.
  6. He should never have left Ducati, was just getting exciting on the GP17, and challenging. This season on the Honda has been a disaster, and i guess made him evaluate himself. Quite a Marmite character; i was slowly warming to him as a Ducati rider and forgave him for all the arrogance in the past. Hell of a rider in his prime though, so smooth.
  7. I finished the museum level last night, and got all 5 jewels. Today, walking through Covent Garden, i walked past a store with tall grass/plants in its window, and imagined myself hoovering them up. I'm 45 yrs old. I haven't done that since N64 days, when i used to look up to building tops and imagined shooting the security cameras (was playing a lot of Goldeneye).
  8. Pavey

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone used Tobydeals for a Switch Lite? They have the Pokemon one for £165. Not too shabby, as Link would say (i think it was him).
  9. I know. Does that change anything, as in is it not a BD rip?
  10. This has been leaked already, a 1080p copy. Is the Blu-ray release around the corner, maybe in time for Christmas? Seems very quick if so.
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