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  1. jiroczech

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    I don't think the buttons and bezels will have graphics on them like they do in the trailer...
  2. jiroczech

    Huge Capcom Announcement - Home Arcade

    I can see fights over who gets CAP and who gets COM. CAP side looks like it's comfier.
  3. For audio, I'd guess a lot of current stuff fakes it - so the reverb in a room might be fixed rather than calculated based on the surfaces in the room. If you have processing power to spare then you could start calculating all that stuff in real time. Think raytracing but for audio.
  4. Seems like games that rely on timing or reflexes are a bad fit for this i.e. most games I enjoy. Can we not get quantum entagled controllers or something to fix it. Come on scientists.
  5. Once all this predictive AI gets really good - am I even playing the game any more?
  6. I found out that there's a woman in my office who is a former World no.2 Tetris player (for some PC-based version of Tetris). She offered to win some games for me, the cheeky minx. I asked her for some tips and she said "play well"... so basically "git gud" :-D Pressed further, she said "don't target random, cos that's pointless and make sure you have badges going into the last 10". Like I can think about stuff like that when I'm going into top 10!
  7. I've played about 120 games and haven't won one. Yet.
  8. I checked out how to set up a perfect clear tetris but now I obsess about them and keep getting shafted.
  9. This is fantastic. 4th place is my best so far but even enjoying getting blitzed out in the first 10 seconds as you can in another game so quick. The menu screens look like they've left plenty of space for additional features, I wonder what's they'll be?
  10. Universal tips? Think about the order of your moves and attacks. It can make all the difference, for example softening up a target with a strong but ineffective unit can let your weak unit finish them off when attacking first would have wiped the weak unit out. A weakened unit is still useful (they can capture buildings, block squares, be healed etc.) so don't kamikaze them. Use and abuse critical hits/terrain bonuses (e.g. in Wargroove pikeman get a critical if they're beside another pikeman, units in a river get a -3 defensive penalty) and plan your moves and attacks accordingly. Capture buildings as soon as you can. They usually add to your revenue each turn, sometimes they let you build units and if you have them, then the enemy doesn't.
  11. jiroczech

    Major new online game coming this year from Nintendo.

    Probably just () Animal Crossing.

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