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  1. How do you mean? I spend a nerdy amount of time thinking about time travel in movies, and Endgame seemed alright really. It's possible to travel back in time, each instance of which creates a new branch. But although the time travellers can hang out in this new branch as long as they like, the Pym Particles can only return them to their branch, so there's no point trying to change things to benefit their timeline. But any actions they take of course have an impact on the new branch they created. So I guess in Loki, we see the TVA dealing with one of those branches created by The Av
  2. It's hard to tell without any gameplay, but in theory that sounds amazing. I love chunky 70s vehicle handling, especially in a knockabout open world. I've not played Mad Max, but if it has the weighty powersliding of Driver and the rough-and-tumble action of Wreckfest, it could be brilliant. I'm kind of hoping that 'vehicle combat' is more about pushing people off cliffs or into oncoming traffic rather than miniguns strapped to the wings, but I guess some Spy Hunter style options (stingers etc) could be fun. Being able to get out of the cars for some on-foot combat and car-swapping also sounds
  3. Definitely a spoilerific trailer
  4. Actually, I think they did it with FH4 on Series X - removed some stuff like shadow quality (that was present on XB1X fidelity mode) in order to hit 4K. I'm just of the opinion that I'd rather see resolution be the first thing on the chopping block in order to hit 60fps. I doubt I'd be able to tell much difference in practice, anyway.
  5. Hmm, that's strange. I can't think of another game that sacrifices graphical effects and draw distance for pure resolution, when you're given fidelity/performance options.
  6. Am I setting myself up for disappointment by hoping for a game where you can freely fly between and land on planet-sized bodies, on which there will be bespoke settlements and installations to find and explore? Nothing city-sized or anything of course, but something like Hadley's Hope in Aliens.
  7. I'm confused! The tweet says that Performance mode is 4K and 60fps, so why would you choose anything else? What does dropping to 30fps get you in return?
  8. Which begs the question, what does Quality mode get you?
  9. I rinsed this over the last couple of weeks. While I loved season 1 and 2 (especially 2), I thought it totally dropped off a cliff in season 3. Spoilers and time travel mechanics discussion that @John0 will probably find interesting:
  10. Hmm, mine is on top on my TV unit, upright, behind the TV. It's got plenty of airflow around it. I'll keep an eye (ear) on it.
  11. I was playing No Man's Sky last night, and when I removed my headphones I noticed my Series X was pretty bloody loud. That fan was going like the clappers. There have been a couple of times recently when it's been very audible while playing modern games. I put Skate 3 on (a 360 game) and it quietened right down. I don't think I ever had this with Series-optimised games before. Has anyone else had their Series X get louder since they got it?
  12. I think it's good they're presumably using the processor power for new stuff like volumetric lighting and other fancy stuff rather than pure resolution. 60fps all the way, of course - I'm a bit surprised they'd retain the 30 option on Series consoles.
  13. Given that it's Arkane I just hope it's not one of those "fire constantly at enemies only stopping to reload" co-op games. I love The Division and am looking forward to Back 4 Blood but I want Arkane to make something with a more varied pace e.g stealth, hacking, interesting traversal, setting traps etc. The Division works well solo but that's because it doesn't give you bot buddies. I hate bot buddies.
  14. Yes I agree with this. There's quite a lot of emphasis on extreme off-roading in FH these days but I've never enjoyed that element of the game as much (rallying aside, I love the rallying). Yet I love off-roading in other games. I feel like the buggies and other proper off-road vehicles should be bouncing around a tumbling more. I like that feeling of being right on the edge of going into a massive barrel-roll, like you get in Wreckfest. Whereas in FH you tend to just glide over terrain as if it's not much different to tarmac.
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