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  1. Just highlight anything empty on the inventory screen and press RB. Or if you want more shields or health, press RB when it’s highlighted on the healing wheel.
  2. No I think you can only ping that if you have none at all.
  3. I think you can do it anywhere on the gun (except for empty attachment slots of course).
  4. Not having to re-buy everything.
  5. One is my preference and that’s what I tend to do most of the time. I’m feeling all stressy at the moment as I’m halfway through Resi 2, new elusive targets for Hitman 2 keep cropping up, I’ve just got addicted to Apex Legends and Crackdown 3 has just come out. I can’t handle swapping between similar-but-different control schemes.
  6. Useful article about each weapon: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2019/02/11/apex-legends-guns-full-weapon-stats-spray-patterns-best-weapons-ranked/
  7. Oh right! So the spread reduces as you aim, making it more like a railgun? I assumed Alan meant it queued up multiple shells to fire at once.
  8. Is this really true? The description of the choke says it reduces spread.
  9. Pob

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Control scheme screens that auto-cycle between on-foot / car / helicopter meaning you never have a chance to study any of them properly. Why? Even UI-masters Respawn did it in Titanfall 2, I noticed the other day.
  10. I imagine those barrels are great in the endgame when you want to barricade yourself in somewhere. I ended up with a fully upgraded PDW (is that what it's called? The burst-fire SMG) last night, with the full-auto mod, and that was pretty sweet. Even after so many hours play I have very little feel for the guns, though, as I so rarely get to test them properly! I just pick stuff up based on what people say is good.
  11. Pob

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    Battlefield 4 even had it in the beta (though it was simplified - you simply lost any spare rounds when you reloaded) but I guess players moaned. I really liked it. Ghost Recon Wildlands' hardcore mode has the same system and I think it adds another little layer of strategy and tension without taking away any fun or adding complexity. I'm amazed PUBG didn't use it, with its gun nerdiness.
  12. Pob

    Gaming tropes that need to go away

    I think more realistic, tactical games like Rainbow Six Siege and maybe even Battlefield would benefit from the player having magazines rather than a pool of bullets. It then becomes another tactical decision - go on with 10 round left or swap to a fresh mag? You should also have the choice of quick reload (chucks the magazine and any remaining rounds away) and a slower, proper reload (stow the magazine for use later on).
  13. Great games with @Kryptonian and @Mystacon last night. Two 2nd places. We should've won that one where we had the high ground on top of that massive wall! If only I hadn't fallen off it.
  14. I found out yesterday that if you're sprinting and you open your inventory you'll carry on sprinting. Nice touch.
  15. Pob

    Films with one set.

    Ah, that must be the film that my brother-in-law summarised as “Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier in a room, winding each other up.” Always liked that description.

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