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  1. Pob

    Google Stadia

    I wonder if MS and Sony will put the wifi / ethernet gubbins into their new controllers to steal the 'client device' idea from Stadia. Seems like a neat trick to reduce latency.
  2. One of my favourite genres is the 'immersive sim', which tend to be very detailed, quite cerebral action games with lots of player agency, densely-packed levels and multiple solutions to any given problem. Deus Ex, Dishonored, Hitman (kind of) - some of my favourite games of all time. However, I find it quite hard to get round to playing and finishing those games because they're quite strenuous. Not in a difficulty sense, just in the amount of brain cells required to make progress. I guess they're the videogame equivalent of a Martin Amis novel or something - dense, slow-going but very rewarding. I'm not saying they're not fun, or that I can't do them, but they just take it out of me. I love the lack of handholding, but it makes them less relaxing than a traditional action game, and more hard work. Deus Ex took me about a year to finish, and I had a massive break halfway through Mankind Divided. Dishonored 2 and Prey are sitting virtually unplayed on my shelf, and I've still not touched half of the maps in Hitman 2, which is probably in my top 3 games of this generation. When I do get properly into them – "immersed", you might say – they are the best thing ever. I just have trouble getting over that initial hump.
  3. Yeah I think I read on HKUD that they'll take it without box.
  4. I got mine on Tuesday evening and it was still on and advertised in-store. My Elite 1 was complete and boxed. There was some signs off the left grip coming unstuck but luckily the guy either didn’t clock it or think it was worth making a fuss over. Relieved to get rid of it before it properly started coming away TBH.
  5. Not sure it’s advertised online, it’s just an in-store deal.
  6. Pob

    Google Stadia

    Probably. I shouldn't have replied to your question TBH because I don't even understand the Stadia proposition let alone the revenue model!
  7. Pob

    Google Stadia

    I guess because you're using their infrastructure but not paying them anything apart from the initial outlay? The hardware you use is presumably paid for by you buying the games you're playing. Though I guess Google should make a cut of any microtransactions. No idea how this works for stuff like Fortnite on XBL or PSN to be honest.
  8. I got the Elite Controller series 2 last night using the £80 Game trade-in deal with the series 1, as my series 1 was starting to show signs of the left grip coming unstuck. The series 2 is a thing of beauty. The small paddles are even smaller on this version, and perhaps positioned a bit higher or further towards the middle of the pad. Whatever it is, the paddles are no longer brushing up against my ring fingers, which was slightly annoying in the series 1. That, combined with the extra resistance means the paddles feel much more like an essential, integral part of the pad rather than a slightly awkward extension that you'd keep activating by mistake. You can now put the pad down with much less chance of these upper paddles being activated. I might even try the lower, larger paddles as well, but I suspect that'll still interfere with a comfortable grip too much. The hair triggers are even better now that the throw can be reduced right down, making them feel more like bumpers. Also, the software auto-adjusts so a more shallow press still equals 100% so you don't need to fiddle around with any settings. Once you realise that the analogue aspect of the triggers is generally only used for gas pedals and throttles, it makes sense that you can turn them into digital buttons for shooting games with the flick of a switch. And, because it's just a flick of a switch, you can easily switch modes in games where you move between on-foot shooting and in-vehicle accelerating/braking. You can now assign a shift button. I couldn't initially think of a use for this, until I remembered d-pad weapon selection systems like Gears, which I don't like because you need to stop moving to change weapon (or awkwardly reach across to try to press the d-pad with your right thumb). So I set the left paddle to Shift and the face buttons to act as the d-pad when shifted, which means weapon selection can be done without taking your thumb off the left stick. It works brilliantly - just like the weapon-select on Red Faction Guerrilla, which is one of the best systems I've used. The software seems much faster to open and use than before. It's still a bit annoying to have to go into the software to check which profile is assigned to which slot - with three slots it's now easier to forget how you've set them up. Ideally you should get a notification in the corner of the screen telling you the name of the profile when you switch to it, or even better, it should auto-switch when you boot up a game. But having three slots is much better than two, and you can hold the profile button to turn it off completely, which is useful. I've not messed with the stick acceleration profiles yet because I don't understand enough about aim acceleration in general. In theory it might be able to fix dodgy aiming calibration in games like RDR2 - where it's really hard to aim accurately without overshooting your target - but I need to investigate more. In any case, that's not a new feature for the series 2. There are a bunch of other improvements - a much nicer Guide button, the amazing case/cradle for easy charging, nice dappled material on the grips. I've not tried the stick tension adjustments because it's not something that's ever worried me. Overall, I love it.
  9. It seems to be this show's version of the smiley face motif. While we're on yellow, I really like the squad car yellow and red lights
  10. I know we all want to see this but please don't request or post links to piracy sources, it's against the rules!
  11. Maybe it's because I've been reading that supplementary Peteypedia material, but I feel like this is very deliberately plotted and much more carefully crafted than Lost. As in, they know what they're doing rather than making it up as they go. It feels more in the Westworld mould, itself a show that recalled Lost but with lessons learned. I think it's less oblique than that show, though, which is a relief, and also less cold. Like Lost, I think it's designed with Internet speculation in mind, so we're meant to work together to piece together what might be happening in a way that we might not be able to if just watching solo. I quite like these social network TV experiences. What I'm enjoying the most is the extrapolation of the original Watchmen alternative history. The political situation, the attitudes to race, the extremists. It all feels quite daring and thoughtful. I'm loving it so far, and watching every episode as soon as I can. So it must be doing lots right.
  12. With modern budgets and SFX, Star Wars might work better on the small screen anyway. I'm more excited for The Mandalorian that The Rise of Skywalker.
  13. Might be worth experimenting with a 1-month Gold sub to see if you get the £1 Ultimate offer, before stocking up on three years of Gold! Post your findings
  14. Anyone know if you can do the £1 conversion again if you already did it once, and it has since expired?
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