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  1. It’s the cool-sounding username they are after.
  2. Oh, this is 60fps and dynamic res up to 1440p on Series X according to the recent DF video - it might be time to give this a go, then. TBH I'd still rather MS hack in a 60fps mode for Wildlands like they just did for Watch Dogs 2.
  3. The Xbox pad can be used on more than just Xbox Series exclusives you know
  4. From Quest 2 users, it sounds like wireless connections to PCs works well for VR headsets these days. Wasn't there always a concern that the small amount of latency would be amplified for head-tracking and increase the nausea? I definitely much prefer the idea of totally wireless but I hadn't considered the extra bulk of on-board batteries.
  5. The dongle for the Arctis headphones is a good shape for this:
  6. argh no that's where the headset dongle goes!
  7. Still wired, sounds good apart from that! Will buy if only for Star Wars Squadrons https://blog.playstation.com/2021/02/23/introducing-the-next-generation-of-vr-on-playstation/
  8. Shame the shoulder-swap when not aiming hasn't come back. Seems strange that they took it out, I used to use it a lot.
  9. Has anyone here tried this? I couldn't see a thread in Retro. This might be a good solution as long as it's not a pain in the arse.
  10. Was that Tim Blake-Nelson's character? He was brilliant to Watchmen, it'd be good to see him in the MCU.
  11. But wouldn't that mean fiddling with the TV settings no matter what device you use as a media player? Or are settings saved per-HDMI input these days?
  12. It's not as bad I was making out. In fact it's not input lag, it's how slow it performs tasks, like it's got a 386 processor or something. I hate pretty much everything about the Android TV UI and the massive Sony remote anyway, so I decided to take the hit to my carbon footprint and just use a console. In exchange I haven't flown for about six years.
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