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  1. Not actually a game thing, but one for the Xbox Elite Controller software - you can set up profiles for what the extra paddles do, trigger sensitivities etc, and then use a physical button on the pad to toggle between three different profiles. Fine. Why doesn't the software just let you assign a profile to a game, then automatically switch to it when that game is booted up? Seems like such an obvious way to streamline the experience. I think the Sony Wireless Headset has a similar issue with audio profiles (or at least it did years ago when I last bothered looking). You have to go into the audio software and manually switch it to the profile for the game you're playing.
  2. I don't think Moving Out has any online play at all. At least, not that we could find. We were all sat there in a virtual party ready to give it a bash, hunted around for some 'invite' or 'online games' option before concluding that it's purely local multiplayer.
  3. Pob

    Microsoft Rewards

    Phew! Have to say I'm obsessed with MS Rewards at the moment. I did it every day this month and amassed almost 11,000 points. That's not doing everything, but I was diligently doing the web ones, probably at least 15 daily achievements and made sure I got the 1,000 'quest completionist' one in the mobile app. The web stuff is a minor inconvenience but the GP rewards are generally really fun. My current plan is to build up £60-£70 worth to put towards the XSX. More if the new console gets delayed.
  4. Pob

    Microsoft Rewards

    I hope not, I was absolutely loving doing that every day - I was working my way through the Forza Horizon 4 ones and it was giving the game some much-needed focus. I've hardly ever looked at achievements before this. In fact I think the whole Rewards setup is an ingenious way of encouraging you to stay in the Xbox/Game Pass ecosystem. My Rewards apps (phone and Xbox) don't refresh until the early evening - does yours change at midnight? Have you got the new weeklies and monthlies already?
  5. Pob

    Microsoft Rewards

    Oh really? I did one last night, and it doesn't refresh till about 5pm does it? That was my favourite one, it was adding a welcome extra dimension to making progress in GP games. I was getting a lot out of it.
  6. Pob

    Xbox Series X

    Yeah, I'm actually considering holding off going back to RDR2 to see if it gets a 60fps upgrade for the XSX.
  7. I love this thread's title.
  8. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    I got it! So fun. I didn't pull any levers in the mansion and just worked my way around behind the scenes, experiencing the level in a totally new way and finding some fun new lore. Such a good level.
  9. Streets of Rage 4 The side-scrolling beat 'em up was the genre that made me really fall in love with games. Renegade on the Speccy and Double Dragon in the arcade were two formative games for me. Then came Final Fight and, of course, the Streets Of Rage series on the Mega Drive before the world, including me, turned its attention to 1v1 fighting games with the arrival of Street Fighter 2. Afters Streets 2, I played a bit of SOR3 and the occasional Capcom side-scroller like Punisher and AVP but for me it was always about those urban, Warriors-inspired environments - lead pipes, graffitid subway trains, denim jackets with torn-off sleeves and end-of-game bosses who brought a gun to a knife fight. A genre that shone brightly between 1986 and 1991 before gamers moved on. Streets of Rage 4 brings back everything I loved about the side-scrolling beat 'em up, bringing a modern game design sensibility without succumbing to any of the cruft that could potentially distract from the sheer kinetic fun of stun-locking five goons in place with a combo of unblockable punches and kicks. No XP, no skill-trees, no parrying. Just deal as much damage as you can before turning to face the next threat, mixing things up for the sheer fun of it. But SOR4 is more tactical than I ever remember the genre being. I guess it was always about crowd-management, I just never realised how much skill was involved in knowing when to abandon a combo, or when to finish up a grapple by throwing your victim into his colleagues. I finished the game on the toughest setting at the weekend, and it felt like a 2D Dead Rising. Every split-second counts as you try to clear a path to the chicken-shaped health re-up, desperately manoeuvring yourself closer as you try to prevent your life-bar from reaching zero. Mania difficulty level brought back memories of Halo on Legendary. Very tough, but intensely rewarding. Bite-sized sections that play out differently with every attempt. SOR4 introduces some new features that add significant depth and immediacy, most notably the ability to use the edge of the screen to bounce and juggle enemies, racking up obscene damage and keeping the game flowing. Weapons are a lifesaver in some instances and a bind in others. They're not always the best choice for dealing with crowds, but you sure as hell better stop the black-shirted Barney cop from picking up his taser and using it against you, and if you see Galcia pick up a knife, the next few seconds become about disarming him before he rushes you. Every game mode works in its own way. There's the standard Story mode for working through the 12 stages one at a time with the allotted lives, and Arcade mode for trying a '1 credit' run. Even Boss Rush is fun. This works better than the traditional setup of having to do the whole game in one go with an arbitrary number of continues, as was the custom in the SNES and MD era. SOR4 is balanced around being played and replayed at home, rather than trying to guzzle coins via cheap bosses and a steep difficulty curve. The whole thing is tough but fair. Even the original SOR games, a series that started on home console but was closely modelled on the Final Fight arcade game, didn't get the balance right in my opinion. The whole thing is just so smooth, responsive and satisfying. I'll be firing it up for a quick blast for a while to come. It's another success for Game Pass - I've no doubt this would've passed me by otherwise. I didn't know how much I missed the genre until I played this. Previous
  10. I completed this on Mania, and now boot it up to see if anyone needs help playing a stage on Mania in the 'Join online games' section. Not found anyone yet! I've started trying to Boss Rush too. Got as far as Estelle /Commissioner. It's really fun. The whole package is really great bit-sized gaming, with Arcade mode if you want something a bit lengthier.
  11. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    And, if you play it now, you're pretty much playing the 'finished' game rather than some ever-changing work-in-progress.
  12. ...plus fans were burned by Conviction and expected Blacklist to be more of the same. Saying that, I really liked Conviction despite Chaos Theory and Blacklist clearly being better games, and it remains the only Splinter Cell game I've completed.
  13. Pob

    Xbox Game Pass

    Oh that's good. I fancy trying it with the Elite pad and on an XB1X. I never got the XB version because I was so many hours into my PS4 save. I'll start a new save on the Xbox - the opening few hours are the best anyway, and the game seems to be designed to start from scratch after each major expansion/rejig.
  14. Pob

    Dishonored 2

    Cheers. I've been looking into it. I think you're allowed to behead them as well. I assume you can take out guards as long as they don't spot you. Would be good to know the exact success rules though.
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