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  1. The issue here is mainly how well were ported games on the Amiga? The Amiga generally had smaller teams working on the games and had often tighter schedules. Why is that? Well the mega drive and SNES games cost £40-£50 and generated more capital than a £19.99 game in the Amiga or ST. Saying the Amiga cannot do sonic or Mario is just nonsense as it’s been proven time and time again. Arcade conversations are usually poor on most hardware. However bespoke system games really show off the hardware. The Amiga (over all) excelled the mega drive and SNES in most areas. Yes the SNES and mega drive had more colours per resolution and I think the SNES had decent audio too but.. the Amiga had much more processing power and multiple resolutions on a single screen, blitter and hardware assistance that the others did not. Yes many games sucked , I know I had an Amiga in 1987 but try these on the mega drive. Desert Strike. Another world. x-com sensible soccer (extra moves removed on all console versions) agony moonstone rick dangerous and hundred more. the console had there place but often at a price. mike.
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