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  1. I saw Akira at that ICA event...a mind blowing experience.
  2. I love Ponyo! Not as much as I love these guys though...
  3. Managed to catch the first ep of this today and I loved it, nothing more to add really! That soundtrack though...superb stuff.
  4. Watch it again in with the subtitles if you can, those kids have a completely different nature because their voices jar against their old faces.
  5. Except it was written in Japanese, for Japanese people to act, and often with specific Japanese voices in mind. If you can’t read subtitles it’s acceptable, but otherwise no. You make your own choices naturally, but I will never listen to a dub our of choice. What’s the point? EDIT: Unless there is only a dub I guess, but does that even happen these days?
  6. There are some people who have only ever seen Akira as an English dub, so they think the experiment kids all have stupid voices.
  7. The problem with all of your ideas for this is that they would be interesting possibly once, and then just get in the way of excellent racing every other time. I don’t think you’ve really got any idea why people love Mario Kart. Also, you don’t seem to be aware you are supposed to hit the bumpers, not dodge them.
  8. I gave this a pos for the Yamadas comment, but I should also add that I firmly believe anyone who watches any Ghibli film dubbed into English should be facing a very long prison term, and that includes children.
  9. Eight votes now! But the real crime is how The Wind Rises has zero votes...it’s a film of rare and delightful beauty however you look at it.
  10. Anyone who has this also got Katana Zero? They seem vaguely similar, I’d be interested in thoughts as to which is the better game.
  11. I saw an advert for this on telly and assumed it was just a rip off of the Alan Moore / Neil Gaiman Johnny Bates character from Miracleman, is that what it is?
  12. Castle of Cagliostro is the best Ghibli, you’re in for a treat.
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