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  1. ZOK

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Thunder Helm is amazing, easily one of the best hats:
  2. ZOK

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Iirc that’s in a shrine towards the coast from the snowy peak towards the East of the map - maybe the one from the three trees shrine quest? Do you need that gear though? It’s redundant if you have the Thinder Helm.
  3. ZOK

    Mortal Engines (2018)

    Yes I agree - I love the Corum books best of the Eyernal Champions...although it’s a close thing with Hawkmoon. ER Elise was always the definite third...but still amazing. If you can track down a decent copy, it’s worth reading The Cornelius Quartet which has the four JC novels. I’ve always wondered at the Jerry Cornelius stuff, it’s amazing how it makes sense without making any sense. Also a real influence on William Gibson I imagine, although I’ve never heard him taking about Moorcock.
  4. ZOK

    Mortal Engines (2018)

    Moorcock is the king imho. What have you read? The Land Leviathan is fairly light by his standards, a great read though, as always.
  5. ZOK

    The Stamina Wheel in BotW

    Get some new material Cochese!
  6. ZOK

    The Stamina Wheel in BotW

    Yeah, I hate all HUDs. I think Far Cry 2’s one was best, iirc it disappeared completely until reloading, etc.
  7. ZOK

    Mortal Engines (2018)

    Every time I see an advert for this I feel the author must have been very heavily influenced by Michael Moorcock’s 1974 book The Land Leviathan:
  8. ZOK

    The Stamina Wheel in BotW

    I remember you making the same point in the BOTW thread months ago. It’s been on my mind since, and you’re absolutely right about how incongruous it is. Obviously it doesn stop me playing though as I’m near 300 hours in, it’s just a niggling annoyance. There should be an option that removes hearts and stamina from the screen completely...I’ll take my chances.
  9. ZOK

    Book Four. Rock Buster.

    Just a thought - if the job is so boring simple it is low paid, can be done by one person and he’s looked after by a robot, why is there a human there at all? Why isn’t this a job for the robot? If anything, it would make more sense (and probably be more amusing) if it was a highly skilled job, and he was there as redundancy / to look after the robot. It’s a nice way of opening the book with the memory device, by the way.
  10. ZOK

    Hunt For The Wilderpeople

    It will exceed your expectations. One of the best and most consistently excellent films I’ve watched.
  11. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    Indeed, it’s one of the greatest pinners of all time, and plays lovely on Switch.. I think they’ve also released Attack from Mars by the same designers, also one of the greatest pinners of all time (or it’s out soon).
  12. ZOK

    Nintendo Switch

    What is it with Switch case smells? My Ozrly one smelled of burned tyres for the first couple of weeks.
  13. It suppose it depends on your perspective. It’s not unrelentingly dark at all, it’s just got some unflinchingly violent bits in, and its core message (if there is one) is ‘life is very cheap and very unfair in a developing capitalist society’. There is room for a lot of beauty and comedy therein, and the film is stuffed with it.
  14. I’m bemused by anyone who found this dragged. I thought it was a joy to watch, and would have been happy with double the running time!
  15. ZOK

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    If I remember rightly you have to pop in houses and shops in Kakariko to keep getting mini missions - eventually you’ll go to see Impa and the ball has been stolen, and then you track the thief, which gets the ball to the mound. You’ve probably just missed a mission.

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