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  1. The iOS gaming thread

    I gave Darts of Fury a go, and went back to Galaxy Darts (used to be called PDC Darts I think), I don’t like the obvious assisting or looks of DoF. Galaxy Darts has a decent lofi feel, and is perfect for pass the phone play I find.
  2. Hope that’s a sweet unlockable in MARIO Cars 9.
  3. GLOW

    Excellent news!
  4. The Peripheral

    I am very excited for this, and will no doubt remain so right up to the first episode I watch where I find out it’s as shit as Altered Carbon.
  5. Fucking hell Valerian is shit, isn’t it? A beautiful film to look at, spoiled completely by the script, plot and actors.
  6. Nothing for Enter the Gungeon in Best Writing?! ’Looks like you still need to hunt 5 Shelleton’ makes me cry real tears, a feat no other game has certainly ever managed.
  7. De Niro

    Obviously De Niro is amazing, goodness knows what Capone is on about. But why the hell is Mean Streets not appearing in these lists of excellent De Niro roles? That’s one of his best ones!
  8. It’s fantastic, pretty much the only essential Asimov for me.
  9. I think I might vaguely muster interest in what Lucas has to say about SF, but in all probability not much. The rest, definitely no. Harlan Ellison is who he should interview.
  10. I recently sold my GTA Vice City cd soundtrack set for £80 odd quid, one of the very few profitable gaming investments I’ve ever made.
  11. Digby, Hudson Hawk and Spiceworld is a proper movie night as far as I’m concerned.
  12. That sounds a lot more interesting than any of the films. DISCLAIMER: I only watched the second one, and it’s shit.
  13. Now @Benny, I don’t know what dungeon crawling is, but I’m pretty certain Enter the Gungeon isn’t it. Also how can anyone be disappointed with 1-2 Switch? The phone answering game is worth £60 on its own! Probably, I borrowed it off someone.
  14. Limmy's Show

    Yes! Amazing stuff.

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