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  1. There is a stellar gulf in the quality of acting between Fifth Element and Valerian. I don’t mean to harp on about it, but if you liked Valerian you also voted for Brexit.
  2. ZOK

    A movie watchers blog

    I’ve only seen two Uwe Boll films, Rampage and Assault on Wall Street, and I liked them both a lot. Neither will change the world, but they are both lovely bits of grimy fluff schlock, and well worth my time. Compared with tripe like Purge 2, which I guess they are in the same ballpark as, they were works of sheer genius worthy of Cahiers du Cinéma.
  3. Oh, that’s not as exciting then. Well, I guess it means We Love Katamari is surely on the cards at some point, at least.
  4. What’s the score with Katamari Damacy? A new game or a port of a previous? Although I’d probably buy either.
  5. That’s exactly the sort of thing that appeals to me, and I think it probably is my game of forever:
  6. That review reads like it was written by a ten year old.
  7. I’ve seen a bunch of adverts on busses for Predator this week - and I managed to get it into my head they were re-releasing Predator for a cinema run. Imagine my disappointment when I saw the shitty trailer for this on telly last night.
  8. I’m getting rid of most of my paper library at the moment, a difficult job, and one not made easy by the number of amazing Penguin covers I come across that I can’t bear to part with due to their drab industrial beauty. Are people interested in these? Would be fun to see the covers people like I guess. Here’s one to kick off, a wonderful Iris Murdoch:
  9. ZOK

    Sci Fi recommendations

    Ha, I’m trying to get rid of at least 90% of my paper to the chazzer at the moment, and my battered copy was one of the ones I saved, cover is just too good: Actually, that gives me an idea for a thread...
  10. ZOK

    Better Call Saul!

    That’s kind of the problem with his character in Breaking Bad too though. Ultimately what does he get out of it? He’s a drug lord who lives the life of a chicken shop owner.
  11. ZOK

    American Horror Story

    That looks amazing! Bit disappointed they didn't go for a murder cruise liner though. Or a murder fashion house.
  12. ZOK

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I think there’s an opera version out at some point, Maria Carllas.
  13. Seems the right place for this, I've got an unopened white VMU I just found in some stuff if anyone wants it, the box is a bit dented but I guess it still works (or can be made to work? i don't know). Anyway drop me PM and I'll stick it in the post.
  14. I've just started watching Kath & Kim from episode one as I've only ever seen the shows in bits and bobs...flipping heck there are some great lines in there from the get go. Proper laugh out loud funnies.

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