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  1. How do you find this on the eshop website? I’ve tried every combination of Millie / Molly and it doesn’t come up…
  2. ZOK

    The Dollar Bin

    Clouds Across The Moon is one of my all time favourite tracks, it’s just so good…also one of the lushest key changes ever!
  3. Also MUBI, which is a yearly sub for me. I think the only one I’d keep over that if I had to choose would be Prime as it has other benefits, but I watch Netflix all the time and I’d lose it if I had to choose against MUBI. Apple and Disney would be binned…in fact I may sack them off anyway now I think about it.
  4. Considering how half-written and dull John Wick is after the first 45 minutes, managing ‘Sub John Wick’ is quite something considering the rough promise of the trailer.
  5. I find it hard to believe there is a single critic who took away from Trainspotting the message ‘taking heroin is cool!’. Unless they were from a ‘movie reviews for Christian wacko parents’ site.
  6. Ha, definitely. In those same halcyon days I used to go to The Red Eye in Lewisham, South London’s Mecca in the days of acid jazz, Patrick Forge was one of the residents there iirc.
  7. I just googled Lee’s, a great nostalgia piece about it here: http://www.britishrecordshoparchive.org/lees-sound-city.html They were saying it was in New Cross which made me scratch my head, but then there was this comment at the end: ”I worked at sound city from the early 80’s until 90. Although the shop was on new cross rd, it was in deptford, opposite the high street, more or less. Loved my time there, the music has stayed with me . Of course lee taught me how to read a crowd and dj successfully.” Good to see some of my memories are still in working order!
  8. Heh, I’ve got Outline, think mine came from Lee’s Sound City in Deptford (does it still exist?) for £2.99…a scandalously low price even then. £1.99 apiece though?! Ridiculous.
  9. Well yes, observation is the foundation of science. There’s also this from the above paper: ‘High latency can have a negative impact on player enjoyment. After pressing a button, players expect that the effects of the corresponding action will appear instantaneously on the screen. If it takes too long, it can make the game unenjoyable, and in some cases, fully disrupt the gameplay. Here, we compare the RTT and jitter buffer delay metrics for different games and resolutions. Dataset D8 presents the WebRTC internals that correspond to the same traffic captures as in Sections VII-B and VIII-A. Figure 13a shows the ecdf of the RTT for both Tomb Raider and Spitlings during the ’play’ state at 1080p, as well as the RTT for Tomb Raider at 720p and 4K. All of them show similar RTT values, averaging between 10.28 ms and 12.30 ms. In all cases, the 95 % percentile of the RTT values is lower than the duration of a single video frame (16.67 ms), meaning that in these tests Stadia had the opportunity to interact with the player’s actions without any perceptible delay. As expected, since the available link capacity was large enough, the game and resolution have no impact on the perceived latency. Only when the traffic load is close to the network capacity, such as in the previous section, the RTT is affected.’ I guess my perceptions are just not sufficiently enhanced to pick up on something happening at between 10.28 and 12.30 milliseconds…maybe that’s why I find it imperceptible!
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