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  1. Nice, hope you enjoy! If you want ultimate bang for buck, JG Ballard’s Collected Short Stories is a majestic collection clocking in at around 60 hours, with multiple fine narrators.
  2. Paul Michael Garcia’s narration of Ray Bradbury’s The Illustrated Man is peerless. Tim Robbins also narrated Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, and that is an exceptional narration too. And if you dig well known actors doing narrations, Jake Gyllenhaal does an excellent narration of The Great Gatsby.
  3. Yes, I hardly cooked any meals in 300 hours…think I just bought potions off people. Also I can’t agree that scouting the environment is tedious. I hardly ever used horses (or the bike) because I loved being on foot so much.
  4. You should have - every single Corbyn ‘critic’ bears direct responsibility for contributing to the election of our current government, and everything that has stemmed from that election. ‘Animus’ towards Corbyn critics is painfully quaint - every single one of them is deserving of pure, raging and unending hatred.
  5. I don’t give a fuck what she writes about, she’s a known scumbag - a transphobe who knowingly helped smear Corbyn falsely as an anti-semite, and that’s that. Anyone supporting or promoting her work is doing so with the full knowledge that’s who she is.
  6. For some reason I remember watching this on my PSP…was it one of the first wave of UMDs or something?
  7. Please remove the link to Hadley Freeman @Stopharage, she’s regarded as one of the UK’s most infamous media transphobes, and also as instrumental in the knowing and false smearing in the media of Jeremy Corbyn as an anti-semite.
  8. I’d be all over this, but I found Crunchy Roll to be a pain in the arse on my telly.
  9. Yes, it’s very odd that the second series had fewer episodes in it. Loved it though, and was all that was needed.
  10. I did get a copy of this, it’s fantastic as you say, cheers for the reccomendation!
  11. I’m gutted we finished Hacks. Doesn’t seem to need a third series but I would happily have watched season 2 stretch out for eighty episodes, rather than the eight we got. I think it was the seventh ep where they got to Deborah’s LA mansion and the Anita Baker cd couldn’t be switched off, that was so funny…although also my dream!
  12. Or in the case of Neon White, games that have a bug in that prevents connection to the leaderboards, and then doesn’t upload your local scores when you do connect.
  13. This will be of interest to @Loik V credern: ’One thing several cryptocomplainers have messaged me is to argue that crypto mining has been proven – proven! – to not damage a graphics card. Poppycock.’
  14. How can you watch series 3? I loved The Two Detectives 1&2, but was barely aware season 3 existed.
  15. Isn’t No Man’s Sky the only interesting thing on that list? Otherwise it’s more of the same.
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