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  1. Hamus

    Google Stadia

    Well it's not that many people that lose it over DF videos. Not compared to those who bought GTA V, for example. So Gerbik is right, it's not those people. Streaming will happen, if just depends when. Back in the early 2000s people were predicting mobile gaming would take off. Many scoffed. When the tech arrived (properly, looking at you VR), it happened.
  2. Hamus

    Google Stadia

    Surely they'd have been better getting games + it working across devices instead of getting a hard on for 4k. I suspect they are hoping early adopters will pony up to beta test and iron our the flaws. It sounds like MS are doing a far better job, seeing as you don't have to pay!
  3. Hamus

    Google Stadia

    I thought this was a game service like Netflix too. Wow. So this is £120 for a controller and a Chromecast + Destiny 2? If this is going to be free next year, and currently doesn't work as it should, what's the point in going with it now. It's surprising Google didn't push back the launch.
  4. Princess Mononoke looks nice.
  5. Is this about the floods and the Tories?
  6. Ah I did not know. From what others have said I believed it would be taken down.
  7. All that effort. Why not make something new.
  8. It is perhaps that EA have realised that they don't need to spend through the nose to sell a star wars game / a great game. They got burned with Battlefront after all. It would be sensible to try yk sell this not quite as hard - and not allow people to hate on them for the way they push stuff, especially star wars. Then let YouTube, influencers, and word of mouth do the rest. Also, a single player game from EA? It has less legs and so the marketing will be lighter. I'm fully expecting some horse armour DLC to tie in with ROS mind you.
  9. Stirling sometimes dives and sometimes scores goals.
  10. So you stopped playing immediately
  11. I loved the start of MGS V. That whole in bed sequence and then crawling along with such effort. Hilarious. The fire guy and the floater, the explosions, it was great. I then started the main game and got bored. Is this whole like the start bit of MGS V? If so I'm in, because I want a game just like that.
  12. How will they know when the time limit is activated, when they're so far underground?
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