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  1. I imagine there is a hangover from being relegated from the PL (and below), but having PL-levels of wages.
  2. Two weeks for them to stew too. Lovely stuff.
  3. Loving his salty tears at the moment.
  4. I've still got my XB1, but haven't played anything on there for a while now. Getting free time in a evening is tricky, sadly. From the videos I've seen though, it does look very close to what COD4 was.
  5. I've enjoyed elements of all the Terminator sequels post-T2 (even Genisys (sorry)) but not really loved any of them and this was no exception. I liked seeing Linda Hamilton back and thought that she was both credible and vulnerable again. Davis and Reyes were good too, especially Davis. I wish I had seen more of the Rev-9 searching and trying to find Dani, using its smarts rather than just outright murdering people. I don't think having a Terminator that separated added much that having two separate Terminators would Seeing the quality of the writing in the post-T2 sequels, you really do get to appreciate (again) how good a story craftsman, Cameron is (or at least, was back then). Kerrraig's done a review podcast that you may want to have a listen to, if you're into that sort of thing.
  6. You can be fouled off the ball though. The control of the ball thing might indicate a red card or not.
  7. Out of everything (forum, BBC Sport, live stream), @bradigor's notification came in first, so I'm counting on you!
  8. From an earlier post. Anyone know why the string is there? I'm guessing the camera is moving rather than the text and the string is the guide? Also, is it resting on top of a Star Destroyer?
  9. Rossatron has done a retrospective on the Terminator series.
  10. The Shining First time watching it on the big screen, in a new remastered version. Looked amazing. Still stands out as a classic psychological horror film. I loved noticing this time round the sound of what Jack is actually typing right from the start when you see him at his typewriter. And still one of the very best, "Oh shit!" moments in cinema. 5 frosties/5
  11. 2005 1. V For Vendetta 2. Serenity 3. The Aristocrats 2006 1. The Prestige 2. Children of Men 3. Deja Vu 2007 1. The Bourne Ultimatum 2. Hot Fuzz 3. Sunshine 2008 1. The Dark Knight 2. Synedoche, New York 3. Iron Man 2009 1. Black Dynamite 2. District 9 3. Triangle
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