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  1. No Chernobyl? That list is delusional. Take it to the infirmary.
  2. Whenever Pukki's not scoring, all the other players should be asking, "Where's Pukki?"
  3. My usual list: Coherence Timecrimes Predestination Primer Time Lapse ARQ The Quiet Earth (Get well soon!)
  4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse One Cut of the Dead Apollo 11 Avengers Endgame John Wick 3 Shazam
  5. The leagues haven't updated yet. Usually a bit later in the evening or overnight.
  6. I imagine he's one of those Man City players that will be rotated frequently. Sterling, De Bruyne, Ederson (Laporte too perhaps) are the ones most likely to retain their starting places, I reckon.
  7. 70 points with five first teamers to play. Happy with that so far. Got a good few points sitting on the bench too, which is a little annoying, but it's good that they are playing.
  8. 1. Man City 2. Liverpool 3. Spurs 4. Arsenal 5. Man Utd 6. Chelsea 7. Wolves 8. Everton 9. Leicester 10. Watford 11. West Ham 12. Southampton 13. Palace 14. Bournemouth 15. Burnley 16. Villa 17. Brighton 18. Newcastle 19. Norwich 20. Sheff Utd League Cup: Man City FA Cup: Man Utd Champions League: Liverpool Europa League: Arsenal Most improved: Spurs
  9. You're fine until you make your next transfer. Then they'll make you remove one Man U player.
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