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  1. I don't think bad decisions even out over the season. Ask any of the teams not in the top six.
  2. Time Lapse ARQ Nothing Project Almanac Some short films...
  3. Coherence. Predestination. Primer. Timecrimes.
  4. I've been watching and rewatching Legasov's evidence at the trial. It's compelling TV; even though it's just a man just placing coloured boards on a stand and talking science stuff. Amongst the other quality moments, I love his little embarrassed smile as he picks up the dropped board and his proclamation of "And it is beautiful.".
  5. Bear in mind though, that we got more points against the other PL teams than City did. We only lost out in the head-to-head points.
  6. Tunisia's third kit.
  7. Preview screening at Picture House cinema on 26 June. https://www.picturehouses.com/cinema/Picturehouse_Central/film/apollo-11 Looks like general release from 28 June. Live Q&A at London Leicester Square IMAX. https://www.cineworld.co.uk/films/apollo-11-plus-live-q-and-a/ho00006588
  8. That was an amazing last episode and series. The screenplay is going to be released shortly and Craig Mazin has tweeted out the sources used for people to read themselves.
  9. Klopp: This is the best night of my life. *beat* Professional-wise.
  10. Unlucky guys. Don't think the score reflected the game. Hopefully, you'll get even better for next season in both the PL and CL.
  11. Trent's beaming face. Awww.
  12. Poor game but what a result!
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