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  1. The Division. The AI in that game was super smart.
  2. What did you think of the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo?
  3. Ghosty

    Xbox Series X

  4. A new Halo game announcement will help in that regard. Sony has a bigger list of games to draw from to sell consoles.
  5. I suppose I can't have been the only person who noticed that the Blu-ray drive on the Series X is vertical instead on horizontal. Which way up should the console be anyway?
  6. Holiday 2020 was too short a timeframe it looks like. Better to have stable hardware and games before releasing.
  7. Interesting. But on the Playstation blog it still says holiday 2020.
  8. Today (Tuesday 3rd Jun) in fact. Available on the PS4, Xbox, Switch. £16. Looks alright.
  9. Will we still see Godfall in action? Perhaps a few third party titles?
  10. Rare made Sea of Thieves. Which isn't all that bad. They also have another called Everwild.
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