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  1. Yeah I thought it was that. It's Keith, he's been in and around games media for 20-odd years, at Arcade, Edge, all sorts. He's written half of those books everyone goes potty about on Kickstarter. It's fair to say he's probably used all 25 of those machines at some point.
  2. I'm not sure if they still do it, but in the past you could get items delivered to your local store free of charge and kept on a shelf behind the counter for you. Then you could go in and check them out before buying, with no obligation. Seems a better way of doing things when more expensive stuff is in the mix. Source: worked there for 364 days. NOT A YEAR.
  3. Thanks for not making me sound like a chump in the VO!
  4. They can't take many hits, but they can deal out mega-damage to regular swordspeople so it's always useful to have one or two on the... wait for it... wings. Have them on the outskirts, use their supreme travelling distance so they can rush in when a target is almost dead to finish them off, that sort of thing. Just make sure there are no archers around, or the winged bastards are dead.
  5. Nope, that's me referring to myself as that. I'm just glad we're at a point now where other fine folks on here will post up new issues so I don't have to rush to when I forget. We're back! etc
  6. It's one of my all-time favourites. Two things let it down: 1) that you can learn how to cheese it pretty easily, and sometimes cheesing it is the only way to make progress, and b) the sequel exists, and the sequel is dump.
  7. It sort of slipped by without much fanfare - was originally cancelled before its 2004-ish release, then snuck out some years later under a different publisher. I remember having the review copy of it back in the day, it was complete and finished, but then didn't actually come out for years. So weird. And really good fun.
  8. what do people not like burping or something
  9. Retro Gaming Cables are incredible. They wired me up an Xbox SCART lead that outputs at 720p, which I didn't even know was a thing. Nothing I've had from them has resulted in any regret, ever. The cables will outlast humanity.
  10. I done another, returning to the roots of the channel when I rebranded and decided to try and do proper videos. It's called: going back to the well one too many times.
  11. Issue 38 is out there, it's the last couple of days of our half price back issues sale, and... we're going monthly! There'll be a bit of a gap between this issue and the next, and from then on it's first Thursday of every month in a new 116-page-a-pop issue form. More details here.
  12. Check the site I linked in the post above, I think it covers this. From memory (may be wrong), you can pretty much continue as normal even with CFW now.
  13. h-encore, yes. This site takes you through things in a very simple step-by-step format: https://vita.hacks.guide/
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