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  1. Where is teh guy who leaked the designs of the Pro and Slim via very bad hand drawn pictures? He was more or less band on the money. I think he worked at Foxconn.
  2. It will be after CDPR become first party (lol).
  3. According to an interview yesterday with Jim Ryan the biggest differences between the PS5/4 have yet to be revealed.
  4. Waiting to play this on my X. Jumped on the demo at EGX for about 20 mins and really liked it.
  5. Uncle Phil's money hat has bought Remedy. Control now first party. ;)
  6. Yes, this should work. With the parent account not logging in I don't think he will be able to see Control or The Outer Wilds either.
  7. Uncomfortable? Not at all. Next up - complaining about Mario helping out the Mushroom Kingdom. A fat Italian Plumber solving the Toads' problems.
  8. Of course it is not immunte to criticsm. As long as it has some form of borderline rationality behind it. Looking for nefarious political meaning behind a Tomb Raider game videogame isn't.
  9. It is a videogame. A form of entertainment. Seriously....
  10. If it is based upon Navi 10 RDNA with 36 CU (40 with 4 redundant) then Sony/AMD can't simply add more compute units. If XSX is based upon Navi 21 then it is too late for Sony to adopt RDNA2.
  11. That isn't how it works. And you completely ignored my points re: attachment rate of services (where the real money is).
  12. There is a reason both Sony and MS are investing in the CPU this upcoming gen.
  13. It improves cusomer choice, provides a good pricing message at launch, improves servies attach rate & may help a PS4 customer make the jump to PS5 early. The arguement someone playing the game via PS Now = a lost sale is wafer thin. The business model of relying on a single 50 quid sale is dying. It helps keep the money in house instead of say people buying it pre-owned from CEX, Game, Gamestop etc.
  14. From a services POV it is crazy to even consider Sony not doing this with PS Now. First party needs to be part of the service. At launch, not 12m later.
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