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  1. Thats fair enough. Even if neither don't get a PS5 release you will be able to play them via BC. I just don't have the patience to wait playing DS or TLOU2
  2. No. You are asking us to beleive in the impossible.
  3. Fair enough. Although I'd say keep it considering the amount of cash you will get for it. You know what will happen. After selling it something will cross your eye that you want to play!
  4. Or he is too close to notice the problem. I'm amazed Ben is still there. He truly is awful.
  5. Why get rid of it now when there are at least 12m until the PS5 launches?
  6. Was thinking about doing a re-run of The Evil Within (not decided 1 or 2 yet) and finally finish the RE2 remaster.
  7. VG247 is bottom tier. Right there with RPS.
  8. I've been wondering recently the deciding factors behind Eurogamer's recent increase in using "freelancers". Meaning, what is the selection process? It has been very hit and miss so far. Not directing this opinion specifically to this review. Although, I wonder what reviewer's skill/approach to encounters was if she finds the combat particularly difficult. (probably playing on easy too).
  9. Unsure, but it does need to happen.
  10. Here is an idea. Ben joins Waypoint. Win win. He leaves GB and kills Waypoint.
  11. In a sense I feel sorry for the guy, but on the other hand I don't as we are talking about deliberate behaviours - the interrupting, try hard humour, etc. The problem for Ben is he might find it hard to get hired. All it would take is to watch a few videos/bombcasts to realise he is intolerable.
  12. The irony of it all. I've not listened to the bombcast and have unsubbed due to Ben. Ruins absolutely everything. What an awful hire due to his interrupting, continual try-hard forced humour attitude and the complete inability to discuss games. Jeff really needs to manage this and reign him in.
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