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  1. About an hour ago, just casually fishing by my upper river. Weather was just a nice clear evening.
  2. Finally caught the Golden Trout, no bait needed thankfully.
  3. Like this... $ $ $ $ £ £ £ $ $ $ $
  4. There will be a higher price, you'll see.
  5. Thats good! It's only Tuesday, and you've gone low already. It can only go up now, hopefully a nice high price.
  6. Just goto your profile. I've clocked up 80 hours.
  7. I don't think you can write letters to animals when visiting another island. You could do this in New Leaf, and I loved writing funny letters which the animals would then show eventually to the mayor of that town.
  8. Morning and afternoon everybody's Nook Cranny will have a different price for turnips, hopefully someone this week will get a nice high price. Hopefully above 600. Someone last week had a price of 623 or something.
  9. It wont be tempting when you see the rest of us selling at 600+.
  10. Thanks for opening. Nice to see Cheri.
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