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  1. I know, but I'm happier knowing Arkane games are safe with Microsoft.
  2. Bought the real Quaint painting, thanks.
  3. I don't care if Bethesda's continue to release games on the PS5, all I care about is that it stops those games being bloody timed-exclusive for Sony's console. I was really pissed off when Deathloop went exclusive for PS5, as I wanted to play it ASAP on Xbox. More than any other game developer, I look forward to an Arkane Studios game. Because they're the one developer releasing Valve quality single player games on a console. Now Microsoft have it all, and it's the best fucking news this year.
  4. No more fucking timed-exclusives for the bloody PS5.
  5. Best fucking news ever. Arkane Studios are the greatest game developer out there.
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