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  1. I've been playing this on a 356mb line and have to say it's like the game is I'm playing it locally on my PS4. Very impressed.
  2. Hi all, I'm looking for a playstation pro Midi adapter and wondered if anyone had one for sale. I'm trying eBay, buth thought I'd also check here. Thank you.
  3. I haven't got a pc, but how about Rouge Squadron?
  4. I'm currently thinking of starting again. I think it looks great on pro, but there's probably limitations to builds? I'm not sure as don't have a PC.
  5. I may have just she's a tear finding out this is in vr
  6. I didn't miss the embarrassing playthrough's. 'Yeh, nice one you got him there'. Cringe.
  7. Damn. If it was 600 games I'd have bought them.
  8. Also, Ummet Ozcan just released a new soft synth for a whole 1 euro. It's pretty great and you'd be mad not too at that price. https://webshop.oz-soft.com/en/
  9. I used to run the advertising account across Europe. We tried get 501's into uncharted 4, but it all fell apart They were the best client ever.
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