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  1. Your car gets dirty during the race. That's about the only other thing i noticed.
  2. I change down gears in automatic as it makes me quick as shit out of corners. Also helps if you break late. It's very handy without the pain of manual as you van reverse easier.8
  3. The lag online is incredible on ps5. Still as no one's really played it, i'm pissing through and winning quite easily. My dlc cars are there, but I only recently played single player and can't be arsed doing it all again so early.
  4. I completed 7 in VR and it was a stunning game (absolutely terrifying) and this more of the same and I can't wait! 3d audio in this is spectacular.
  5. My PS5 is going back as system and game crashes are getting worse. Ask any poor bugger that plays online with me.
  6. I'm in love with Demon's Souls. I think it might be the best game I ever played.
  7. This is my first Souls game and i'm enjoying - even if it is bloody hard. I've done upto the spider boss with trial and error, but found farming souls helps as trying to increase burden and other stats. This game is jaw droppingly beautiful to look at and to play I can't seem to put the controller down.
  8. I'm about most nights as live alone Thanks!
  9. Bugger. I'm on ps5. Guessing no crossplay?
  10. That track is pure chaos! I love online to be fair as it's just brutal. If you're online Monday's i'm normally about with @polmon if there's space...
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