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  1. CrashedAlex

    What do trophies teach publishers about gameplay habits?

    Last year I played through "Just Cause 3" on my new PC. 4K 60hz and I really enjoyed the game. Helicopters, explosions, wingsuits. It took me 56hrs to get through it. Another favourite game of mine is "State of Decay 2" - wonderful stuff. They had for me for 100hrs. There was a glorious heatwave last Summer. And I look back with regret because I locked myself in a dark room playing through "State" Neither of these games needed to be that big or that long. JC was like an old Arnie movie - and that's fine by me. But "Predator" wasn't 21 1hr episodes - it was 90minutes. I would love it if the games were way shorter. I'd rather have a killer five hours than a drawn out 56. Was it really that different between hour six and hour fifty-six? I'm not sure. As a developer I think if I can get you to play for five hours then I've done pretty well. When I was younger, we only had three channels. Shops were closed on Sundays and Bank Holiday weekends could be torture. Big films came out once or twice a year, and we used to start getting excited about the big Christmas films on TV in early September. Hence I could play VIC-20 titles for months because there was little else entertainment around. Flash forward a few decades and I am starting to question why I would stick with some of these games. "State" would have been a KILLER 5 hour game. Some of it comes from some old story that FAMITSU thought any RPG under 40hrs was had "low software quality..."
  2. CrashedAlex

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    anyone else ever played the game so much to the point where you started seeing Orbs in the real world? or dreaming where they would be? I got the original and caned in during the final year of development of "Burnout Paradise" (billboards and car parks went into the game as a result of playing CD) - to me it was immediately going to be a very influential game. Across the road from the Criterion office was a few big office buildings and a Church. I used to find myself thinking 'jump from here, land there, jump up those window ledges, big jump over the road, and up that steeple, there would definitely be one there!'
  3. @Jazz Glands thanks for being picky. we had to capture that video in order to get the digital Store pages up. We improved all the look of the HUD the very next day. @Monkeyspill PSX version? No you imagined it. But never played it? Christ, you honestly won't know how to proceed in life until you do. It has one of the truly great front ends of all time. @amc Here is the 'agenda' - 9 game modes - race, heatwave, eliminator,road rage, face off,GP, survival, pursuit, shakedown 30 tracks across 7 locations - a short, long and marathon in each one - 21 uniques and 9 point to point versions six car classes - sedan,suv,coupe, supercar, hypercar, and the "Formula DD"' courses - surfside island, cool water valley, dead rock canyon, eagle ridge mountain, twin ferry lakes, high dunes desert, grasslands proving grounds 4 variants of vehicle in each class base model, tuned (best for 'heatwaves' earns boost quickest and uses it quickest, makes chaining easier, each chain adds a +1 to Top Speed), advanced (best for raging, stronger, hits harder), and prototype (fastest but a bit more fragile) it was about 'bringing the style of gameplay back' 'doing it in today's hardware' and 'taking it forward a little bit' Hope that sounds good to you. I know it does to me.
  4. CrashedAlex

    What do trophies teach publishers about gameplay habits?

    Quick answer as hands rather full at the moment..... Data - affect decisions? Not in the slightest honestly. I think 10% of Paradise players never repaired their car yet it was the first thing that the Player had to start when they started the game. That 10% of people could have been Testers, or store 'kiosks' leaving a game running - millions of things it could be. I think that as developers you have to just focus on having a vision, and trying to stick to that vision as much as you can along the way. Most of the Press I've met over the years who came to see the games, and pretty much all of the Publishing staff honestly couldn't play any of the Burnout games at all. It was always a horribly embarrassing moment as you immediately think 'christ, we've really failed here, he/she can't even steer the car!' But then, you realise you're spending time with people who don't play games at all, only owned a machine if they got it for free, only booted up a game if they got it for free. Me and Craig Sullivan used to call this 'the dog mess moment' (although we weren't quite as eloquent with it) - you would hand the controller over and you would often get a response as if you had 'handed them a steaming pile of dog mess' - sheer horror and sheer terror. So TLDR it's not that I would ever look at such data and think 'boy, we're doing it all wrong' - it's just that it's fair to say most players don't care about Trophies and Achievements. @partious I totally agree with you (all this is freaking me out, there are too many people here that I tend to agree with...where is the rest of the angry mob? or what have you done to them?)
  5. CrashedAlex

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    @S0L Enjoy the break! Yep looks like great fun to me. As soon as we're done I'll be buying the game and having fun with it. I've waited years for another Crackdown. I play to have fun and will always do so. I don't play for story or writing or anything like that. One of the highpoints of my career was hearing someone say 'look, the only time I'll ever use the brake is when I want to powerslide the car' in reference to one of the older games. And I though, fuck there are other people like me!
  6. @gossi the dog Yes there is. It's being handled by the folks at Maximum Games. @wev you nearly brought a tear to my eye with that one you're not supposed to understand us, you're just not!...you should see the game running with the final HUD and everything. i had so many great crashes recorded but didn't use 99.9% of them due to either debug text on the screen, or the res was wrong or something like that. Anyway, real players don't crash right? a lot of things still under wraps that longtime fans of the genre will get a kick out of.
  7. @Thor but when you're playing those modes that are suspiciously like the ones found in Burnout 2, there aren't any takedowns. But hey, if you want to tell everyone how B2 is 'the best one' then I'm right next to you buddy....(but did you ever play the 'secret version' ?) @Stavi @wev @moosegrinder thanks for the support - we're finalling it right now so your support is very encouraging... ps - it's not really a trailer, and it's already way out of date - it was merely just video we had to make in order to get the Store pages created. there are so many fancy trailers around these days - we don't have the time and money to spend on them. It's a nod to the past but also a big step to the future - some fun improvements in each mode and the different cars you unlock are good at different things e.g one is better at chaining boost - it earns it quicker and uses it quicker, but another is better at raging - it hits harder and takes less damage. another is way faster yet also way more fragile...
  8. CrashedAlex

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    @RYAN WHITELAW You, sir are a man after my own heart. Am right there with you. Just want to sit and play and have fun. As a staunch fan of the original (easily one of THE best games ever to come out of the UK) recently replayed it and am looking forward to playing the new one. I honestly feel for all of the developers who have worked hard on this game only to read stuff like 'this looks like an Xbox 360 game' when I'm looking at pin sharp visuals at solid framerate with particle effects and explosions filling the screen. MP looks great and if Gary and Billy are involved, then I know it's definitely going to be worth trying. Half the shit being thrown around is by people who don't own the hardware themselves, and never will. Me, I love games on all systems. I think the only criticism I can accuse the developers of is not sending me a build to play before anyone else. I mean, what were they thinking?!? And if you worked on it and are reading this, then "good job Agents!"
  9. CrashedAlex

    Forza Motorsport 7

    Have to say I am with @Boozy The Clown on this one - invested a decade and had so much enjoyment from the series. I played FM5 for over three years. Still barely scratching the surface of 7 due to work commitments. It's been THE showcase OLED demo in my house. HDR adds to much it's often hard to describe it. Just started playing with a wheel and enjoying it.
  10. CrashedAlex

    Bad games transformed by patches and remasters

    @Nick R I think Paradise was patched about a MONTH after launch for 'retry' not 'a year after launch.' - we added a lot to the game for a year after launch. One of the first teams to do so much. In fact ,we helped the format holders optimise their procedures to so many updates as it was unheard of in 2008. and hey the thread is BAD games transformed. And Paradise was never a bad game...
  11. CrashedAlex

    Llamasoft / Jeff Minter documentary on the way

    Really excited to learn about this. Jeff and his games have been an inspiration to me and my family since the home micro days of the early 1980's. This is a post I made about Jeff which I posted months ago on the US forum ResetEra: "Without Jeff Minter I would not have become a game developer. So there would have been no Burnout, no Burnout 2 Point of Impact, no Burnout 3 Takedown, no Burnout Revenge, no BLACK, no Burnout Paradise, no Dangerous Golf, no Lethal VR, no Danger Zone, no Danger Zone 2, and no Dangerous Driving. They never would have happened because I would have ended up, to paraphrase Jeff "as a breadhead" or worse "buying, selling or processing something" (which is an old Cameron Crowe reference). I own nearly all of this early VIC-20 titles on cassette. And I've still got them! The first game I ever played on what I was told was a "VIC-64" was Jeff's "Attack of the Mutant Camels' - (and the first game I ever saw boot on a 1541 drive to boot) At the early computer fairs and exhibitions in the UK in the 80's the Llamasoft stand was always a hive of activity. Unlike a lot of other famous coders at the time, Jeff always made time to be around and talk to his fans. (He signed my mate Ozzy's copy of "Iridis Alpha." with 'have a zarjaz blast!") Jeff countless inspired many other people to become interested in microcomputers, coin-ops and gaming. Jeff also wrote and circulated his own newsletter to fans in the 80's. He was one of the few people writing about what was happening in the arcade scene. It was because of him I learned about games like "OutRun" and "Space Harrier.' It was Jeff who told me - before anyone else did - how good the Nintendo GameBoy was, what the NEC PC Engine was like, and what the Sega Megadrive was. There was no internet back then, and only C+VG featured coverage of arcade games. Quality information was scarce. If I'd never gone out seeking an 'OutRun' in machine in 1987 then there definitely would never have been a "Burnout" game come to life in 2000. His work has been nothing but unique and original. He's always tried new things on new hardware. He's taken more risks than most developers will ever do in a lifetime. The only 'herd' he has ever chased has been his own. He continues to do so today. He's an independent developer and he's still going. Still making games. And arguably doing his best work right now. As a self funded independent developer myself I know first hand how hard it can be to both develop and publish games across multiple platforms and multiple digital stores. The fact that he has still not yet been recognised by either the DICE Awards, BAFTA in the UK or The Game Awards is saddening. (I hope that Richard H, Harvey E or Geoff Kwill rectify this someday soon.) (they are the folks who run those things) The industry needs more developers like Jeff. I can only hope that threads like this one will help gamers to take time to discover his work and join me in celebrating a truly unique and visionary gaming talent."
  12. @Dimahoo Here's the thinking behind why that stuff never happened - and never will - I never wanted the experience to be any more than fast fun. I never wanted to imply fatality or death in any way. The cars in "OutRun" and "Daytonnnnnnnnaaaaaahhhhhh" ("let's go away, let's go away!") flip and bounce and crash - but they didn't need bodies flying about (well, OutRun sort of did) and neither did any of the "Burnout" games. Implying fatality also ups the games rating. "Thrill Drive" was a big influence for me, but many many other games also influenced me up to the point I took the job at Criterion and was able to start a development project. The style of game has sort of always been in my blood since the first time I played "Pole Position" really. If you subscribe to our newsletter at www.threefieldsentertainment.com I write blog posts about my personal history with the genre.
  13. Each Mode is going to use the correct rules from the time in which the Mode appeared. Takedowns are in Face/Offs as an exception to the above rule bc they were there in the game I directed in 2004, and it feels good to smash your opponent off the road. It's been a good couple of days - tuning the Burning Laps, Face Offs and just playing some Road Rage at the moment.Certainly making us all smile today.
  14. Question - should you be able to chain boost in a Race type that came beyond it? e.g. In a Takedown Race? I am thinking no, just in the same way that Takedowns don't happen in Boost Chain Race....
  15. I must be honest with everyone here, the idea of 'remastering' anything has never/would never be appealing to me, speaking as a games developer. With everything I have ever directed and worked on, I'm always much more interested in exploring ideas and improving on them and going to a new place. If you look across the "Burnout" developments, I hope that it comes across. Each one was intended to be different to the ones that came before. I understand the excitement and passion for nostalgia as much as anybody, but as creators, we have equal if not more passion for doing something new. There are no tracks like "Big Surf Shores" in the game I'm currently working on. Because that track is *that* track, and it was Steve Uphill's track and he spent six or seven months doing just that. What I do have are tracks that I made, tracks that Simon Phipps made, and tracks that Paul Philpott made. We've got more miles of track authored and more corners that any of the old "Burnout" games. It's not going to be for everyone, it's going to be different. It can't be for everyone, that just isn't possible, regardless of how much time we could have, or how many people on the team we could have. Or how long we could spend raising awareness about it. I've said before that I personally think there's a LOT of "the B2 style" in the game, but at the same time, "Dangerous Driving" is it's own thing, and it's been made with less than 1% of the budget than any of the games had.

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