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  1. I think it will be impossible to avoid big spoilers on the internet if you wait until the end. This series is rumoured to run right into Spider-Man 3 and Dr Strange 2, as well as possibly introduce the likes of F4 and mutants.
  2. I think it's worth pointing out that, for the movies, Stewart and Spiner both held the plot to ransom, and would not sign on unless they got special parts to play.
  3. Almost as if the writers had not seen the TV show, and just watched the movies for research?
  4. I had no idea half of those had passed. That's quite sad and scary at the same time.
  5. That was really good. Given the first two alone came in for some justified criticism I agree the first three should have dropped at once.
  6. I love challenging those who have digs at the quality of MCU to back it up with some quantitative comparisons. Half the time you get a reply that is of comparable quality to that old lady at the John McCain presidential rally who called Obama an Arab, and then everybody else realises how reliable they are!
  7. That's not MCU. And it features a very funny Ryan Reynolds with no top on!
  8. Which MCU movie (s?!) is (are) worse?
  9. But "worst ever film that I personally have ever seen" can be irrefutably accurate. And WW84 was actually the second worst movie I have ever seen lol.
  10. Yeah but chances are you knew they were shite and watched them anyway. Others like me chose not to watch them, then 30 years later, during an era where comic book movies are king, one comes along that gets excellent reviews......
  11. Stargate had an episode that played on that- they were looking for an ice/snow covered planet.
  12. Length of credits are not the hill to die on.
  13. Took me a few seconds to get that. I was like "Rhodey?!". I think the verb "recast" being technically inaccurate threw me off!
  14. I haven't seen the British Avengers. I'm already on record here as Batman v Superman being a guilty pleasure of mine. Batman and Robin is indeed very bad, but it feels like it is bad for intentional reasons. Suicide Squad was very poor- but it did have some good performances from the cast, and we know it went through massive changes very late on in its production.
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