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  1. drmick

    Nintendo Switch

    Arkham games, PLEASE! Any will do.
  2. Poor show, as in poor showing by Sisko that time, or DS9 is a poor show overall? Or none of the above?
  3. You could try to shoehorn them into the official Marvel or Transformers categories?
  4. Maybe it's just me trying to see something that isn't there- but anybody picking up tension when Kathleen Kennedy speaks at those round table meetings?
  5. Yeah, I think he's joking.
  6. The turn to evil happened far too fast. One moment he is trying to make sure Windu follows due process in the arrest of Palpatine, and literally his next scene he cuts innocent children to pieces.
  7. Dougray Scott was one of the better actors I thought- better than Fox Jr, Fake-socialite step-sister, ex-girlfriend cop, and evil (but not really) stepmother anyhow.
  8. That scene with the sink- I'm always fascinated by the black mould on the sink on the back of it where it would be stuck to the wall where it could not be cleaned. I keep asking myself- is that a real sink that they have sourced from abandoned place or has there been so much attention to detail about what an ancient sink in an abandoned building would be like that they have added fake black mould.
  9. My memory of it- it was better than the village one!
  10. I'm only up to the Crisis episode- but I have to agree that I find the character quite uncompelling. Some of it may be the writing sure, between Batwoman, flashbacks, and Kate I would have thought there'd be enough there for her to get something likeable across. I do find most of the characters badly constructed though, and feel sorry for the actors- but some are able to do some good with bad material.
  11. Wowsers! I never thought that would ever be a thing.
  12. There were a lot of reasons why Trek died back then. For me, Nemesis was more a symptom of the death-throes, than the cause.
  13. Voyager is woeful guys. Do the honourable thing and point him towards a list of the best episodes!
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